Boxy Brown: the battle in Latinas’ pants!

NOTE: IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE THE EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE, WE’D LIKE TO SEE PROOF. A lot of you talk a good game, but we are not seeing the proof in these text messages you’re sending us.  YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN “SEND YOUR PICS” if so. Most of you, claiming to the be the exception, are NOT, nor have you produced any proof towards being the exception. Evidence, ladies, EVIDENCE! :)

I already know you’re gonna hate for this piece, but it needed to be said.   This is Assology so listen in! Click any pic to enlarge it.

Is this real? We argue back and forth, in the community, about the sudden explosion in PERFECT ASS that has been popping up in, mainly out of places like Brasil and Colombia, in particular, but all over Latin America.  Asses that are clearly FAKE, considering the vast majority of booty in the regions, like this clip from Peru

Watch this series, COLOMBIA FASHION WEEK to get the REAL deal on what you keep thinking is real, sexy ass from South America, which is all BULLSHIT!


We are constantly bombarded with the most perfect looking specimens that our eyes are seeing and you know I want to give people the benefit of the doubt, I really do, but I’m calling shenanigans on these broads!  We get a lot of mail from the community, and they’re asking us if we think certain booty is real or fake, but the ones they ALWAYS seem to question are the Latinas, in particular, Latina ‘booty models’ from South America. No one questions the authenticity of booty of women from any other countries but 2 countries in Latin America.  When you look at the booties of these recent models, often they look very believable (for another region of the world with other genetic makeup), but not when you factor in what we know of booty originating from these countries.  Guess which 2 countries are the leaders in the best no-holds-barred sexual related cosmetic surgery.. and therefore everyone goes there to get ‘work done’ on their asses.  I’ll give you a hint, R&B singer Usher’s wife went to one of them and almost DIED due to the work she had done there.  The other mysteriously, along with Venezuela, gets caught by beauty pageant officials for entering many women who have plastic surgery done to face and bodies.. The answer is Brasil and Colombia!! Hell, this site in Colombia tells you how to get from your country to Colombia by bus! lol Interesting, the places with the best ass augmentation work and home of the ‘Brasilian Butt Lift’ plastic surgeries also contains the most women who are coming out looking so perfect in the butt..  hmmm  They do plastic surgery in these countries to a point where you really can’t tell what was done to a person without looking at before and after shots, which is scary!  But we know booty, and it’s easy to fool us when people do butt tucks on butts that weren’t full or sloppy even, but when you go from Pig Tail to Apple Bottom, you’re not fooling a soul.  When you come out and every new model has an Apple Bottom, you’re not fooling a soul.  So now you know why we’re screaming bloody murder!  Let me warm you up to the thinking process..

Ok.. observe these picture below and tell me why they’re fake (besides my shitty-quick face photoshop jobs lol):

You’re saying they’re fake because of a fact we know, as common knowledge (which I am saying verbally out-loud) but most people do not want to say: “Asians do NOT have asses like that so that shit is fake!“  Now, you will be hard-pressed to find an Asian with an Apple Bottom, let alone a Tear Drop, even the ones mixed with other ethnicities.  So what if you saw hundreds of Asian ‘booty models’ popping up suddenly with Apple Bottom perfect asses, would you not be suspicious? That brings us to a topic that we get a lot of criticism for bringing up, but everyone thinks: most of these recent, PERFECT, Apple Bottoms originating from South America are fucking FAKE!!! See, much like what you thought was obvious with the Asian picture above, we feel the same way about Latinas with the dominant Indigenous gene, which is the common denominator in most Latinas! Not very different from the Asian gene is the Indigenous Latin American gene.  We know how the bodies and butts look of these groups, for the most part, so the genetics can’t stray far from what we KNOW!  Evidence doesn’t lie. Here is what we know about Latin American booty:

Pig Tails Exposed Does this chick have a nice body? What about a nice ass? hmm ok what about these?

And these BLACK beauties from Dominican Republic?

she had some good poon thoughdr black booty mostly not hot

Can’t escape it, either no matter how many other ‘black’ features she has, Boxy Brown affects make it so that the most her collection of fat can be, is Pig Tail, since MOST DR bodies more or less don’t genetically support weight gain/distribution, to the booty, properly. Waistline and legs get fat way before any booty, and the booty is not scalable to look good at bigger sizes. This is why no booty models come from DR, everyone is skinny/thin, who makes it big.

Depending on how you’re seeing them, you might or might not think so. You might like the skin tones, hair,  outfits.. but something is not quite RIGHT about the shots, right? That’s because you’re looking at the midsections, and long, flat butt and you’re saying ‘WTF? That’s not curvy, that’s a boxy body with a Pig Tail/Flat booty! I was expecting thin with no ass considering her features! Is she pregnant? Is she a dwarf?’ Well this is the genetic situation that affects many Latin American ‘Indias’ bodies, and when a woman has these features, ‘whites’ of Latin America try to hide her from all cameras so as to put forth a projection that the more white looking latinas are all that exist, when in reality they are a very small minority in Latin America!

Introducing the Real Latinas of the Americas:

average chickaverage chick

When many people think of ‘LATINOS’ they think all Latinos are the same. I’m here to let you know there are HUGE differences between the Caribbean-based Latinos, Brasilians, and all the rest (and even amongst the rest it’s not all the same)- hey some want to be called Hispanic and not the hip Latino branding. The 1 thing that is very much constant in each is ‘the Indigenous‘ genes of the people who inhabited the Latin American countries, before the whites enslaved the Indigenous and the Africans and threw most groups all in the big slavery melting pot. That mix of 3 ethnicites brought about some of the most exotic, sexiest blends of people you’ve ever seen today – especially ‘India Oscura’ which are the black-indian mixes (my weakness) (thank you  thank you ; ) ) – but the most consistent blend of Latina was Indigenous with European genes. This combo fills out most of what is Latin America, and as a result, when you look at 1 group of people from Latin America, you can’t tell where anyone comes from. To most eyes, ignorant about Latinos, they think everyone is from Mexico. lol History of Latin Ass mentality We always talk about how SOME women you see from Brasil, DR, PR, Panama, Cuba, etc.. have some of the finest, roundest asses out there (hopefully you’re talking about the ones without the surgery enhancement), and they can often mirror other African descendants’ butts- not often but they can sometimes. Well this is due to the African genes this blend of Latinos happen to carry. The Latin world knows this very well, and thus were shocked when looking at the butt of pop star Selena (R.I.P. but she definitely was using ASS TRICKERY).  People said her butt makes you think she has some African mixture in there and it can’t be from Mexican lineage since no one in her fam had such girth, but of course no one points to her earlier pics when she actually used to wear jean shorts and there was no butt to be found! Everyone is caught on her stage performance in the purple glitter suit, after she had work done.  She used trickery from old school techniques, which is why she’d never wear anything revealing skin on her backside. This is why she got national attention, her ass- which got bigger after each performance yet her waist got smaller hmmm !   Selena presented a controversy due to being Mexican (Indigenous + European genes so everyone expected what we’re talking about here, wide hips, Pig Tail booty at most) but with a butt recognized in the Latin world for being an African trait.  In fact, in their book ‘Women and Migration in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands‘ by Denise A. Segura, Patricia Zavella, researchers Negron-Munaner said about Selena’s butt ‘For any Caribbean interlocutor, references to this part of the human anatomy are often a way of talking about African in(side) America…and despite the fact that Selena was chicana, an ethnicity not associated in the Caribbean popular imagination with big butts, she was definitely curvy…. Selena’s butt was, from a Puerto Rican perspective, one of the elements that made her not specifically Chicana, but ‘Latina’, and hence more easily embraced as one of our own’.   They hint on a clear difference we have in the Latin world with Caribbean-based/Brasilian/Panama versus everyone else.  The Selena paradox screwed up the booty mentality of many non-African descendant Latinos.  Brasil and Panama are more in line with the Caribbean than the other countries (mixing African, Indigenous and European genes over and over and over), and just like the islands, Brasil loves them some booty! lol I personally credit Puerto Rico for early days promoting big booty love and helping it spread in the Latin World because Dominicans and Cubans were sleeping on it and still do to this day!  Puerto Ricans pushed through IRIS CHACON and every Chacon since, in the 70s, so that let you KNOW they were serious about giant ass from jump!  The rest of Latin America was NOT up on this kind of booty and still liked small, European booties (those calling themselves Hispanic), not the jumbo booties.  This African gene made the butts full, and all of Latin America knows this but who would accept this fact? Yes it’s fact. People think this is a myth and they laugh when we say that the African gene is what gives even ‘Latinas’ ass, when in fact it IS medically proven! There actually exists a medical term for the growth that African descendant females get in the thighs and ass, which was originally identified with the gene from the tribe of the KHOI (how ironic the name Ms Koi) people (of South Africa) and many more beyond. If you know the story of Sara Baartman, and how Europeans paraded her around Europe so you can see here huge ass, you’d know that scientist isolated the genes that causes black women to get ‘THICK’ like that. It’s called “Steatopygia”, which is the building of the ‘thick’ layers of fat around that mid section, thighs, ass which fills out a lot of African descendant women to this day.  So if the African gene is what gives FULL-girth booties/thick bodies, and we know that the European gene produces FLAT booty/ lean bodies, what does the INDIAN gene produce, in relation to midsections/booties? We answer this, because this gene is a ‘problem’- if you go by all the marketing done in Latin America, to counter this kind of body genetics. When you think of Latin American beauty, you think of countless women in beauty pageants, but not these indigenous gene dominant women.  The problem is, when you think of any Latin American in a beauty pageant, you immediately think of CHEATERS WHO GET PLASTIC SURGERY TO WIN COMPETITIONS!! Also, just like in America and the world beyond, the more EUROPEAN the women look, the more accepted their form of ‘beauty’ is and how likely they are to win.  You also do not know of any women who look like the women in these pageants!  Another problem is due to wanting to look more European (just like many in US and Europe),  many don’t like their dark skins, Indian features, flat/Pig Tail booties, etc, so it’s no wonder that Latin America is THE PLACE TO GO FOR REAL, INSECURITY-ETHNIC FEATURE-ERASING, PLASTIC SURGERY! lol The reality is, like everyone else, many Latinas are trying to get away from a few features that make up the bulk of them:  Pig Tails/ Flat Booties, Boxy Shapes, dark skin, African-type hair (where applies), etc…  Point being, no one knows how to get away from what they originally look like, to look more European, than Latinos!  So in relation to booty, here are some of the ways that we’ll point out what’s going on in Latin America to admit that Latinos have the most PIG TAILS
> and BOXY BODIES (aka Spongebob Squarepants bodies which is what the Indian gene produces) but Latin America has many campaigns to make this ‘issue’ better.   Here is an Assology look into the group with the most Pig Tail booties, the Latino Indian Females aka “Indias”:

Check this out, excellent skin color, nice hair,.. eehhh but the Spongebob Squarepants body is skewing the vision isn’t it! normally, the butts belong on bony, slim bodies, so as they gain weight, most backsides look like this (wide, elongated, flat with collection of fat at the bottom or under the body): Meet the ‘India‘-Latina next door, what the majority of genetically Indian-Dominant, Latin American,  females look like in body. I like to call them BOXY BROWN ( a la Foxy Brown).

