WHOOTY-MANIA (part 2): When Booty Appreciation brings out your inner Racist…


oooh… that THIS is what everyone is doing standing ovations for, ignoring the black women for- got it… but is your hate about her race?

Previously, we covered what this concept of the Whooty in WHOOTY MANIA, and honestly, we believe it’s a dumb idea, because it leads itself to misinterpretation of what is a good booty and what is not, along the lines of RACE.  If you read out piece about how you can’t even tell the difference anymore, then you’d know that we need to leave race OUT of it, and get back to forms of ALL WOMEN we like to look at.  People responded about how they were completely fooled when they got to the part where we blacked-out the body and asked them to judge if the woman was black or white.  Most were amazed to find out that they associated fatter women with being black and skinnier, flatter with being white, or that they judged the women based on things they found in the room or what they were wearing.  That race should be LEFT OUT of the argument about what makes a good ass or not, complexion has zero to do with the booty’s size, shape, or form development.  So putting emphasis on this Whooty idea, is stupid since PAWG addresses a white chick with big butt (whether hot or not is always debatable), but the new definition of Whooty ONLY is about White chicks with subpar asses, with mainly no shape.  Still, do we need race to factor in judgement of a booty? No! We want to see more ass, from a variety of sources, so why discriminate on the basis of race?  It’s a dumb argument, and it lends itself to people getting their feelings hurt, because they feel that someone is encroaching on their domain, the domain of big booty and fat thighs, mostly. Most people couldn’t give a damn about a hot but slimmer, normal bodied white woman, with booty, for some really really strange reason. That is not the body that sets the men all horny or the hater black chicks on fire, so wtf gives? Sure, we pointed out that based on race (due to genetics), people have a tendency to have booties shapes a certain way, but that’s racial in that it is not discriminating on the basis of race, it’s an observational thing. But what we do here, is cite how many women, of any race, can have the types of booty we talk about, and the more the merrier.  We are focused on forgetting the stereotypes, and committed to dealing with what is real, what’s in front of us, and judging by the shapes and sizes of booty, not the COLOR of BOOTY. It seems that no one else is thinking this way, and it’s racial to a point where it’s pretty RACIST out there, if you check the other people talking about booty!

It used used to be that many women of color, were not taken aback by women who were NOT legitimate Whooties, whom don’t necessarily have nice asses, at all shapes and sizes. Now, it seems they are quickly offended by legitimate and non-legitimate Whooties (by our standard).  They feel like BOOTY belongs to black people, but since everyone can have a booty, they have to know that booty appreciation does not pertain to the Black race only, many people love booty of all sizes and shapes. But all sorts of mixed emotions come, from all sides, about other races, and ethnicities, of women whom happen to have thick/fat bodies and big, round booties, whether real or perceived. especially.  We, here at AssMatrix.com, sit back and laugh at the arguments in forums, in social media sites, because the hatred comes from mostly black women, of Whooties, some is legitimate, some is NOT!  So let’s get to it.  Again, what is a whooty? It’s supposed to be a white girl with a booty?  Well white girls with wack booties think they’re Whooties just like black chicks who think they have Apple Bottoms and thickness are just fat with droopy ass.  The game is messed up and all sorts of fuckery is going on here.  We understand that  booty, today, is subjective, but unfortunately, the majority think that THESE 3 below are the true Whooties (pics they sent claiming were whooties):

Are those Whooties? Then what are these below then?

the top 3 are NOT AT ALL the same as the bottom 3. If you don’t see a difference, then you’re part of the problem.

Over the years, a great MANY of our fans and family asked us to address the WHOOTY topic. 9 times out of 10, interestingly enough, people ask us to speak about the same specific woman, they see on the internet, and is NET-FAMOUS for “having a black woman’s butt” (we’ll touch this lady, in a minute). A black woman’s butt? Interesting. Well you know what happened to the BLACK WOMAN’S BUTT since the turn of the millennium, right? THIS HAPPENED! So now, when we hear someone saying another race has a black woman’s butt, today, that mostly means a large and un-kept, sloppy mound of gelatin-like meat pile, for an ass. It means an ass that you mistake for her huge amount of leg fat, rather than the tight, perky, perfect Apple Bottoms that black women used to sport, up until the end of the 90s. So when people ask us to address the topic of Whooty, it’s funny that almost EVERYONE ONE OF THEM point to this one girl, and we just go “is this REALLY what this whole craze is over?”  First, let’s talk about the legitimate hate coming at these so-called whooties, and we say it’s legitimate because we echo the sentiments of some of these haters, somewhat.

