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Foreword: To fully put this final piece to the trilogy together, you should probably get an understanding of the 2 previous pieces, or this final piece might not make any sense to you, if you’re hoping to understand the references in this piece.  This piece changed peoples opinions, and infuriated even more, but only because they got the full idea of the the people judging whooties from WHOOTY MANIA PART 1 and WHOOTY MANIA PART 2.

The great majority of people in the community wanted to talk about his woman, because of the racial divide she has caused. It’s pretty funny but many of our readers also DEMAND a response to this woman, but from reading the blogs, the forums, the emails and links people sent us on her, it became painfully obvious that we HAD to say something on this topic, because a lot of the shit we read was just hateful towards a dumpy chick who stopped her from starving, and decided that people wanted to see her full figured body instead… Why the hate?  Well you’ve forced our hands, Community, so we’re releasing the archive piece. Aren’t many ladies wishing they could have that kind of revelation about their own bodies? Why aren’t women from all walks of life embracing her body? That Whooty Mania shit is to blame…

Yall motherfucks are mad that no one is doing this for you, that’s the real problem! You’re mad that you’re out of shape and dumpy or MALnurished too, but no one is praising you. LOL  On the flip side, she does NOT look like this at all in real life, as she is not with muscular lower body (or muscles anywhere) like those Brasilian models who like to do that, but this picture depicts a ‘THICK’ version of the woman, because that’s what translating in the brains of people who’ve gone ape-shit over her body, like they’ve never seen this before.  Just like the idea of THICK is destroyed, this Whooty business is destroyed too, and this representation is what many see when observing this woman.  Interesting… deranged… nice art though! That’s the very definition of MANIA!


  1. Mental illness marked by periods of great excitement, euphoria, delusions, and overactivity.
crazefad – rage – obsession – madness

Hopefully,  you have read the previous 2 pieces, before reading this part, because there are some very mixed reviews from people, after reading this final piece to the trilogy. We’ve shared this piece with a handful of people who bugged us for months about the case study subject, and most of them changed their attitudes towards this person in the study, after this piece. The stuff we talked about, her life, etc, was told to us by her followers, so it is likely it’s more accurate than some of the hateful stuff we’ve received from some of our fans. So we put her fans’ accounts into this piece, to give a better perspective on the young woman, and to hopefully address some of the haters and hateful things being spewed about his lady, which is just the tip of the iceberg, to what is mounting into a race-war not over Civil Rights, but over being civil because a white woman has a large collection of fat on her ass. lol Yes, when you say it that way, it sounds very stupid, but we hope that we can ease the brains of some of the haters out there, today, but also dull down some of the over excitement about this case subject. Mind you, if you are mad that we wrote this on this particular lady, fuck off, her body of work (pun intended), is all over the internet, she’s showing that body nude and is advertising it, so it’s all fair game for praise/scrutiny, or whatever. So no fucking crybabying to us, deal?

As you saw in the previous pieces, too many people are seriously reaching, with the over-hyping of what is a Whooty, and most times, it actually infuriates other women, of other races, because these other women are not getting attention for their own bodies, which are identical to the new-age Whooties, and therefore sub-par too, in many cases. Not to these guys who are over-praising the sloppy Whooties and creating Whooty-Mania. The same guy dating these so-called new-age whooties would likely NEVER be seen with her black equivalent, either because he can’t pull one, or he thinks her lighter shaded equivalent looks better in this area! I mean there are a LOT of ugly, sloppy black broads acting like they’re hot, but that’s another story.   Ask many black women, they get PISSED when they see dudes salivate all over dumpy white women, and not themselves, and naturally, that ALSO has caused some beef, and animosity towards unsuspecting, and innocent white women who just want to show off their large collections of ass fat too.  So there is this movement to block white women from showing ass? Do we need Civil Rights for the white women with ass, now? lol  Every time haters see a legitimate Whooty, they immediately claim her booty is a fake or she must be mixed with black, or latina… nonsense.  Everything about having a large mass of ass fat has to do with being BLACK, in the minds of many many people.  Well there are new breeds of women who are aiming to naturally build ass girth, either the silly way of overeating, or the smart way, which is hitting a gym to build muscle under the booty meat. Many of the ladies admit they check into our BUILD A BOOTY section, for tips.  Just like Brasilian women are obsessed with building ass, fake or real ways, so too now are USA American women, who happen to not be black, because big booty is mainstream now!  The result is that many non black women are seeing it’s ok to have girth in the ass region, and even thighs, and you get women showing off their full figures, like that picture early on.  But as some of our fans have put us on to, whom happen to be non-black women with big posteriors and thighs, they’re completely scared to put out pictures of their bodies, not for fear of recognition by family members and loved one, but because of the RACIAL BACKLASH THEY ARE SET TO FACE.  “Racial backlash?” we asked, and holy shit the stuff they talked about was very disheartening to hear.  If a legitimate Whooty, or better yet PAWG (phat assed white girl), posts good material on the net,.  racial insults pour out and claims fly of “it’s not a real Whooty”, or “that’s photoshopped”. So now there is the fear of posting real talent, from non-black women wishing to participate in Booty Appreciation, for fear of the racial backlash against them. For most viewers, it should be easy to look and tell if a booty is real or fake, and just say ‘FAKE’.  But if you are affected by Whooty Mania, in a racial way, well you’re likely to post a racist comment about these women, and since you’re sick in the head and can’t help yourself, it incites mob mentality, and you know more people will chime in with your hatred.  That’s when you see the retaliation by the other half of Whooty Mania people who love sloppy non-black chicks with any kind of fat on the ass regardless of shape (as global grind counts down in their top 20 <- Russell Simmons, you sir have been standing on your fucking head too long or something with that list),  and now it’s a damn battle royale over Whooty Mania. lol    Can’t we call just get along and meet in the middle, as in all people being happy that white girls don’t have to aspire to be anorexic, to be accepted anymore, and that they contribute to Booty Appreciation?No? Only blacks have full license to share and hock ass fat in the air, in motioned videos, on the Internet?

