ASS-TATTOOs/ Asscheek/backside Tramp Stamps? Is anyone REALLY feeling this?

Since When the fuck did ruining good ass cheeks become fashionable?

Recently, I’ve been hearing A LOT of ladies talking about getting newer tattoos but they don’t want them in the ordinary spots. Now, not for nothing, I don’t like tattoos on bodies of ladies who already have nice, smooth skin, but if they’re going to get tattoos, I’d pray that they don’t do the same lame tattoos in the same lame ass locations (ie butterfly, tribal tattoo, wannabe-abstract art on the lower back/mystery space, side of arm, back of neck, side of shin). Let’s face it, most ladies are not creative when it comes to these things and surely aren’t original with where they place them. Back in the days, no one would even dare put that on their asses, if their asses looked nice, knowing that it makes it look less beautiful. Today, many ladies want to ruin, nice, gorgeous asses, with horrible, meaningless tatoos. Ladies ran out of shit to do with themselves, in the new Millennium, so I’ll show you later where they get these Ass Tattoos ideas from.
So I overhear a chick talking about she got a tattoo ‘down below’. Immediately, I key in on it and she says that her man hates the tattoo she got. After listening to her cryptic conversation, apparently, she put a huge butterfly on her ASSCHEEK! So when she gets up to go to the bathroom, I’m trying to get a peak of that tattoo, and more importantly, her ASS! lol It was a long flat ass, PIGTAIL, sad to say, and some of the tattoo was visible, as she wore a jean skirt and a top that exposed her backside and muffin-top fat hanging out the sides. I wondered why she didn’t get something like most chicks with her build get, when they have long, pigtail butts with lots of mystery space :

That tattoo had to be a HUGE design if it’s also covered her ass because she had a long ass, to begin with, but part of the design wrapped around the mystery space/ lowerback. Trying to imagine it, I came up with something that looked like this:

except she was a bit chunky, so it looked more like this

So I can imagine what her man didn’t like. It’s already an unpleasant-looking ass, but to highlight it’s flatness by putting, basically, a BILLBOARD on that ass? when you’re hitting it from behind, the last thing you want to look at is the design on her ass the whole time! But I wondered, would it look as bad if she actually had a nice ass? hmmm does this look like less of a nice ass to you (because it has “BITCH” SCRIBBLED ON THE LEFT ASS CHEEK, AND “BOOTY” SCRIBBLED ON THE RIGHT? Told you chicks have shitty imaginations! lol).

Now, I’ve hit a chick that had a tattoo, but her ass tattoo did not overshadow her nice ass. In fact, it was a tiny heart on her ass, off of the top of her ass cheek, and it was not the focal point on her ass. I barely looked at it, and she knew that if she put something right ON the ass cheek, it would subtract from the appreciation of her ass when it was in a thong, on the beach. If you’re into admiring a nice ass, whatever YOU perceive that to be, which would you rather look at? This, like I’ve had:

ok she didn’t have an ass as huge as Cherokee here, good lord no! But still, it was tiny, compared to her ass, and it was just something out of the way, not all in the way!

Ok, what about this here… too much???

This takes away from the beauty of the ass. Sorry, I can’t endorse ass tattoos! If you’re ass is a nasty, pasty, flat wall of an ass, fine, put a Times Square sized billboard on your flat ass, it actually helps with having to look at whatever the hell is your ass. But if you have a nice ass, please don’t litter! I know you think having letters on your ass is sexy, but just because the untrained eyes of MORONS see ‘JUICY’ written on the ass of your valor track suit, that does not mean it translates into the same shit when it’s permanently imprinted on your skin, ladies!!! Nor does that mean your ass is juicy either, fyi BAAAARRRFF!!! —>lol, so stop doing this–> , it’s tacky as all hell!!

Yes, I said it, that’s where MOST of you get this dumb fucking idea of tattooing huge graphics on your ass cheeks, from goddamn valor suits!!!

I had a chick who had the WU-TANG symbol going into her ass cheeks, looking like a knock-off Mercedes Santos of porn fame. All I could think about was, ”the Rza, The Gza, Ispector Deck, UGod, Raekwan, Ghost Face killer …and the M.E.T.H.O.D. MAAAAAAANNNN Hey you get off my lawn” and I’d be laughing to myself. Then I’d imagine I was ODB boning her… Wtf ladies?? WU TANG???

Seriously, is ANYONE feeling ass tattoos?


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  1. meen_nikima says

    okay seriously, i know i’m kinda late as hell replying to this but, my mom has a tramp stamp & a titty rose. oh yeah & she’s like 53…not cool people, not sexy, let it go, laser it off!

  2. odoggz says

    lol Too many old people need to let that shit be, for real. Just cover it up or laser, like you suggested. They think it looks ‘young’ or sexy and it doesn’t. I saw a lady with tribal tatoos on her lower back plus the stretch marks combining… I thought it was part of the abstract art lol I threw my lunch away right after seeing that though… lol

  3. bootyliciousmona says

    Well I don’t agree with you.I think if a lady has a nice sexy round ass then a tattoo on her ass cheek will make her ass more attractive.I have a very nice big tattoo on my ass and every man I met has been attracted to my ass because of that tattoo.If a woman has a flat ass then again I don’t agree with you she should have a tattoo on her ass as tattoo will make her flat ass look more disgusting to look at.