Legitimate haterism: When booty appreciation brings out your inner RACIST

This legitimate hate is not really aimed at white women, or latinas, in general, it’s hate aimed at the idiot black guys who keep touting one of the other races, ethnicities, over black women, as the hottest women out there. It hurts to be counted OUT when it comes to hotness, but to go a step further and claim that these other women have the best asses, is a completely different attack.  It’s meant to annoy black women, really, initially, anyway, to make them think there is great competition, from non-blacks, and to make them feel marginalized, as there is “a new Queen in town, in the Booty Appreciation market”. Some mistake what we say, as that, but we don’t promote one race or group over the other, what we do is tell those who think they own the booty domain, just because they’re BLACK, that the do NOT, and that new competition is here, and actively working on their booties. We say, don’t sleep, and stop coming at US complaining about how every white woman is faking her ass size, when YOU are doing the same thing you are claiming other women are doing. We do reality checks, these other dudes are trying to use non-black women, and non-black features, AS A WEAPON AGAINST BLACK WOMEN. We initially did not agree with this claim, by black women, but it became clear that they were right, as many black guys said things to us, and we saw quickly that these black dudes are striking out at black women, a majority of the time.  So the legitimate hate is not really intended for women, of other races, it’s for dumb ass black guys trying to use racial features of non-black women as weapons against black women.  That’s wrong, especially when the tempo (at least in the USA), is just making these puppets play into a more widespread attempt to ‘water down’ black chicks out there, which previously, we didn’t all agree with, but hell if that’s not extremely evident to all of us here.  That shit spills over into the heads of blacks, and makes them hate themselves, and seek out others, just like the TREND is, and all we see is “the whooty that can completely replace black women” type bullshit chatter.   As it relates to booty, dudes are confusing the appreciation for white features, with BOOTY APPRECIATION, which has no color.  That’s the problem, they’re praising non-black womens’ asses, who have no nice ass to be praised! lol  That is where the legitimate hate comes in, because these guys are falling out over really sloppy shit, like it’s the best ever, but saying that sloppy shit, or even regular/subpar ass, is the replacement for black women.  Sick!  Most times, these guys are promoting these particular subpar-assed, non-black women as WHOOTIES, and Thick white chicks, but instead of putting forward examples of real whooties and thick white girls, for us all to see and marvel at, they mostly do shit like THIS:

they try to make the white women who looked good they way they were, into visions they like about some black women.  But they’ll photoshop it then tout it as the best shit around.  If you had to make the thickness with a computer, that’s not a legitimate threat!

When real thickness can’t be found, it is CREATED WITH PHOTOSHOP. Unfortunately, many are fooled by better photoshop attempts, but they essentially do the same, they fatten the saddlebags and try to round out the booty. The bent doorway highlights the photoshop attempt to expend the legs and booty. While this is a shitty attempt, it is used to highlight the areas these idiots are wishing they saw on more euro featured women. But to photoshop and then put this up as a reason to dump all black women?  Only a psycho could do that, but a great great great many black dudes do, because he obviously hates black women!  That is what starts the hate, but again, it’s not for the women featured, it’s for the black idiot putting this up as the hottest women out there.  If they are so hot, why alter the picture to fatten them up in legs and butt? Because they want the stereotypical black and latin features, on these women. That is annoying, and we agree with the hate for idiots who are doing this.  Then they end up creating this racial comparison of “WHOOTY VS BOOTY” as if to say BOOTY is a black thing, and Whooty is a white thing. So now they’ve redefined BOOTY, great! Fucking dumb!  The minute that happened, people separated booty by race, which is breeding ground for dumb, racist idiot mentality! That is reason for legitimate hate, again, at the assholes who propagate the hate, by making this racial but without a meaningful point to highlighting something racial about it.  In the Whooty vs Booty, what exactly is the difference between the women if you put forth the same types of booties in both (most are average or subpar in both categories when they do this)?  The only differences we see, in their comparisons, is SKIN COLOR, and the fact that the Black booty MUST be 100% perfect, to be acceptable, while the white booty can be like 40% ‘OK-looking’ to be put on a pedestal.   Then they want you to accept the subpar white ass put forth as “it’s ok because she’s white”. You can’t go putting ASS-HANDICAPS out for white girls, because by very definitions that’s racist, because you’re giving special treatment on the basis of race. lol  That’s the problem, a nice ass, at whatever size and shape you like, should be celebrated, but what we see is skin tone and euro features being celebrated in most of these comparisons that are supposed to be about booty!  That’s where the anger comes in for many spectators. So people wonder why the most eye catching ass doesn’t get as much love as the one that is not as eye catching? If we went pound for pound, or ROUND FOR ROUND as we like to call it, ass shape to ass shape, why does not the best ass win attention?  It should be all judged by equal criteria.  A few postings ago, we caused some static over a side by side pic we did about white girls catching up to black women, in girth of their asses. You can read that here.   So the pics caused beef with one writer because most people said the white skinned woman was better than the darker one.  Which pic was it?  The one immediately below. What you see in the picture (immediately below), is what you are supposed to do, visually in your head, when doing fair comparisons…

proper comparison

… because the bodies and booties are similar!   While both are subpar, the white girl is all shined up with oil, but with many more DENTS all over the place, so we were shocked everyone went with her so quickly, but they did.  So proper comparison is NOT happening, when they get racial, which is why people are pissed, that and, still, the white one wins out when you ask who is better, for some odd reason- and we asked, 8 out of 10 say the white woman (doll test).  Here is the other bad thing happening, when it gets too racial…

They’re saying this right here (3538 likes)… is ‘average and we’re bored of seeing it because many black women look like that...’