We’ll admit, it’s like a dream come true to see a non-anorexic non-black woman showing ass, but we’ll also admit that many are overlooking the obvious, which is  what they’re calling a Whooty, is most times, just a REGULAR body that has picked up a big of weight, and might/might not have scaled well (pun intended). To you people, we say, These bodies are not the Unicorns you are seeking! Far from that. What’s the new definition for Whooty is the same as the new definition for THICK today, just solely applied to white women, and somehow that’s magically supposed to be superior? We review without race involved, and just call the bodies and booties as we see them, which allows us to see thru the hype. So far, you’ve seen clear examples of what are not Whooties, but do you know what happens when the Whooties that are actually the real PAWGs show up? Pure Pandemonium! lol Guys fall in love, women ALL hate!   This is when that “oh she is using pills and injections” argument comes up, or someone says something like “she’s letting a black guy have anal sex with her, which is why her ass is growing!”  You can’t make this stuff up, this stupidity is being said all over the place!!!  Sometimes though, you just have to give credit where it is due, so it’s interesting to review this woman (below), who just about EVERY fan asks us to talk about (if not talking about Crystal Bottoms), when it comes to White women with ‘THICK’ bodies, or Ghetto Booties. Some of the fans told us about a craze by black women to be white women with booties.  We wish to death we were making this up, and the fan we claimed was making this up, produced this link here. HOLY SHIT in a black hair forum (where a lot of the odd issues seem to spring from, womens’ hair forums). lol  So there are all sorts of craziness surrounding whooty mania, and when a PAWG shows up that most hate, but many express their hatred because they wished they could be her, we have to go in, as asked.  The Case study of Pawg is Mal Malloy, and she’s definitely a PAWG, because her body is of the fatter kind.  We saw her a long time ago, but her name is STILL out there and still incites riots, to this day because when that much meat is on a white woman who likes to show it off,  PURE HATE FOR THEM COMES FROM THE BLACK COMMUNITY, ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. lol

You’re a damn liar if you’re trying to tell us that you’re also not yelling for those black girls to GET THE FUCK OFF OF THAT STAGE AND OUT OF THE VIDEO!!!

CASE STUDY OF THE HATE: The real-Whooty HATE Complex

Still pictures never tell the full deal, you should know that, already. That is quite a good collection of meat though! We see WHY the hate comes… because that shape is NOT her normal ass form. It’s a fluke shot! The Real ass normally looks like THIS..

Which hangs down and wraps wide into the leg fat. STILL WHY YOU MAD???!!!

Now, stereotypically, if you believe the hype, no white men would ever love her shape, but you’re wrong, and that’ s just it, there have been a growing number of white guys who now love this pear-shaped look- who aren’t already chubby chasers.  Even worse though, there are 1000Xs more black men who love this shape, and THAT is what has set off alarms in the black community. And that’s what makes it an issue. Why? Because she’s a WHITE WOMAN WITH A HUGE ASS (if you are a fan of the Ghetto Booty style bodies, then you’d like her body- if not you’ve pressed the x in the top right corner by now). Well again, believes that bigger doesn’t mean better. Still, this particular woman’s ass … Oh this is a real problem, unlike Cocos (Ice T’s wife with ass implants) or Jayonna Fabro, both using artificial enhancements of some kind, you have this GIRL NEXT DOOR, who is being ACCUSED of using implants- and we don’t think that’s even the case here (as of this writing), with Mal Malloy (and we don’t know what the fuck she’s doing now, we’re not necessarily checking for that, so don’t bother us about keeping up to date with her fucking habits).  True there are a few white girls in the game, with fake ass, but there are 100xs of women whom happen to be BLACK and LATINAS WITH IMPLANTS AND INJECTIONS IN THEIR ASSES TOO!!! Now you want to cry foul because less than 10 white women do it? LOL However, this girl is the victim of the “hate for WHOOTY” campaign, and now we know exactly why, because she’s ALL NATURAL, White, voluptuous and has that stereotypical ‘THICK’ (debatable) shape, that most black women are/were known for having. It would seem that many black women are pissed that with more revelations like Ms Malloy, that clearly, black women aren’t the only ones who have this kind of shape, and that this kind of shape is in no way possible a RARE body type!  PEAR SHAPED is not RARE or limited to black women.  But why is it assumed that Ms Malloy’s whole body is FAKE when the body is like most with this form, whom are obviously not taller than 5′5″ and dumpy in the body?? There are MANY women over 40 with this form, of all races, so why are you people acting like this is so RARE, even for white women? That’s not a rare body, read the SINGULARITY PART 2 or go look at your aunt’s ass when she’s bending over trying to gather her tits to tuck in her pants! We could post 100 pics of the very same body, of amateur women, who are white, not that different, not that rare. It’s surely not so rare that people have to accuse this particular woman, of using artificial enhancements, to the body. What she is guilty of, however, is what 99.99999% of women posing on the internet are doing, or have done to them, which is posing in ways that make your body look better than it really is, if it’s not been helped along by some random photoshopper who has added to the curvature. Who’s NOT poking their asses out, arching and standing in way to make their asses look rounder, today? Observe:

Ok, she has big thighs that make it hard to close the legs properly, and therefore has a force chicken legs stance and appearance. That’s certainly not rare for women with huge thighs and certainly isn’t limited to blacks. Ok.. we see the problem. She has small shins and calfs, with really wide hips- or rather big thigh fat- standing in the ‘ghetto pigeon toed pose’. Ok, again, Not unique, not exclusively BLACK to have that happen either. Ok so she’s dumpy, with a pear-shaped body that is heavier in the bottom around the legs/hips/thighs and alas, the problem has been found! Because her body genetically dumps a lot of fat in her lower regions, like most dumpy women, it’s a crime to have this happen and be white. ahh got it. lol Looks good though, so we guess that’s the problem. People feel threatened by her size? It’s like the hate that lead to the WHITEZILLA THICKER THAN A NIGGER guy/video series. lol

Now, White women with size to them, can boldly post video and photos and know they will please a great many men out there, of all races. Previously, they couldn’t do this, their men only desired them to be tooth-pick skinny, and for the large part, most men still prefer that, in white women. Today, that size, that is power, for them, untapped power, where they normally had NONE! And that is what happened, with the girl Ms Malloy, who is the star of the video posted above. She is 5’2” 150lb fat (well at that time she was and now is likely heavier), dumpy white girl, posting a video where she wanted to lose weight, since she thought she was a slob, and did a video diary. What ended up happening, was dudes were salivating like CRAZY over the video, and her original goal of losing weight, quickly was TRASHED, after she read the comments and saw the hits of dudes who were completely horny for her larger size. Yeah her dreams of losing weight didn’t mean SHIT after she saw the attention she got, completely abandoning weightloss. LOL She didn’t know that White women with huge asses, hips and taper to the waistline, were hitting right now. She thought only skinny whites were in, apparently, because she was SURPRISED by the attention she got, especially since none of it had to do with the purpose of her posting the videos. Now, she’s an internet sensation, which brought her a LOT OF HATE FROM THE BLACK WOMEN ONLINE. The Mal videos were a hit, she was the girl-next-door, innocent with pony tails (or ‘BECKY’ as blacks are calling such things), that’s what worked in her favor, she wasn’t some pretend-Diva (unlike 99% of the other female video posters out there who have a big ass), she came off humble for the camera and was genuinely shocked by the adoration she received. However, with that power, came serious HATE. She was treading into the territory which was unknown power held by minority women with pear-shaped bodies (‘thick’ real or otherwise), and odd proportions of dumpiness. Stupid, right? Now the insecure black women had to strike back, the hate Mal received, as a result of her videos, was INSANE, and that forced her to depart from the video scene for a short while. Now, we get the ‘girl-next-door’ with a fat butt thing, but we’re not sure why people had to take it to a crazy level where they were obsessed with her body. The reason we mention her, is because of the animosity her innocent contributions to the net, caused, along the lines of race! It’s silly!!!! We’ve seen the hate on black social media sites and many booty groups, it’s just ridiculous, and that lead to the fans demanding we write this, so we had to comment on it. Wtf are people so up in arms over though? We journeyed to the internet, to see what is causing all the commotion… and yeah we see why people are on the DEFENSIVE, BIG TIME!!!

This guy  r3dDaWn put a good collection together, of vids on her.

Mal Malloy from r3dDaWn on Vimeo.

That’s a lot of MEAT, so now we see why people are threatened! If you can’t appreciate fatter chicks, or dumpier chicks, this isn’t your cup or tea, but for everyone else, it’s a good look, from white women, honestly. That’s where some people were saying “yay. Something different for a change.”


Ok, so that little display didn’t change the fact that she is still 5’2” over 150lbs and Pear Shaped, or Hour Glass shaped (which ever your opinion), but the fact that MANY men of all races were loving this, it infuriated black women who didn’t have this look, or had better than this look, or who had this dumpy look and felt they could never garner such attention. LOL Fucking haters, go do better and stop hating! The hate seems to be mostly unwarranted and irrational, because it looks like it’s coming from women who wished THEY have that kind of body, but they fail to have the stereotypical black ‘thick’ body, and hate any other race that happens to have this going on.
The hate got so bad her pics ended up on MediaTakeout, where they accused her of having plastic surgery to get that sized ass and fat legs. WTF? Are you serious? She didn’t have any damn surgery! She’s dumpy! All the weight, on her short body, goes to the lower half of the body. That’s not a BLACK body, you don’t have to PAY to get that body. Just keep dumping Mcdonalds in your body and it can happen.  Oh lord. That’s what HATE does, when you shatter the stereotype that people had PRIDE in, they say all kinds of shit to discredit valid material, and we only posted the 1 page without the dumb ass comments by the haters, from that site. What is so fake there? We see dumpy white women all day, every day, how is that fake?  It’s a good collection of meat, if you like bigger women, but check it in motion, not just still pics, and see if you feel the same HERE (again with that ‘BECKY SHIT…’).  We want to rebroadcast them because we want MORE women of this size to come out and feel free to post up material, just like any other woman is doing, of different sizes. They shouldn’t feel ashamed if they look like this, that is the most important message that we feel comes out of this lady being on the Internet.  Work what you have, IF YOU HAVE IT!

New Mal Full Bottom Clip from r3dDaWn on Vimeo.

Now if you viewed the videos, then looked at the photos on Mediatakeout, they either doctored the photos, to over-hype her (like so many do with this whooty shit to cause beef), or the woman waited for the perfect camera angle to make the ass look fuller than it really is (we see it all the time!). People claimed it wasn’t her in the pictures after seeing the videos, which is dumb, that’s her (same outfit as her vids and pics so it’s her). The problem is that still-photography can’t hide what motion completely exposes. So when you look at the ass creases in videos and motioned Gif files, you see a completely different body than the still pictures. When she is walking, when she is with her back to the camera, the ass cheeks look pretty flat and wide. The ass creases are not round, they’re rather squared off, and the leg fat is widening the whole backside. So the real trick to her back side is revealed by her, in her own shot…

She is not grabbing ass, she’s grabbing LEG FAT, which makes up the bulk of her backside.

and when that ass comes to rest, and the fat rolls into the side of the leg, the true shape of the ass is revealed.