Similar to Native Americans and even Arab/Asians, if you think about it, the hair, skin color and butts tend to come out the same in each of these groups.  Can you tell this woman is from Egypt (see inset pic)? Or is she an Askenazi Jew? Is she Indian from India? Don’t know, but the butt is always the same amongst them all!   Indias We get a lot of fan mail about how it’s true that this Latinos produce the most Pig Tails,  but we also get much more hate mail stating that we’re racist and only love black women blah blah fucking blah! Most of this mail comes from people of origin in countries south of the U.S.A. and they are pissed at that statement we made about Pigtails and Latinas, because they feel that we do not represent nice ass from Latin America well enough.  But the ass they’re talking about are the White Girls with perfect ass that is promoted heavily in Playboy Mexico or Brasil, which is more likely to NOT be native to the country (before 30 years ago) they claim to be repping, and when you get off of a plane in these countries, you’ll NEVER see women like.  In fact, Playboy Mexico shows 99% of women who are NOT from Mexico at all!  Paula Moraes, Daiane Machado or Deise Borges (shown in Mexico playboys) are from Brasil not Mexico! LOL  Some point to Selma Hayek as an example of a Latina with much ass (which is only recently after dropping babies), but stop yourself short. She is an Arab (DAD) mixed with a New Orleans mixed race CREOLE BOOTY gene (part black mom) born in the Mexico but not to Mexicans and didn’t live there long!  She wasn’t even raised in Mexico it was in New Orleans.  So her ass went from flat ARAB (before babies) to pro-black gene ass (after making babies). Took her from flat to plump!  Still, her ass is a candidate for the methods of shaping ass, in Latin America. This is why Mexicans have NOT put her on the mantle like the next Selena, they know she’s not REALLY Mexican!  She got the BLACK in her! lol And her accent is fake, btw. Speak coaches showed her how to do it.  So her ass, just like the other ass being promoted as authentic Latin ass, is not authentic Latina ass.  The ass that is the most common to find do NOT look like the women the Playboy Brasil/Mexico/Venezuela/Colombia blah blah and the media try to tell us are all up in these countries, as surely, the perfectly round asses you’re seeing them with are completely FAKE (in mags), along with the rest of their bodies! The average ladies from Latin America have butts that look like this next picture (pic sent by fan living in Colombia – see inset pic to right) hot latinas? Look at the booties, what shapes are they?  You’d say “flat/Pig Tail” at most, wouldn’t you?  Were those booties HOT to you (the rest of them is hot we know)?  Forget the other features of the women, look at the booties.  Are the booties hot?  Most classes of booty, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, have the potential to be a nice ass- and we only judge the ass! There is no discrimination of race, ethnicity when it comes to booty here, it’s all about the ass a nothing but the ass.  So we don’t get why the biggest complaints to us is about us saying that basically those with dominant indigenous genes tend to produce the most women with Pig Tail booties.  Along with that we said that the bodies tend to be SpongeBob bodies (boxy) the less they were mixed with European blood.  We also mentioned that Latinas contain the very BEST in TEAR DROP booty and Ass Smile definitions,  but no one wants to debate that one-not a surprise. LOL  We ALL say white girls have flat asses, blacks have fat asses, etc, that is not racist, so why can’t we say that Indias have Pig Tail asses without people crybabying about being PC? lol   Another point I’ll mention is that not all Pig Tails are terrible either because some of them are nice, in fact some of the hottest/popular models you are seeing out of Latin America, Europe, etc are Pig Tails (only smaller in size thus less obvious). Some of the more true Latinos will put out models that are more believable and real Latinas.  For example Mexicana Lust (see inset pic right) is a woman who has been blowing the minds of people for than 6 years now! She gave Mexico their next Selena type body, but without surgical tricks.  Everyone THOUGHT Mexicana Lust she had an Apple Bottom, then Ghetto Booty Elite, then Tear Drop (originally).. her clothing and photographer did great tricks, but when her photo gallery came out (which we purchased), unlike Selena, we saw actual SKIN not jeans, then it was obvious that she was really Pig Tail.  Still HOT, IMO! Here’s what we saw:

Mexican Lust has some wide hips, with a collection of fat all in the Mystery Space, and a Pig Tail butt that looks like Apple Bottom one day, Tear Drop the next due to tight clothes and angles in pics.. but when you see it without the clothes and propping up, it’s really just a Pig Tail. Luckily for her, the Indian gene wasn’t that strong and her butt is not completely FLATTENED all up on the top. She happened to fill out that Mystery Space with fat, oddly enough, as the fat piled on, rather than just get wide and flat, like most with more dominant Indian genes would. Her child-bearing hips are very attractive and in a case like hers, even if she had the huge box body, the waist to hips ratio would defeat the boxiness. Had she more Indian genes, she’d look like this girl, who has all the ass fat UNDER the body, and a wide, flat, long Mystery Space:

If you peeled back Selena’s clothing, you’d find the same but she did something to the droopy butt she had. The thing is they have the infused European genes too, making them less pudgy and less ‘indigenous’ looking- unlike the stereotypical Latin American females.  The look that Latin American beauty wants to show you is the more European looking women, NOT the typical Latin American women that we’re highlighting here, that you see every minute you’re in the streets!  They surely don’t want to highlight the ones with the 3rd gene that makes up many latinas, which are the ones containing African genetics. That is the TABOO of Latin America- to admit you have African genes in you. lol So no, is not racist, but surely these people trying to project their white versions, over their real Indigenous versions, of Latin Americans ONLY, is being prejudice. So as you can see, the Pig Tail claim is true! So we offer this look into Pig Tail booties (Latina Flavor), but put some proof that Latin America ’suffers’ from Pig Tail /Flat booties. Why do we say ’suffer’? Because everything they do in beauty and fashion is to COUNTER these Indigenous features they have!!! Got your attention yet? Let’s get it started! You almost  NEVER see natural “Latinas” with strong Indian features being shown off in any magazines, TV, or anything showing off the Mexican, Central and South Americans.  You’ll certainly NEVER see them in any beauty pageants. You do not see the Latinas on TV like you see everyday in the street (with the Box bodies)? I mean even UGLY BETTY TV shows are about making fun of this Latina with this body shape (non European model looking, rather pudgy and boxy ‘ugly’ chicks). The fact is, the less European you look, the less appealing you look in the Latin America world view. If this is not true, name 1 hot ‘india’ with this Spongebob square pants body? Didn’t think you could find one! They never get represented on Spanish TV or in magazines, only the ones with white/European features get play! If you want to see the ‘average Latina’ body, they can be found on any social networking site, in the streets or on any website promoting marriage to local women from Latin America (easiest route to make the broad case). Tell me why NONE of the women up for marriage on these sites look ANYTHING like the TV and Mags you see coming out of Latin- unless she’s the woman announcing the winning Lotto Numbers. So there is this need to try to look more white in many Latinas who really want to call themselves HISPANICS and not LATINAS. Saying ‘Latina’ means you’re part of a greater mix and you’re part of the group that accepts the African, not just European and Indian mix.  Normally Hispanics were chasing the purely White European beauty standard.  So to deal with this, Latinas are sold FULL BODY “FAJAS” (girdle- see inset pic right). This tucks all the fat and builds a form that looks like a taper at the waist plus gathers all the butt fat and makes it look lean and European in frame, and much less boxy.  So you combat the wideness and the pudginess of the Indian genes with these.  The fear of the Indian gene, and it’s BOXY SHAPE, was so bad for former ‘Marimar ’soap opera star, and singer THALIA, that she had her RIBS REMOVED TO CUT THE CHANCES OF HAVING A BOXY SHAPE AS TIME WENT ON, and have a taper! I’m serious, this craziness is big business in Latin America.  These were the ‘Hispanics’ doing this, mostly, trying to be more true to their Spaniard ties.  Today, it’s COOL for the Hispanics to want to be seen as ‘Latina’, which is connecting yourself with a greater body of latinas, literally, which includes the African descendant traits, as well as the others not just trying to be WHITE.  It’s moving away from ONLY the European beauty standards and accepting all the mixes of ethnicities.  That’s what up, LATINOS not Hispanics!  ..but embracing the term ‘Latina’ meant you had to step your ass game up now,  and suddenly that game wasn’t about being skinny and white.  .. which that left many Indias flat, literally.  Still that Indian gene plagued them in the butt area! All 4 examples have the cute faces, slim but wide bodies, nice, long hair, fair to tan skin tones too, but our area of focus is on the midsections/butts, which are square/boxy and PIg Tail/Flat! This Indigenous gene does not normally give this kind of chick a proper taper to the waist/hips.  So the midsection is boxy and flat in all directions!  The problem is even more obvious as the women pick up a bunch of weight. Unfortunately for this ‘Indian’ body, the fatter these bodies get, the more ‘barrel’ shaped the midsection becomes. The bodies grow WIDER and do not ’scale’ well- and thus neither does the booty.  The fat is distributed in ODD ways to the Indigenous body and you get many with heavy tops with skinny legs and flat butts, or stumpy bodies with but completely flat, wide butts and huge legs (see inset pic right)… ODD!  When most guys think they’re seeing a Tear Drop, at best, it’s really a wide, Pig Tail that’s being propped up by constrictive clothing. The Pig Tail booty forces the ass meat to continue downward, as grows, along with gravity, and most times that Pig Tail me
shes seamlessly into the back of the leg.  The disadvantage of the Pig Tail is ANY additional fat on your butt looks droopy or sloppy (see inset pic left). So they MUST keep that in check.  If not, when the girls walk, it looks like a bowlegged baby with a load of shit in it’s diaper wobbling down the block.  You see it all the time when you see Latin American women with butts that look like they sit on top of their calf muscles when they walk all droopy and hung low. A very good thing for many Latinas though is the ‘GIFT’ of excellent Ass Smiles. This is seriously saving so many ugly butts with Pig Tails that have gone wrong. As the butt gets fatter, the Ass Smile almost never erodes, so they can get nice bulbs, still the ass is going to look droopy or look like it’s forming on top of the legs. It could also get huge and plump like Anell.  The top of of the butts tend to be elongated, flat and the bottom is where the butt fat collects (rarely do they have much muscle mass on the butts of “Indias”). The Boxy mid section is what delays the formation of the ass, which is why it does not form until way down low on the backside, and in most cases, that ass “is falling down” as many will say Latin America. This refers to a booty that is long and droopy in appearance, but it might not really be droopy just that Boxy body forces the appearance that the ass is sitting just 1 inch away from the woman’s calf muscle.  lol  The ass looks like a baby who took a shit in a soggy diaper.  So many on-lookers think that fat collection below the butt, the thigh fat that wraps around and the fat the collects on the Mystery Space is actual butt meat. In reality, what you’re really looking at is what appears to be SOGGY ASS due to the fat of the thigh blending with the Pig Tail. The results are these bodies:

From a backview, you can see the elongated backsides, not much taper to the waists and the ass is a fruit at the bottom style aka Pig Tails.The Mystery Space collect the fat and in jeans you think this is ass but here you can see it’s not.

Now the Latina was caught between the European standard of beauty, and the African standard of beauty now popular as ‘Latinas’, but if you have a flat ass/ Pig Tail, how are you going to step your ass game up when your ass looks questionable to begin with? It was ok flat in the white standard, now it’s ugly. You’re seeing the JLOs and Vida Guerra’s but your shit looks nothing like that.  The men caught on to this too and this is when all hell broke loose,  as it put extra emphasis on all Latinas with those curves! That created so much frustration for the Pig Tail that she never looked good in jeans that looked good on other types of booties. No one was looking at her soggy, long butt in thongs (see inset pic). So to her salvation came many male-introduced procedures to try to even out the score for Hispanics now wanting to embrace the ‘Latino’ wave, in relation to booty specifically.  Here are a few of the popular methods that are used in Latin America to combat the Indian gene- hell even the white gene:

Surgical Corrections of PigTails/ Flat butts

Not everyone can afford to do this kind of surgical work, if they’re poor, so it’s normally the rich or ‘white’ Latinos who are trying this to further careers or land a rich husband. If not, it’s some dude paying to have his wife look more enjoyable. They will go through the surgery and get implants. Implants are NOT for everyone and if not done properly, the mistakes are very visible on these small bodies. If you saw the video, you saw that the bottom of the butt still has this skin there that is left over and looks like forehead wrinkles at the very bottom of the booty.  This why this next option is more of a favorite for many (if they can afford) it:

INJECTIONS OF FAT + SCULP Basically, it’s transferring fat to the butt, forcing it to form and become more round and full. In time, the fat will combine and harden and give you that African gene affect. The butts that get this surgery are flat asses and Pig Tails because these kinds of butts do NOT grow in girth, outward, only down and wide out to the sides.  So these injections gives a butt more like an African descendant’s ass, puffing outward, but without having to stick in the ass implants.  This is what Kim Kardashian did if she didn’t do the implants. I’m convinced she’s doing this one now because the ass changed from Tear Drop to Apple Bottom.  If you see that happen to any chick, it’s likely this operation!  Now if you saw the video, the girl’s butt was ok the way it was in the first place, but good is never enough if you’re consumed with beauty. Still, this procedure is likely to make too much ass, in the minds of many women in Latin America. The ass looks too ‘African’, so they want to get a ‘lift up’ of the droopy or Pig Tail butts that they already have. This is where the next procedure comes in.

Brasilian Butt Lift This shit is mortifying to watch! yuck, but is very popular for the Pig Tail crowd. But you saw how the butt gets pulled up like a puppet’s ? lol The idea is to jack up the butt higher. Now if the butt wasn’t overly fat and droopy, Pig Tail style, could this work? NO!  So this surgery is to deal with the Pig Tail/ Soggy booty issue of Latin America.  An Apple Bottom or even a huge ghetto booty could not get this surgery, nor a completely flat white girl butt. You have NOTHING to yank up from the bottom!  So it’s designed for Pig Tails which many of the Latin American world have and the reason it has it’s name of the Brasilian Butt Lift is because a lot of Brasilians have Pig Tails and it was first designed to combat this even in Brasil!  Many can’t stomach the pain so they have to go to an even lower budget and zero pain/surgery.

VIGLUTES: Remember we told you that Beyonce uses butt pads? Well this is another Latin American creation.  They’re called VIGLUTES.  If you don’t want to put silicon pad INSIDE OF YOUR ASS, well then you can just get panties or pants with the silicon pads in them. Yes, think of it as a push up bra for you butt. Observe: Now again, if the claim that Indias didn’t have Pig Tails/Flatties and droopy diaper booties wasn’t true, why would you need a pushup bra for the ass?  Still, it’s another low budget way of combating the natural, India Latina booty. lol

FAJAS: Want to fake an Apple Bottom? Want to know why so many old ass women have perfectly round asses that POKE OUT, defying gravity while they’re tits touch their toes?  They’re using FAJAS!  Observe the trickery, when you’re broke and want that surgery look.