They say THIS is average??? THIS IS NOT AVERAGE! There isn’t much booty out there looking like this, shut the fuck…

Black guys are bitching that they’re tired of seeing hot black women, so they look elsewhere. lol  So what do these guys say they moved on to, and are scouring the net for, and was also put up as a comparison to the black woman pic immediately above?  This right here below (14,347 likes)..

See, here, it’s comparing apples to oranges. This is not the equivalent to the former, in any way possible, yet beats out the former, EVERY DAY! That’s the comparisons happening. Still had more likes. Amazing!

THE OTHER WHITE MEAT: When you can’t find real, or ‘acceptable’ thick, white women, claim LATINAS as whites..

What happened, above, was the black booty, very gorgeous as it is, only received the likes from people who like that specific kind of booty, but the white bodied woman, no matter how she looks,  was always the mass-crowd favorite. You can’t even tell where anything on her ends and her butt begins, but it doesn’t seem to matter, when these guys do comparisons.  Dudes see that white skinned picture and go ape-shit, yet they would NOT like to look at her black equivalent in size or pose. TheY tend to call the black equivalent ‘ugly’, but LOVE the white equivalent of these fat black women, and THAT’S another thing that’s causing people to write racial insults at the white girls in the pics, in social media.  This has been going on so long that now, many black dudes are poisoned, or just THIRSTY to see any white skin!  So now, there are many sites dedicated to this racial divide, calling black women ugly, and trying to put up as many pictures of white women with bigger bodies, as possible, but trying hard to rival the good looking black woman, however a great majority of them are NOT WHITE WOMEN, in their postings, they are LATINAS!!!  That is not WHITE, no matter how much a fair skinned Latina would like to think she is white (like all of Latin America thinks), they are not REAL white Anglo-Saxons, but these racists are claiming latinas as white women, and are not even trying to call the LATINAS! LATIN SPICE IS NOT A WHITE PERSON! lol But a majority of these racist booty sites incorrectly label Latinas as white women. Karina Lopez is not a white person. And anyone who is bi-racial, mixed black with white or latina, they automatically make her a white to poster. lol Because they can’t find enough PURE white girls with booty that they find acceptable, where you don’t find the photoshop, the bail-out is to find a Latina or mixed woman then put her up as a Whooty. lol That’s annoying, especially to Latinos, when this happens.  If you’re going to do the racial thing, properly segregate, assholes. lol   So making the booty scene racist, is not helping out black women, because blacks always get the worst of all type of anger, and brings out the anger in people you normally wouldn’t even know hated them.  So there is legitimate hate, for the racism that is brewing lately, along booty lines, because it’s fucking up the game, as many black guys turn on black chicks, playing into the hate by talking dumb racist shit towards their own kind.  That’s who’s running half of those racist sites, or are the frequenters, look at their avatars, they’re black guys!  The problem with this is that we’ve ended up with black, latin, and white guys are all on the same side of this argument, favoring fair skinned women over blacks just because of skin color and not booty/body, by a majority now. Even the black equivalent of the white skinned women they’re favoring, will NEVER make it to a posting, on these sites. That’s what’s destroying Booty Appreciation, as we speak. And then they go and photoshop the white women to be fuller figured too, and will NOT place a darker skinned woman on their sites.  That kind of booty appreciation is worth shit, to us.

We’re not the only ones who noticed this shit!!! Peep this dude break down the logic like a true CHAMP!!!

Great job!!!