Here is what you’re so threatened by, or going ape shit over. Get a grip, idiots.

In the pic left, you see the booty almost fully folding over itself and flattening like a pancake here (no huge, round, firm ass like in all the other pictures). That’s what mostly-fat-composed-booties do when the body stretches, they show their elasticity and flatten/widen. In various shots, and in videos, she’s leaning backwards, arching, which makes the booty ball up and connect on the back of her legs, when she’s standing in that 1 pic, and the other where she’s bending, the fat all flattens and falls sideways, revealing the WIDE look. When she stands straight up, it falls back down and flattens out wide and downward. When she traps the fat, with panties or constricting clothing like the dresses, it will collect the fat and make it look more full, like saggy titties in a pushup brah, or make the ass look wider and fuller, but tight. Many asses are just a huge collection of FAT, that’s is loose and not solid, so clothing manipulates it, and it flops downward when not manipulated. The ass cheeks are not well defined, and the ass creases fluctuate way too much to be injections or implants. There is no consistent round curvature when she moves, it’s all natural and big meat, that’s it. Does it look good, yes, if you like ladies with meat, it surely does look good, but the fat does shift around and looks better in constricting clothing. WTF is scientifically, physically evading your logical sensors of thought here, people??? All ladies do that with their clothing, why is this a problem NOW? It’s not implants, she manipulating the loose fat collection, as we see all of the time. It’s real. We like the curves, but they are not unique to blacks, so the hate and lies are uncalled for! The curves are not unique to anyone but WOMEN, in general, regardless of race. You people are ridiculous! Btw, she was also attacked by other fat, white women, for selling out the cause of fat women trying to lose weight, by abandoning that mission since millions thought she was sexy, as she was. LOL HATERS!!!! She’s just a big girl, who has the wide, dumpy look that many who like ‘THICK WOMEN’ are looking for, and she happens to be WHITE. She’s hated because she has a top frame that has a crazy taper to the waistline, then it just explodes after the waist, out wide. She is NOT thick, in our opinion, she’s just big downstairs, and people have made that her crime, that she’s WHITE with a body that many are calling ‘THICK’, because that’s what they labeled the black equivalent of her body! She has a few photos, taken from vids, but you are a fan of, you know WHY the booty looks like it does, it’s got a LOT OF FAT on it, gravity is pulling it downward, and it rests on top of the back of the leg, and wraps to the side of the legs- just like many other bodies like this. With that being said, we do agree with everyone wondering what’s the damn fuss about, it’s not like that ass is the white equivalent of Bria Myles. Come on now, people! It’s nothing to go ape-shit over, to say the least, but it’s a great contribution to the booty appreciation communities! She has a lot of booty meat, it’s sloppy, but it’s a ghetto booty that’s comparable to the black version, and it’s all natural, so SHE can be called a legitimate Whooty, by most, but we’d like to say she’s PAWG specifically. In our opinions, if we would not pay to see it, it’s not the BEST of the BEST! We’d not pay to see her in any form, and you really don’t need to either, as apparently it all seems free! Now how can you hate on that? does not want to play in these dumb, race wars, over booty. What they ultimately do is chase away the women who can provide great content, to the public, without the overly priced, Diva ego’d idiot acts that are so normally associated with women who have ‘the goods’. It’s good for the Booty Appreciation community, to be able to receive contributions, from all over the globe, from all ladies out there. In promoting this, you are able to see the things you might not see in your local towns, but also it opens up the confident of women who were formerly laughed at, and frowned upon, because they were not skinny chicks throwing up. Rather than promote this, haters want to make Booty Appreciation, a race thing, mostly one where everything booty revolves around Blacks specifically, and that’s not right. Also, Black Booty does not win by default, just for being black, and that’s another problem with the Booty lovers out there. Anything, sloppy and torn up, is still good to many folks, as long as it’s Black, and big, and it’s evil twin has reared its head in this Whooty mania nonsense, where anything White and big is the bomb too now. This mentality is what has lead to many Football player sized chicks thinking they’re hot, when they’re not, because the standard for the real Ghetto Booty Elite, has become plagued, to a point where just like the term ‘thick’, sloppy people are using it to try to feel better about themselves. Now that we get the Mal Malloys, or the Cristal Bottoms of the world, we get to bring the Booty Appreciation back center, back from the plagued bottoms that people were trying to convince us was hot, those football player bodied broads with huge, unshapely asses. Are the new entries the best, absolutely NOT, but it’s great to see other people doing what we love so much, SHOWING THAT ASS! Would we PAY to see Mal Malloy’s ass? Absolutely NOT.  That’s what employing an open format of Booty Appreciation does for, it forces booty, from all corners of the globe, to show up and claim their props. It does threaten the people who just thought they won by default, but who gives a shit? It should make you do better, work on being better, in your presentation, if you wish to show booty. There are many people WORKING at having nice booties, they’ve learned the science, and people who just sit on their asses and hope genetics and tight clothing to manipulate fat (LIKE THE PIC TO THE LEFT) who aren’t going to build their booties, have another thing coming to them. The attention they used to gather, has started to wane, and rightfully so if you’re just getting sloppy as shit. There are many MANY ladies who also know the tricks to make their fat booty meat and fat look more presentable, they are buying the same tight clothing that is ‘urban wear’, and not the corny straight legged pants, like they used to buy (look at the inset-pic left).  If it makes you mad, hate yourself for resorting to trickery in the first place, paving the way. There are a lot of form-fitting clothes out there, so these women of other races are jumping on that, the same tricks Blacks with a lot of fat have been doing, for years. How can you HATE on people taking the same steps to level the playing field to get attention? They too know how to stuff fat in pants! The point is the so called “chosen ones” have taken their GIFTS for granted, and gotten SLOPPY, due to clothing being made available to shape-shift. Now that every race is so fat, you have to know it’s making asses of all races fatter too! Now, everyone else is using the trick photography, trick clothing, and getting in the gym to even the playing field, so how do you respond, how do you hope to keep the spotlight? You go get implants and HATE on people who have a GIFT naturally, or work at it. LOL Nice! HATERS! The equalizers are coming, it’s time YOU EVOLVE to be better, or watch your much-prided stereotype debunked, and your spotlight stolen by the new people proud of their dumpiness. We can’t hate on MAL MALLOY, she’s doing her thing, she’s provided a LOT OF FREE CONTENT ON THE NET, and she obviously enjoys entertaining viewers. She’s not the best ass that is out there, on the net, she has a lot of meat all over the place, without real form, but if you like a plus sized woman, this is that deal, for you.  It’s not something to go all stupid over though, like so many are doing, she’s not the second coming of Marilyn Monroe, but she doesn’t need to be.  She served her Internet purpose, which is to combat the stereotype that white women must be skinny to get attention. Even better, she has MANY people talking about her, even us, and in going to encourage many more non-blacks to get out those cameras and start showing ass!  Check mate!  We’re not impressed by her body, but we are impressed by her courage to do what she’s doing, and the content she’s putting out, and completely support the effort. The people who really hate her, are mostly just jealous that they don’t have the fat build up she has, and can’t work it to get attention like she does. Get over yourselves. Is she taking advantage of Whooty Mania, ABSOLUTELY!  But wouldn’t YOU TOO if you thought no one wanted to see your body looking like that, only to find out that millions do?  Stop fronting.  But Whooty Mania is making her out to be the best shit since slice bread, and again, that’s not her issue, nor did she cause it, it’s the idiots who are going ape shit for no reason at all.  Don’t hate on her because your dumb ass man can’t stop praying his shorts for her.  The way you combat the silliness of Whooty Mania, is to not post racial comments, but get your sloppy ass in a gym and do what many non-black women are doing, to work that ass out and bulk the booty and then take to the internet to show it off.  If the guys are flocking to Whooties who don’t deserve attention, it’s mostly because you’ve fallen off with your own bodies, and now are just a sidelined spectator at the big gun show.   Where credit is deserved, you too should give it, regardless of skin color, including in Booty Appreciation.  Ultimately, if you don’t have something better to offer, than these Whooties or Pawgs, your hatred and anger in social media, just shows how bitter you are because you feel you’re USURPED by non-blacks.  Step of the gas, and pump up your own damn game, and stop hating! … because these Pawgs and Whooties are coming in droves, most watered down, but they’re coming… and ultimately, they won’t give a damn about your hate either.  Mal Malloy clearly couldn’t give a shit, and in numbers, they’ll be coming to take your food! …literally, they’re eating shit food and getting fat asses and thighs too… since the black baseline for thick and nice booties is ruined because so many blacks are fucking sloppy, that makes dudes who grew accustomed to that, for 2 decades, now use the same criteria on non-blacks, making sloppy whooties or Pawgs the hot shit like they made sloppy blacks the hot shit.  If your bodies are hot, guys are going to the hottest, regardless of race, but if you’re a black slob, stop complaining that white slobs, or even legitimate Whooties and Pawgs,  are getting attention now… wtf have you done for yourself, the internet, or the streets lately?  Walk it off… literally!