There are stretch jeans, and then there are Levanta Colas.  Literally you’re LIFTING the ASS up with these jeans, look at it as the poor man’s version of the Brasilian Butt Lift. While other jeans in other countries are trying to make jeans make women more slim and gather all the fat to look more full, Levanta Colas specifically address the huge Latina problem, PIG TAILS that go wrong.   I’m seeing a LOT of women with these and it’s the highly popular style of doing pants today, in Latin America.  They are THE IT THING for SPRING 09, watch! It’s so huge that there are huge debates about which country originated the pants that cures the huge problem of  ‘asses that are falling down’.  You can’t watch spanish TV without seeing an add for it or if you’re on a Latin website, they’re in all the ads.  The pants claim to lift and shift fat from all directions, channeling the meat to the middle then UP to create, at best, a nice Apple Bottom, or at worse, a Tear Drop booty.  Colombia claims the title for making the best ones, and most people agree, but Peru claims their version of the pants work on every kind of body out there.  The Levanta Colas also take many women who are TUNING FORK profiles and tries to make them sexier, but if you don’t have the Pig Tail where the bulb of fat is at the base of the butt, these won’t work! Yes, they do NOT work for all Pig Tails. You have to have the fat build up enough at the bottom (a bulb) for the jeans to grip and scoop. If your butt is just WIDE and fat, these pants can’t do anything for you. These pants are specifically to take the butt and do what a Brasilian Butt Lift surgery does! It it not designed to do what the Fat Injection surgery does (that’s American style jeans that do this).  Still, you need a droopy butt, not just a butt with fat all on it, to work.  To test this theory, that they don’t work if you don’t have Pig Tails, we send an Assmatrix fan out to try these on.  She’s a latina who is a big girl but her African-European traits are more evident than Indian traits. She didn’t get a Pig Tail with the droopy bottom, she actually has NO bulge of fat at the bottom of the ass, just fat that overtook the waist, thighs and butt.  As predicted, the jeans didn’t work. Let’s put Levanta Colas to the test! This is her butt normally. It doesn’t have lot of fat at the bottom crowding the gap, unlike most Indias would have and this is her butt after putting on the jeans: seems round, seems to bulge but that’s not the point of the jeans. They are to lift. So there is a molding of the fat that exists on her butt but concentrate on the ‘under ass’. She didn’t have much meat in that area so there is nothing down low to uplift.  As you can see, if you don’t move and pose in the right angles, it looks like it did miracles for her butt. But if she actually MOVES and takes 1 step forward, the pants don’t work as advertised. Now she cites she hates the pants and make her look nasty and slutty like some grandma with nasty pants that shouldn’t be worn.  So sorry big girls, if you don’t have that Pig Tail or butt with a lot of droop, it won’t work.   Another fan who is also a big girl tried them, and they also didn’t do much for her either. Her ass spreads out wide, but doesn’t fall down as much. Still didn’t really work at advertised You need the long, soggy flat butt with meat at the bulb or just real Pig Tail for these jeans to work.  Just having a huge backside does nothing for you!  The ladies did say they grip like nothing ever before, but I suggest they stop wearing these jeans before we find out these shits cause cancer or something. My nuts hurt watching these women fit in them. Looks painful!  So big girls, these are NOT for you. Do not buy into the hype unless your ass is flapping on the back of your legs when you walk, like my cleaning lady’s nasty looking ass. So as you can see, here are just a few of the MANY ways that Indias in Latin America deal with booty compensation.  If you can’t flaunt your ass the European way, and you can’t flaunt your ass the Black way, which way can you flex it?  Guess you have to resort to the plastic surgery or the clothing that does the optical illusions.  With all these tricks originating in Latin America, obviously there is a need for it and obviously the claim of Pig Tails being the majority here is true!  Also with all the faking going on in Latin America, to see all these perfect asses popping out of countries with the most butt augmentation tricks makes every chick busting out with perfect asses, SUSPECT!  So when you see all these WHITE Latinas with Indian feature like straight hair and tanned skin color pop up with Apple Bottoms, just remember this post! For example,  Dominican Republic does NOT have Apple Bottoms (Tear Drops as best) so that bullshit set of pictures from internet chick Jinnette Dominicana are just that BULLSHIT!  I doubt she’s even from DR and I see her in Brasilian bikinis and clothes.  Ok, some say Jaime Koeppe’s Applebottom is all real but here is her vid of her real booty, compare it to ANY of her PICTURES you gawk at. Not the same. , aI call Shenanigans on shit like this!  Look at the evidence of the bodies of women in these countries and if you don’t have the African gene dominant, it’s even more obvious that your shit is fake!  Yes there can be a genetic anomaly here and there, but so many popping up out of nowhere with these booties? All from the same countries??? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!  Pig Tails is what most latinas roll with, the best Tear Drops are owned by Latinas (the more African gene dominant) and you can’t dispute this now.  But also, like I said, Pig Tails doesn’t mean it’s all bad. There are many Pig Tails you’re seeing that you don’t realize are Pit Tails, but you like them and post the pics up on your pages!  I’ll take you out with these, but next time you’re checking a latina, check that area of the mystery space. Is that ass meat or is that back fat? 9 times out of 10 it’s back fat.


Pig Tail booty catches the ’spirit’ for you! ADD ME- show us the goods! | MySpace Video

She wants YOUR attention- yes you! ADD ME- show us the goods! | MySpace Video


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  1. Mr. Black says

    you sir are a god send.

  2. odoggz says

    Mr. Black,
    They’re gonna hate, but we must talk that truth and let others observe for themselves. You’ll see what we documented is true.

  3. jdawg says

    what you sayin’ is so true. but you ruined it for me. i can never again look at an ass and not think twice the question: is that back fat or ass? seriously. i was just goin on about my business looking at fat asses and fantasizing them to be all apple bottoms. i come to this site and now find out those were really pig tails. seriously, what made work go by for me was looking at all the phat ass latinas, indias, and indians who work with me. now i can’t enjoy any of those asses, instead i’m revolted and want to throw up when i catch my eye looking at all that back fat. thanks for the enlightenment, but i couldve been ignorant and blissful.

  4. odoggz says

    My bad. lol We just HAD to put this out there. We had to keep it real for all of us so we can get our brothers through the day and not be swindled. Many people haven’t really been checking these butts out but they’ve been realizing that they’re being fooled by the tricks. This piece was a little eye opener to many people who are caught up on the other features of many latinas and not focusing on the booty yet were talking about how huge the booty is. I see mostly wide, Pig Tails passing for nice booty when I see the day to day chicks, so when I see out of the ordinary, THEN I question. So I’m sorry we ruined the fantasy lol but it had to be done! Pass the site on to others.