Most times, guys are looking at common tricks of cameras, photoshop and flat asses, then saying “Oh that’s the hottest ass out there, that’s better than black booty”- when it’s FLAT or just FAT white chicks.  That’s not to say these women aren’t good looking, but black guys have a warped sense of what’s hot, when it comes to other races.  That’s what’s flooding of whooty postings, warped male minds manipulating images, and being manipulated by images, to enforce a larger mind-control weakness they have, caused by society previously. They’re just projecting their mental issues on booty.  That’s why Whooty is all fucked up today.  Pictures of women bending over, stretching whatever little to no ass they have, until it’s a completely FLAT look, and it’s clear that ass is flat, it’s still called a WHOOTY, or blubber all over the place, still a Whooty… but these guys and pasting this stuff in black forums, as the end of all black women, and it enrages black women, on purpose. So other black guys start thinking that a flat or fat assed white girl, is an immediate upgrade to any black woman. lol  The poisoning begins, and they start belittling black women quickly, and it then pops up in rap songs, then next think you know, all dumbasses have turned their backs on hot black women, because of Whooty propaganda.   These guys now seek to pretend a new Whooty exists, who is thick, and with all the black features they want in black women, but on fair skin.  But too much imagination is getting the best of these guys, and they’re not falling back to logic of just analyzing the booty’s shape and size, to qualify what’s a nice ass.  So these guys are constantly heard talking about abandoning black women for the new Whooties. We personally don’t give a shit, if they abandon black women with nice asses, because that’s more for us to have, but still.. it’s the principal.  Most say “oh well we’re tired of seeing it on black women, so now we look for it elsewhere”, but it’s like getting money, are you every really tired of getting money from 1 employer if they are paying the better, or the same as another employer?  No!  Money is money, and if you like it, you like ALL MONEY, but who gets all hyped up for a job that is paying you in peanuts!   That’s what we liken some of the choices these guys are making, jumping ship to get paid in peanuts, but again, the point is made, IF YOU WEREN’T GETTING PAID IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND YOUR ASS IS BROKE (not getting any ass from even black women), GETTING PAID IN PEANUTS FEELS LIKE YOU ARE GETTING GOLD!!! If you do what we consider a DOWNGRADE in booty, you need to admit you’re not even focusing on the booty of these white women, you just love white women and hide it while pretending they’re Whooties. It’s ok to like white women, just stop calling all of them whooties, because THIS SHIT IS HAPPENING TO MUCH NOW!!!

EPIC WHOOTY ASS BATTLE??? WTF THOSE ARE NOT WHOOTIES!!! … and EPIC? THAT is what they call EPIC??? Jesus of Nazareth!!!

What’s WHOOTY about anything in here?  This was in a forum about how whooties are all thick now. Where is a Whooty here? Where is the thickness? This picture doesn’t invite racism, but black women responded with scathing racial comments, because “thick” was believed to belong to them, not because neither of these two women are thick nor whooty.

Well that got a lot of guys agreeing that it was a Whooty, but you can’t see the true booty, if you’re not a true analyzer of booty.  She’s likely thick, or just plump (judging arms and legs), but having to bend over to try to create a round butt is not the mark of a nice butt, and only 1 cheek looks like it has fullness. That’s a camera trick. It’s still oddly shaped when fat is stretched, due to hips pulling back leg out wide, yet this is considered a WHOOTY. This is the “weird lumps or odd angled bulges on the backside and wide hips” definition of a Whooty. INCONCLUSIVE!!!  But the dudes went on about how nice that ass was. Can you really see how nice it is?

or what about this oneThis one had a lot of “BECKY….” (suggesting her white-ness) stupid, racial comments, by black women, attached to it. Is was in another Whooty forum, so is it a Whooty or not? That ass crack is very weak, you see asshole immediately when it parts, so that means there isn’t much booty meat, and it’s very low on the body, so it’s a Pig Tail booty, without a lot of meat. That means everything else is just leg and hip fat! That’s not a big butt!  All the dudes said it was a Whooty. Did this picture deserve 12 pages of 50 posts each? NOPE!  So what’s the big deal about this booty? Because her snatch and butthole are exposed by only bending that’s the attraction here, not her actual butt.  Ass that doesn’t deserve praise, is getting tremendous praise, in this case because of the revealing pose. That’s the other gripe people have with Whooty business, trick angles. What happens when you can clearly see there is no real ass, but can you tell the difference

beautiful women, but not Whooties. They’re showing skin, true, pretty features, true, but White girl with ASS? No way.  Ok what if a white girl can mass a collection of fat in the booty area, is that whooty?

Still not a Whooty. Having a loose collection of butt fat is not grounds to call someone a Whooty. This meat, in twisted in special angles, could trick you into thinking she had an ass, but here, it’s clear it’s not a wooty, yet again, in many forums, its a Whooty to the masses.

And that’s just the problem, anything big, white and sloppy is the top shit everywhere you look. It’s just stupid. So we agree, we don’t see the fuss over shit like a big, loose, watery assed woman, no matter the race.That ass is big, long and without real shape yet it’s the hottest shit on the market. BOOOOOOOOOOO!

but what happens when it’s big, and it has a little form to it…?

…what happens when you see bodies like THIS show up?Do you immediately dismiss it as a fluke, a fake, a carnival side show? Yes you do, and you know why, because you’re not seeing much of it like this, from whites women, and you’re the hater now!

continue to the final part of this series:  WHOOTY MANIA (PART 3):  The curious case of Mal Malloy

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