No one give a shit what race has a better ass, as long as the content keep pouring in, from all over the globe!!!!


oooh… that THIS is what everyone is doing standing ovations for, ignoring the black women for- got it… but is your hate about her race?

Previously, we covered what this concept of the Whooty in WHOOTY MANIA, and honestly, we believe it’s a dumb idea, because it leads itself to misinterpretation of what is a good booty and what is not, along the lines of RACE.  If you read out piece about how you can’t even tell the difference anymore, then you’d know that we need to leave race OUT of it, and get back to forms of ALL WOMEN we like to look at.  People responded about how they were completely fooled when they got to the part where we blacked-out the body and asked them to judge if the woman was black or white.  Most were amazed to find out that they associated fatter women with being black and skinnier, flatter with being white, or that they judged the women based on things they found in the room or what they were wearing.  That race should be LEFT OUT of the argument about what makes a good ass or not, complexion has zero to do with the booty’s size, shape, or form development.  So putting emphasis on this Whooty idea, is stupid since PAWG addresses a white chick with big butt (whether hot or not is always debatable), but the new definition of Whooty ONLY is about White chicks with subpar asses, with mainly no shape.  Still, do we need race to factor in judgement of a booty? No! We want to see more ass, from a variety of sources, so why discriminate on the basis of race?  It’s a dumb argument, and it lends itself to people getting their feelings hurt, because they feel that someone is encroaching on their domain, the domain of big booty and fat thighs, mostly. Most people couldn’t give a damn about a hot but slimmer, normal bodied white woman, with booty, for some really really strange reason. That is not the body that sets the men all horny or the hater black chicks on fire, so wtf gives? Sure, we pointed out that based on race (due to genetics), people have a tendency to have booties shapes a certain way, but that’s racial in that it is not discriminating on the basis of race, it’s an observational thing. But what we do here, is cite how many women, of any race, can have the types of booty we talk about, and the more the merrier.  We are focused on forgetting the stereotypes, and committed to dealing with what is real, what’s in front of us, and judging by the shapes and sizes of booty, not the COLOR of BOOTY. It seems that no one else is thinking this way, and it’s racial to a point where it’s pretty RACIST out there, if you check the other people talking about booty!