  5. assologist says

    I’ve been trying to explain to people for years about the ‘latina’ butt dynamic. MESTIZO’S (european/indigenous) women DO NOT HAVE ASS, the ass element only comes into play with that african gene is in their like with dominicans or cubans.

    ASSMATRIX I got a question for you, do you think (I DO) that alot of these BRAZILIAN PORN STARS have had fat injections done to their ass? Like DARLENE for instance

  6. odoggz says

    And tell me why even after seeing proof, dudes still don’t want to acknowledge? lol So we had to put this piece together because now that booty is a global focus, there are a lot of people trying to cheat their ways to the top. We follow the evidence, and with that said, Darlene was ‘ok’ as she was before, but now that shit is just unbelievably FAKE! Before, she was typical Tear Drop/Pig Tail hybrid then busted out of nowwhere with a Ghetto Booty Elite class type ass? OH NO! That is NOT possible without augmentation. She definitely did that. Her ass was india clara version of the india oscura Luana really. Same booty, more wide than 3-D but you’d still hit it. You can’t tell dudes her butt is fake now, they think it naturally grew like that.
    On another note, when we do the new version of the site, we’ll be looking for you, Assologist. You once expressed an interest in contributing some pieces for blogging and that offer is still open. Holla.

  7. Cachalote says

    Hello again, my man! Nice post, it is true that in countries in latin america where there was no major mixing with blacks, women tend to have smaller butts (if they are slim) or boxy bodies (if they are chubby). Brazil is also commonly overestimated: even here, where there was a huge mixing with blacks, only about 20% of girls have really nice asses, either because they don’t have the genetics to it or they don’t care to maintain their asses nice (the majority of women still have the white ideal of beauty, so they don’t want asses that, according to them, are too big – sometimes they even WANT small asses!). On the other hand, I disagree with you when you say that cosmetic surgery is the main cause of nice asses showing up in some countries, due to:

    1- That surgery is not that popular here in Brazil, even butt REDUCTION is more popular than augmentation. Also, only very rich people can afford that, so only a very small % of women could get it (and most who could wouldn’t, because in the upper class, the white ideal of beauty is dominant, in most cases).

    2- You seem to have ignored the possibility of improving your ass quality by the simplest, less expensive way: exercises. A nice diet associated with weightlifting and cardio can do wonders not only to the ass, but to the body as a whole. Fat is not the only way to get a big ass, muscle is also a great way to it; asses with higher muscle % than fat are generally more beautiful and are better to touch than all-fat-no-muscle asses (you just have to be careful as not to have too much muscle and too few fat, as this makes your ass look like a man’s ass). The best way to see if someone had surgery or has a nice ass due to genetics or exercise is by looking at the legs. If they are too thin, to the point of being disproportionate to the ass size, then that probably is implanted ass (or at least a VERY weird genetics, though this is unlikely). Example: this is fake –
    but this ir real –
    You just thought the last one was fake because she is a white girl and her body is not fat overall; but in her case, the ass is mainly composed of muscle – just see her legs, they are thick and don’t have much fat in them. Other example like this would be Jaime Koeppe – just google it and see.

  8. Cachalote says

    Also, if you think asians with nice ass don’t exist, google Tasena. They are rare, but they exist.

  9. assologist says

    Cachalote….Tasena is only half indonesian, and she possibly has had some work done.

    Still a RARE indiviual with ass is not uncommon, MUTATIONS happen.

  10. odoggz says

    Good to see you back. You have great points, as always but I’ll show you why I disagree and wrote what I wrote. Yes I know we didn’t mention the ‘good’ ways that many shape their asses, but this piece is about the ‘bad’ tricks they’re doing. I also mentioned that surgery is mostly for those whom can afford it, but many women are doing tricks and sucking dudes off to get the money to do the surgeries too- another quick point made. The people we speak of specifically are the sudden explosion of ‘models’, not average people. Models are sponsored by people, their men, etc. and that’s how they get the money, or they model and invested the money on themselves. Surgery is not big in Brasil? You must be kidding me, because I’ve read numerous reports on how plastic surgery is out of control, see videos and also know that Brasil is the number 1 place in sexual organ switching going from man to female. You have to be kidding me if you’re saying Brasil doesn’t do much surgery.
    ON point 2 there are people working out, but these perfect apple bottoms that are all popping up, rather than refined Pig Tails or Tear Drops, that’s not logical. I have trained women, worked out with women, and admired all kinds of women in the gym and asses do NOT come out like 90% of these asses popping out from South America. Yes there are great ones at smaller sizes, this no one is arguing, but even the vids attached to the piece here display how the smaller booties are getting ‘meat’. You can’t work out and target only your butt but not the rest and THAT is what most of the models are coming out with as well. Ask the millions of women trying to work on only their asses trying to get it that round, you ask them how easy it is to get the perfectly round asses that all these models are suddenly popping up with. It’s NOT easy, they’ll tell you shit is impossible. You can firm up, can get nice, and there can be 1 or 2 exceptions, but so many? Yes I know Tasena she’s a hip hop booty model from Indonesia and something else MIX. That could be responsible for that ass. Of course there are exceptions, I mentioned this, but let me see you produce a second Asian then. I had an ex fiance who was pure Japanese, her ass was a Tear Drop but she used to be a fat tub of lard that dropped a LOT of weight and formed her butt. She was a workout-a-holic and could never go from Pig Tail to Applebottom with all she did. I had a few blacks and latinas I dated who were the same, still no dice! And tell me how common she is. My point is, as it stands, MOST Latinas – and Asians for the point, have Pig Tails. Didn’t say all their asses are terrible, if you didn’t read that, I said what FORM THEIR ASSES MOSTLY COME IN!!! Don’t confuse the two. Jinnette Dominicana I don’t believe hers is purely real. Again, I know a lot of women who work out religiously, and it doesn’t come out like this unless you’ve already had it like that before you worked out and were athleticly built to begin with. Look at her BEFORE picture, you can NOT convince me that skinny bony ass body with no waistline had an apple bottom from the beginning. It has NOTHING to do with anyone being white. It is about BEFORE AND AFTER pics. Of course there are anamalies and people in the smaller percentages showing up, but again I said what MOST booties with this genetic makeup come out like.
    Jamie Koeppe, yeah I know her. Here is HER butt the way it originally WAS –} CHECK HER REAL BUTT. Her butt is really a Pig Tail, and it’s nice now that she’s working out, but the ones I see recently are AppleBottom shape. The top of the ass just appeared out of nowhere. It has nothing to do with color, and although she’s always had a muscular base, her BUTT was NEVER like it is suddenly now. Again, she’s a Pig Tail. So point still stands. There are women killing themselves daily proving that you can’t go from that ass in the video to the STILL pictures you’re looking at online. The video shows motion and real ass pictures capture the best few photos of the thousand pictures taken. The evidence doesn’t lie! As always though, I really appreciate the opinion! We need the difference in opinions. This site is about controversial opinions, and we appreciate NOTHING BUT THAT! so keep them coming.