  4. odoggz says

    Understood, but any man who likes your ass because you have a tattoo on it, is GAY! He should like your ass for the MEAT and curvature you have on it. A tattoo doesn’t influence the shape of an ass, a tattoo doesn’t dress up an ass, so it’s irrelevant to whether or not an ass is hot! You’re coming from a mentality where you would put something on your ass to get more stares at it, but I argue if your ass was worth looking at, you wouldn’t need the tricks to get more attention. If it’s nice, WE LOOK- hell most dudes look even if it’s not nice. lol ..oh.. And I’m sure that any man you’ve been with has never told you a lie to hype you up so he could get sexual with you, or keep the sex coming in. I believe the term you have for men like that is ‘boyfriends’, right? lol :P

  5. Chi-Girl says

    I agree with the men. Tatoos can take away from a woman’s natural beauty.

  6. odoggz says

    I’m glad you agree. I had many chicks ask “what kind of lower back tattoo do you like looking at when you’re hitting a chick in doggy?” That is a dumb ass question for countless reasons, most importantly. why would an ASS MAN (or any man) look anywhere but her ass, when hitting a chick in doggy style? And what kind of dumb ass women would think that her tattoo is so entertaining to anyone but herself? Is she that boring that I need to be distracted with her tattoo like the bundle of magazines on the table when you’re waiting at the dentist’s office? It robs of natural beauty and it is an annoying distraction because if I’m hitting a chick in doggy and I see a corny ass tattoo, now I’m going to be thinking about that tattoo and how unoriginal she is because most chicks get the same damn tattoos in the same places. UNORIGINAL AND BORING! Great! lol

  7. O.G. with ink says

    I have many many tats. And it does not matter to me if a woman has tats or not. If she is bad then she is bad but I do like A little tat on the cheek. By telling some one to “let it be” who are you? IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT DON’T LOOK AT IT BE YOUR SELF WORRY ABOUT YOUR SELF……. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. odoggz says

    OG with Ink,
    It’s not about not liking tattoos, as a whole, it’s about at tattoo on the ass messing up the nice ’shot’. I feel that in an area like the ass, it’s taking away from the beauty of the ass cheek and I can’t really appreciate the ass with ink all over it. It’s like a new house that you’re moving into and when you get there, there is spray paint all over the windows and white garage door. That’s how I see it. Someone obviously thought it was art, I’m saying it depreciates from the value!

  9. ms p says

    hmm, i think da jury is still out with me. i use 2 think bout gettin an ass tatt, but i changed my mind cos i thought thats 2 much, plus we all get older n that wnt b sexy wen im 65,lol.but ive seen a few ass tatts on girls that i thought was alrite. ive got a tatt on my thigh that im savin up 2 remove (silly old boyfriend, young n dumb tatt), now da only tatt im gonna hav on me is my sons name on my wrist and i made a promise 2 myself 2 only put meaningful tatts on my body in da future (if i choose 2 get any more)…odoggz what do u think is a nice creative place 4 a woman 2 put a tattoo?

  10. odoggz says

    Well you surely don’t want to look like an old subway car that from 2 decades ago that’s rusting in a yard with Graffiti all over it. I saw a picture of a girl with a hard penis tattooed like it was going into her butt hole. I mean really???!! So when she’s 50 and sagging, that tattoo is going to look like a shriveled-up, limp penis being bent up and shoved into the butt hole. Not a good look! Even worse, since tattoos get darker with time, it will end up looking like she tattooed a long, chunk of shit dripping from her butt hole. NIIIICE! Can’t wait for the Registered Nurses to see that as they’re cleaning her diaper and laughing their asses off.
    Personally, I don’t like tats on myself and if a chick is trying to be professional in the job market, it can’t be located anywhere someone would see in work clothes. Depending on the art piece, that sways where you might want to put it also. I’d not put ‘n199a 4 life’ on my neck, like the mailroom guy at my last job, who was terminated after his boss finally figured out what it said. Mind you, the mailroom guy was Puerto Rican and Italian. lol So.. it depends on what crowds will be seeing these tats. I think something cute on a shoulder blade might work, certainly better than on your breast (TACKY!). I know people trying to decide between removing tats, paying rent or paying for an abortion, who can’t do all with that little money they have right now so have to pick 1. They’ll never get around to removing them and they did a LOT of tats.

  11. ms p says

    lol, that was a lil too hilarious. i hear ya tho. im stil gona get that tatt with my sons name around my wrist. i think i more like 2 admire tatts on other ppl then myself, dnt wana turn out lookin like ive got dark bruises all over my body wen ive aged,and they start gettin all dark n blurry-thats most def not a sexy look,lol. ive seen girls wid them tatts on their breasts,i feel like thats da worst place u culd get it done as knowhere on ur body sags faster or as bad as ur breasts. it looks so wrong after they’ve had their child and it becomes a case of guess what the tatt is, cos her breasts r so saggy even she cant make it out,lol…thanx 4 da advice, once again youv’e been helpful and you’ve swayed me from making some wrong, pricey mistakes.x

  12. odoggz says

    Most people don’t even consider the environment they get tat’d in, and get Hepatitis! They do it themselves, get friends to do it, and don’t really think about what they’re putting on their bodies and the long term affects, consequences. So to each his own but at least be creative, is what I ask. I hate seeing them sag on the breast. I know a chick with a backbutt and she had a back tat that is now sagging and separating from her now droopy butt. It looks TERRIBLE back there now (she dropped 3 kids). Lol glad to steer you away from the badness. Most people lie about they get tats because ‘it’s personal to them’ and then they go get some tribal tattoo, a butterfly, a rose, etc. Really? That’s ‘personal’? lol Stupid! You don’t need that stuff and don’t need to be cool for a damn person, which is the main reason people get tats.

  13. Assology says

    sometimes porn stars have fake temporary tatoos before they shoot a scene. I think that “booty” tatoo is fake.

    Michelle Tucker had a fake tatoo on her ass as well.

  14. odoggz says

    true but did it make her ass look better? We don’t think so.