It used used to be that many women of color, were not taken aback by women who were NOT legitimate Whooties, whom don’t necessarily have nice asses, at all shapes and sizes. Now, it seems they are quickly offended by legitimate and non-legitimate Whooties (by our standard).  They feel like BOOTY belongs to black people, but since everyone can have a booty, they have to know that booty appreciation does not pertain to the Black race only, many people love booty of all sizes and shapes. But all sorts of mixed emotions come, from all sides, about other races, and ethnicities, of women whom happen to have thick/fat bodies and big, round booties, whether real or perceived. especially.  We, here at, sit back and laugh at the arguments in forums, in social media sites, because the hatred comes from mostly black women, of Whooties, some is legitimate, some is NOT!  So let’s get to it.  Again, what is a whooty? It’s supposed to be a white girl with a booty?  Well white girls with wack booties think they’re Whooties just like black chicks who think they have Apple Bottoms and thickness are just fat with droopy ass.  The game is messed up and all sorts of fuckery is going on here.  We understand that  booty, today, is subjective, but unfortunately, the majority think that THESE 3 below are the true Whooties (pics they sent claiming were whooties):

Are those Whooties? Then what are these below then?

the top 3 are NOT AT ALL the same as the bottom 3. If you don’t see a difference, then you’re part of the problem.

Over the years, a great MANY of our fans and family asked us to address the WHOOTY topic. 9 times out of 10, interestingly enough, people ask us to speak about the same specific woman, they see on the internet, and is NET-FAMOUS for “having a black woman’s butt” (we’ll touch this lady, in a minute). A black woman’s butt? Interesting. Well you know what happened to the BLACK WOMAN’S BUTT since the turn of the millennium, right? THIS HAPPENED! So now, when we hear someone saying another race has a black woman’s butt, today, that mostly means a large and un-kept, sloppy mound of gelatin-like meat pile, for an ass. It means an ass that you mistake for her huge amount of leg fat, rather than the tight, perky, perfect Apple Bottoms that black women used to sport, up until the end of the 90s. So when people ask us to address the topic of Whooty, it’s funny that almost EVERYONE ONE OF THEM point to this one girl, and we just go “is this REALLY what this whole craze is over?”  First, let’s talk about the legitimate hate coming at these so-called whooties, and we say it’s legitimate because we echo the sentiments of some of these haters, somewhat.

Legitimate haterism: When booty appreciation brings out your inner RACIST

This legitimate hate is not really aimed at white women, or latinas, in general, it’s hate aimed at the idiot black guys who keep touting one of the other races, ethnicities, over black women, as the hottest women out there. It hurts to be counted OUT when it comes to hotness, but to go a step further and claim that these other women have the best asses, is a completely different attack.  It’s meant to annoy black women, really, initially, anyway, to make them think there is great competition, from non-blacks, and to make them feel marginalized, as there is “a new Queen in town, in the Booty Appreciation market”. Some mistake what we say, as that, but we don’t promote one race or group over the other, what we do is tell those who think they own the booty domain, just because they’re BLACK, that the do NOT, and that new competition is here, and actively working on their booties. We say, don’t sleep, and stop coming at US complaining about how every white woman is faking her ass size, when YOU are doing the same thing you are claiming other women are doing. We do reality checks, these other dudes are trying to use non-black women, and non-black features, AS A WEAPON AGAINST BLACK WOMEN. We initially did not agree with this claim, by black women, but it became clear that they were right, as many black guys said things to us, and we saw quickly that these black dudes are striking out at black women, a majority of the time.  So the legitimate hate is not really intended for women, of other races, it’s for dumb ass black guys trying to use racial features of non-black women as weapons against black women.  That’s wrong, especially when the tempo (at least in the USA), is just making these puppets play into a more widespread attempt to ‘water down’ black chicks out there, which previously, we didn’t all agree with, but hell if that’s not extremely evident to all of us here.  That shit spills over into the heads of blacks, and makes them hate themselves, and seek out others, just like the TREND is, and all we see is “the whooty that can completely replace black women” type bullshit chatter.   As it relates to booty, dudes are confusing the appreciation for white features, with BOOTY APPRECIATION, which has no color.  That’s the problem, they’re praising non-black womens’ asses, who have no nice ass to be praised! lol  That is where the legitimate hate comes in, because these guys are falling out over really sloppy shit, like it’s the best ever, but saying that sloppy shit, or even regular/subpar ass, is the replacement for black women.  Sick!  Most times, these guys are promoting these particular subpar-assed, non-black women as WHOOTIES, and Thick white chicks, but instead of putting forward examples of real whooties and thick white girls, for us all to see and marvel at, they mostly do shit like THIS:

they try to make the white women who looked good they way they were, into visions they like about some black women.  But they’ll photoshop it then tout it as the best shit around.  If you had to make the thickness with a computer, that’s not a legitimate threat!