  11. Cachalote says

    You’re right when you say that many models might have had surgery, especially those that were too thin before and suddenly appeared with big butts. I didn’t say, though, that there isn’t much surgery in Brazil, I said that, proportionately to the whole number of nice asses (not only models, but average people too), the ones that got nice by surgery aren’t an expressive number. Even because, as I said, this specific surgery is not amongst the most common procedures. The most common ones are, in this order: liposuction, breast augmentation/reduction, abdominal surgery and other facial surgeries (nose, eyelids, chin, ear, neck). I tell you this because I’m a medical student and also because I checked the site of the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society before posting here. lol =)

    And on point 2, yes, that’s exactly my point, you can’t target ONLY the butt, but you can target your whole lower limbs and not much the upper limbs or the torso. Hence you must look the legs to see if an ass was built naturally. And LOL, your ex-wife’s story made me laugh… but sadly it is true to women with genetically small ass (flat/pig tail). The problem, though, as with most of these women, is in their diet, as most women don’t know the benefits of an improved diet with ALL nutrients balanced, and they diet ONLY to get slim, never to gain mass (and as you probably know, you can’t do them both at the same time). Also, most of them train wrong, staying too much time at the gym and/or doing too many reps and lifting too little weight. I cannot say for sure if you can change the ass type through exercise/diet, but I believe so because the muscle distribution pattern varies much less than fat distribution pattern, both through races and through individuals; so if you cause the right muscles to hypertrophy, you will get different types of ass (again, I’m not sure about this, just speculating). As to Jinnette, I haven’t seen her Before picture (I didn’t even know her name lol), so I can’t say for sure either; even if it is fake, she sure did a good work (not only in the ass, but also in the legs) and it looks very natural (to me, at least). As to Jaime Koeppe, I’m not sure if I would classify her as a pig tail; her mystery space is not THAT big and she has much girth in her ass along with it’s width. I’d say apple bottom or tear drop. She might have been a pig tail naturally, if she had never worked out; but not now IMO.

  12. odoggz says

    No doubt. I also posted that video for you to see of Jaime. That video link i had saved because that was the first time I had seen her. see, at that time, no one was trying to promote her butt, she didn’t have one! In photos it was PigTailish/flat did not have lift and this can somewhat be seen in the vid. Still, she had worked out legs and all. The problem is that meat you see on Jaime’s ass is all fat, so for her to do butt exercises on the Swiss ball, plie squats whatever she would try, that would work that legs, but burn off that butt fat. You simply can’t change from flat/Pig Tail to the best class. Right now, in all the pics you see, she’s going from what looks Pig Tail/Tear Drop hybrid to Apple Bottom. There is simply NO ONE who’s been able to do that naturally, thus so many get surgery and do ‘enhancements’ like steroids and other tricks. I’ll take it back to the argument about your girl Andress Soares, she does all that leg shit and butt shit too but her ass did NOT turn into a Tear Drop or Apple Bottom! It remained the same shape, hell even the same size, and because of her leg work it’s crazy obvious. She and many like her are proof you can’t change the ass dramatically like that, naturally. I know many chicks working out properly and it’s just not going to change without ‘outside enhancements’ – not naturally. Jinnette was a twig! Jaime had a less than stellar jiggly ass, both are documented. Here is a Jinette pic. Mind you, Jinette’s waistline is nowadays looking CRAZY tapered when it wasn’t before, any pictures you’ve ever come across, before 2009, have never shown her ass (which if it was her best asset why weren’t they exploiting/showing it? Hmmm right? ) I’m just trying to figure out how Jinnette went from this to THIS and THIS naturally/with weights and proper eating. I call shenanigans. Any shots before 2007 show a slim body, building up muscle, but you’ll NEVER see ass. It was ‘created’ yet, is my opinion. Just like Jaime wasn’t marketed as a booty model, until it was somehow ‘created’.

  13. Cachalote says

    Yeah, you have a point. I’m in doubt myself as if you can change ass type naturally. Because steroids only enhance and speed up what could be achieved through years of training and dieting properly. As to Jinette, at the first pic you sent, she doesn’t look too slim to me, she seems alright in fact. The second pic you sent is photoshoped, look at the “curve” the mirror does near her leg. The third one I can’t say if it’s photoshoped or not because the background is white, but I don’t think so; IMO she could have the body of the first pic and the ass of the third one, naturally so far. Not sure about Jaime, she might have worked out her back muscles as well and the ass crack got pulled up, who knows. And as to Andressa, she surely is a pig tail naturally, but when you see pics of her in her golden times (not the playboy photos, she had been working out less and was already worse and got her natural pig tail by then – most women that gain certain fame tend to do that and end up being forgotten, like she was), she seems to have an apple bottom. I’m not sure if it is ilusion or if it could be due to her working out properly by then, though.

  14. dunnymoney says


  15. odoggz says

    Or… she could have worked out in combination with the the plastic surgery- which is what I suspect most are doing. To go from that video to what you see nowadays is very unbelievable, to me, especially when many try to do that naturally and it never works. Jinette’s ass would be all the rage if it were natural. But in any pic you find, you will not find a booty pic that isn’t suspicious. Every pic of her since 2007 is with her facing the cam only. She just did not turn to the side so you could really see booty. She originally is skinny, which is why her waistline looks odd. She has no hips dude! So she filled out through the years with muscle and fat that plumped up but her hips remain plain. She looks like a male body builder who tries to maintain the tiny waist. Her thighs are what shapes her lower region, not her hips, which remain almost the same as her orginal size. Hips like that don’t tend to come attached to ass like that! You might be right, it could have been photoshopped, but the fact that you cast doubt too means you also don’t believe all that is hers. Jaime was forgotten because she didn’t have ass! People are talking about her now, again, because she came back and NOW has ‘ass’* suddenly. Her recent pics look either all doctored, or she did plastic surgery. It’s too perfect.