When real thickness can’t be found, it is CREATED WITH PHOTOSHOP. Unfortunately, many are fooled by better photoshop attempts, but they essentially do the same, they fatten the saddlebags and try to round out the booty. The bent doorway highlights the photoshop attempt to expend the legs and booty. While this is a shitty attempt, it is used to highlight the areas these idiots are wishing they saw on more euro featured women. But to photoshop and then put this up as a reason to dump all black women?  Only a psycho could do that, but a great great great many black dudes do, because he obviously hates black women!  That is what starts the hate, but again, it’s not for the women featured, it’s for the black idiot putting this up as the hottest women out there.  If they are so hot, why alter the picture to fatten them up in legs and butt? Because they want the stereotypical black and latin features, on these women. That is annoying, and we agree with the hate for idiots who are doing this.  Then they end up creating this racial comparison of “WHOOTY VS BOOTY” as if to say BOOTY is a black thing, and Whooty is a white thing. So now they’ve redefined BOOTY, great! Fucking dumb!  The minute that happened, people separated booty by race, which is breeding ground for dumb, racist idiot mentality! That is reason for legitimate hate, again, at the assholes who propagate the hate, by making this racial but without a meaningful point to highlighting something racial about it.  In the Whooty vs Booty, what exactly is the difference between the women if you put forth the same types of booties in both (most are average or subpar in both categories when they do this)?  The only differences we see, in their comparisons, is SKIN COLOR, and the fact that the Black booty MUST be 100% perfect, to be acceptable, while the white booty can be like 40% ‘OK-looking’ to be put on a pedestal.   Then they want you to accept the subpar white ass put forth as “it’s ok because she’s white”. You can’t go putting ASS-HANDICAPS out for white girls, because by very definitions that’s racist, because you’re giving special treatment on the basis of race. lol  That’s the problem, a nice ass, at whatever size and shape you like, should be celebrated, but what we see is skin tone and euro features being celebrated in most of these comparisons that are supposed to be about booty!  That’s where the anger comes in for many spectators. So people wonder why the most eye catching ass doesn’t get as much love as the one that is not as eye catching? If we went pound for pound, or ROUND FOR ROUND as we like to call it, ass shape to ass shape, why does not the best ass win attention?  It should be all judged by equal criteria.  A few postings ago, we caused some static over a side by side pic we did about white girls catching up to black women, in girth of their asses. You can read that here.   So the pics caused beef with one writer because most people said the white skinned woman was better than the darker one.  Which pic was it?  The one immediately below. What you see in the picture (immediately below), is what you are supposed to do, visually in your head, when doing fair comparisons…

proper comparison

… because the bodies and booties are similar!   While both are subpar, the white girl is all shined up with oil, but with many more DENTS all over the place, so we were shocked everyone went with her so quickly, but they did.  So proper comparison is NOT happening, when they get racial, which is why people are pissed, that and, still, the white one wins out when you ask who is better, for some odd reason- and we asked, 8 out of 10 say the white woman (doll test).  Here is the other bad thing happening, when it gets too racial…

They’re saying this right here (3538 likes)… is ‘average and we’re bored of seeing it because many black women look like that...’

They say THIS is average??? THIS IS NOT AVERAGE! There isn’t much booty out there looking like this, shut the fuck…

Black guys are bitching that they’re tired of seeing hot black women, so they look elsewhere. lol  So what do these guys say they moved on to, and are scouring the net for, and was also put up as a comparison to the black woman pic immediately above?  This right here below (14,347 likes)..

See, here, it’s comparing apples to oranges. This is not the equivalent to the former, in any way possible, yet beats out the former, EVERY DAY! That’s the comparisons happening. Still had more likes. Amazing!

THE OTHER WHITE MEAT: When you can’t find real, or ‘acceptable’ thick, white women, claim LATINAS as whites..

What happened, above, was the black booty, very gorgeous as it is, only received the likes from people who like that specific kind of booty, but the white bodied woman, no matter how she looks,  was always the mass-crowd favorite. You can’t even tell where anything on her ends and her butt begins, but it doesn’t seem to matter, when these guys do comparisons.  Dudes see that white skinned picture and go ape-shit, yet they would NOT like to look at her black equivalent in size or pose. TheY tend to call the black equivalent ‘ugly’, but LOVE the white equivalent of these fat black women, and THAT’S another thing that’s causing people to write racial insults at the white girls in the pics, in social media.  This has been going on so long that now, many black dudes are poisoned, or just THIRSTY to see any white skin!  So now, there are many sites dedicated to this racial divide, calling black women ugly, and trying to put up as many pictures of white women with bigger bodies, as possible, but trying hard to rival the good looking black woman, however a great majority of them are NOT WHITE WOMEN, in their postings, they are LATINAS!!!  That is not WHITE, no matter how much a fair skinned Latina would like to think she is white (like all of Latin America thinks), they are not REAL white Anglo-Saxons, but these racists are claiming latinas as white women, and are not even trying to call the LATINAS! LATIN SPICE IS NOT A WHITE PERSON! lol But a majority of these racist booty sites incorrectly label Latinas as white women. Karina Lopez is not a white person. And anyone who is bi-racial, mixed black with white or latina, they automatically make her a white to poster. lol Because they can’t find enough PURE white girls with booty that they find acceptable, where you don’t find the photoshop, the bail-out is to find a Latina or mixed woman then put her up as a Whooty. lol That’s annoying, especially to Latinos, when this happens.  If you’re going to do the racial thing, properly segregate, assholes. lol   So making the booty scene racist, is not helping out black women, because blacks always get the worst of all type of anger, and brings out the anger in people you normally wouldn’t even know hated them.  So there is legitimate hate, for the racism that is brewing lately, along booty lines, because it’s fucking up the game, as many black guys turn on black chicks, playing into the hate by talking dumb racist shit towards their own kind.  That’s who’s running half of those racist sites, or are the frequenters, look at their avatars, they’re black guys!  The problem with this is that we’ve ended up with black, latin, and white guys are all on the same side of this argument, favoring fair skinned women over blacks just because of skin color and not booty/body, by a majority now. Even the black equivalent of the white skinned women they’re favoring, will NEVER make it to a posting, on these sites. That’s what’s destroying Booty Appreciation, as we speak. And then they go and photoshop the white women to be fuller figured too, and will NOT place a darker skinned woman on their sites.  That kind of booty appreciation is worth shit, to us.

We’re not the only ones who noticed this shit!!! Peep this dude break down the logic like a true CHAMP!!!

Great job!!!

Most times, guys are looking at common tricks of cameras, photoshop and flat asses, then saying “Oh that’s the hottest ass out there, that’s better than black booty”- when it’s FLAT or just FAT white chicks.  That’s not to say these women aren’t good looking, but black guys have a warped sense of what’s hot, when it comes to other races.  That’s what’s flooding of whooty postings, warped male minds manipulating images, and being manipulated by images, to enforce a larger mind-control weakness they have, caused by society previously. They’re just projecting their mental issues on booty.  That’s why Whooty is all fucked up today.  Pictures of women bending over, stretching whatever little to no ass they have, until it’s a completely FLAT look, and it’s clear that ass is flat, it’s still called a WHOOTY, or blubber all over the place, still a Whooty… but these guys and pasting this stuff in black forums, as the end of all black women, and it enrages black women, on purpose. So other black guys start thinking that a flat or fat assed white girl, is an immediate upgrade to any black woman. lol  The poisoning begins, and they start belittling black women quickly, and it then pops up in rap songs, then next think you know, all dumbasses have turned their backs on hot black women, because of Whooty propaganda.   These guys now seek to pretend a new Whooty exists, who is thick, and with all the black features they want in black women, but on fair skin.  But too much imagination is getting the best of these guys, and they’re not falling back to logic of just analyzing the booty’s shape and size, to qualify what’s a nice ass.  So these guys are constantly heard talking about abandoning black women for the new Whooties. We personally don’t give a shit, if they abandon black women with nice asses, because that’s more for us to have, but still.. it’s the principal.  Most say “oh well we’re tired of seeing it on black women, so now we look for it elsewhere”, but it’s like getting money, are you every really tired of getting money from 1 employer if they are paying the better, or the same as another employer?  No!  Money is money, and if you like it, you like ALL MONEY, but who gets all hyped up for a job that is paying you in peanuts!   That’s what we liken some of the choices these guys are making, jumping ship to get paid in peanuts, but again, the point is made, IF YOU WEREN’T GETTING PAID IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND YOUR ASS IS BROKE (not getting any ass from even black women), GETTING PAID IN PEANUTS FEELS LIKE YOU ARE GETTING GOLD!!! If you do what we consider a DOWNGRADE in booty, you need to admit you’re not even focusing on the booty of these white women, you just love white women and hide it while pretending they’re Whooties. It’s ok to like white women, just stop calling all of them whooties, because THIS SHIT IS HAPPENING TO MUCH NOW!!!


What’s WHOOTY about anything in here?  This was in a forum about how whooties are all thick now. Where is a Whooty here? Where is the thickness? This picture doesn’t invite racism, but black women responded with scathing racial comments, because “thick” was believed to belong to them, not because neither of these two women are thick.

So that led to a posting later of this as a Whooty that is thickWell that got a lot of guys agreeing that it was a Whooty, but you can’t see the true booty, if you’re not a true analyzer of booty.  She’s likely thick, or just plump (judging arms and legs), but having to bend over to try to create a round butt is not the mark of a nice butt, and only 1 cheek looks like it has fullness. That’s a camera trick. It’s still oddly shaped when fat is stretched, due to hips pulling back leg out wide, yet this is considered a WHOOTY. This is the “weird lumps or odd angled bulges on the backside and wide hips” definition of a Whooty. INCONCLUSIVE!!!  But the dudes went on about how nice that ass was. Can you really see how nice it is?

or what about this oneThis one had a lot of “BECKY….” (suggesting her white-ness) stupid, racial comments, by black women, attached to it. Is was in another Whooty forum, so is it a Whooty or not? That ass crack is very weak, you see asshole immediately when it parts, so that means there isn’t much booty meat, and it’s very low on the body, so it’s a Pig Tail booty, without a lot of meat. That means everything else is just leg and hip fat! That’s not a big butt!  All the dudes said it was a Whooty. Did this picture deserve 12 pages of 50 posts each? NOPE!  So what’s the big deal about this booty? Because her snatch and butthole are exposed by only bending that’s the attraction here, not her actual butt.  Ass that doesn’t deserve praise, is getting tremendous praise, in this case because of the revealing pose. That’s the other gripe people have with Whooty business, trick angles. What happens when you can clearly see there is no real ass, but can you tell the difference

beautiful women, but not Whooties. They’re showing skin, true, pretty features, true, but White girl with ASS? No way.  Ok what if a white girl can mass a collection of fat in the booty area, is that whooty?

Still not a Whooty. Having a loose collection of butt fat is not grounds to call someone a Whooty. This meat, in twisted in special angles, could trick you into thinking she had an ass, but here, it’s clear it’s not a wooty, yet again, in many forums, its a Whooty to the masses.

And that’s just the problem, anything big, white and sloppy is the top shit everywhere you look. It’s just stupid. So we agree, we don’t see the fuss over shit like a big, loose, watery assed woman, no matter the race.That ass is big, long and without real shape yet it’s the hottest shit on the market. BOOOOOOOOOOO!

but what happens when it’s big, and it has a little form to it…?

…what happens when you see bodies like THIS show up?Do you immediately dismiss it as a fluke, a fake, a carnival side show? Yes you do, and you know why, because you’re not seeing much of it like this, from whites women, and you’re the hater now!

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