  16. odoggz says

    Welcome to the movement, and we’re glad you think so. Send your people through to read this stuff, see if they agree. Most do not, which is why we must continue to write!

  17. Grześ says

    People in America have such different tastes in women… For me, European guy, the best was this slim blonde×5dfgsdfgsdfgsdfsdf00.jpg
    The same probably goes for Asian guys too.

  18. odoggz says

    I like that little body too, which is why I posted it in the ‘good’ Pig Tail section that you found it. We have so many different ethnicities and sizes that each man can come to love it all, in America. I think that Europeans and Asians suffer from lack of variation, which means that you’re much more likely to be spoon-fed what kind of woman you should have because only 1 kind is hot. We don’t have limitations like that, we used to, but women changed this for us, THANKFULLY! From skin color to size, we have the best variety. This gives us the flexibility to like many different women, from fat to slim, pale to dark, but as I always heard it, Europeans/ Asians mostly only want to see the slim stuff. Any European who wants different will travel to a foreign country with what he wants and indulge there. European beauty standards are what set the trend for our American Hollywood beauty standards too, we only copied from you guys to form our own- which is the ’skinny is the best’ mentality. Even fashion trends are mostly set by Europeans (Italy/ France) and we copy it here. So a lot of Americans still only like skinny chicks (and we try to shame anything not skinny and white skinned), but the other sized American women don’t just roll over and take it. They step up and claim their niche market, which attracts men and let’s men know we have freedom to like them too, don’t have to be stuck with what the popular opinion is. Where there is freedom there is much option- and fatter women, consequently. Try a midsized chick with a Tear Drop or Apple Bottom. You may never go back to skinny! I didn’t.

  19. odoggz says

    I had a flash back to Angela Devi (god bless her soul) and how she used to point out that you can’t build an ass out of nowhere by just exercise alone. I think she was the first woman to make chicks with muscle look sexy in a porn/erotic way, but she highlighted too that the ass is just not going to come super round. She had the same legs and all that as these chicks and had a flat butt/Pig Tail too Angela Devi from behind while 99% of women working out the booty end up with this typically booty disappears. A Pig Tail working out would get THIS and THIS normally. Notice butts don’t tend to change much when you work out to shape them up! These are naturally shaped butts that come with working out. So all these perfectly round ones, suddenly, given the YEARS women have spent on techniques, gadgets, etc to get butts bigger and with shape, I’m sure you’ll not find 1 woman who will vouch for this shit being real!

  20. Cachalote says

    In fact, you made me have an insight now. I just realized that this kind of “worked out pig tail” for me is among the best classes! lol
    They are very beautiful and proportionate and IMO are just worse than Apple bottoms (same quality as nice tear drops for me).
    I think you should reclassify them, make one separate class for this kind, as it’s a godamn SIN to put these ones in the same class as those ugly and pudgy pig tails you normally show us (those are indeed like pig tails, these ones are nothing like it)! LOL
    Now that I think of it, maybe I’ll start writing an article about proportion between ass size and consistency to the rest of the body’s size/consistency. If I come up with something good I’ll email you and you judge it, maybe even post it here! lol

  21. odoggz (Master of Tigueraje) says

    LOL. Well my friends like those Pig Tails that are nice too. I guess the name brings pain to some people, when they hear it and assume the worse. The point, even in this piece, is you can have good ones. There are people who actually do like this class as much as you, and write all the time about it, but you, like them, are only concerned with those really nicely worked out versions. lol I mean, I can see why, by god I can see why, but each class has good and bad. Hell, everyone want to only see the very best, and not medium to poor, but we have to take it ALL into account.
    You can definitely write some pieces and submit. You should go take pics and video too. Get a cheap cam, and go hit up a mall or two and you’re good. I know they don’t let you film in the malls there (learned that the hard way lol) but you can be stealthy.

  22. boricuamami says

    i just wanna know what do u think of tahiry’s ass(joe budden’s girlfriend).what kind of ass she got?cuz it look like she got ghetto booty,not tear drop booty nor pig tail booty and shes dominican.

  23. odoggz says

    She’s more of the ‘india’ with African genetic make up, not ‘india clara’ so influence is more so to the African blend of India. So she gets the benefits like a Brasilian, Panamanian, etc… 1) that’s African genes at work, 2) the overload of carbs helps the pounds pack on with her genetics saying ’stack that fat at the waist/thighs’, 3) Jeans she wears forms it lovely. That’s a ghetto booty for sure and that’s African genetics at work.

  24. LOL says

    i like this site. ur so serious, yet comical.
    really passionate about ass.

  25. odoggz says

    lol well we must do something to take the edge off during these tough times. Some watch birds with binoculars, we watch other birds with digital cams. :)

  26. James says

    Dude, fake or not…if you have any more pictures with Asian women with butts like the two above, PLEASE, post them ASAP! LOL.

  27. odoggz says

    LOL You’re funny dude. I only knew of 1 and she quickly lost it once she got married because she didn’t have to maintain herself anymore. lol Don’t worry though we ARE on the lookout for the Asian who breaks the mold.

  28. TRILL TALK says


  29. odoggz says

    thanks for responding. Actually ‘canadian’ would be a Nationality and not an ethnicity, which ‘latina’ is. So you can be a LATINA in Canada, you dumb ass. lol Whether or not she is who cares but the report is she is of Brasilian blood. We also put that in there because a commenter, and a few others keep referring to her butt, which was a Pig Tail, and went to this unbelievable ass. Now since I know you read nothing, nor the point where she was brought up, you’re not worth debating.
    And when you say “DAMN COLOR, ETHNICITY, REAL, FAKE, WHO CARES AS LONG AS IT LOOK GOOD, JIGGLE, AND CAN MAKE YOU BUSS.“. O_o WTF? Of course any ass is good to your starving ass. That’s just the prison in you talking. lol ewww You suspect! – 1,000,000

  30. Matt says

    Actually, in Koeppe’s picture, as shown above, her butt has been Photoshopped/retouched to appear larger. Jamie Koeppe has several sites with this exact same photo, and her butt in those versions of this photo is aesthetically consistent with her other pictures — much smaller and flatter, but still toned. Someone gave her a more cartoonish, apple-bottom-esque appearance in this version of the top photo. Actually, if you look closely, you can see the distorted background near the enhanced bottom — leading me to believe that not only is it a Photoshop job, but an amateur one.

  31. odoggz says

    I figured as much but she has a bunch of them like that, but the point was to point out it’s faked. Now she does have videos and you’ll see her butt as a very toned, hot Pig Tail, proving the point that Pig Tails aren’t all bad, as pointed out. There is bad and good in each class of booty.

  32. Matt says

    I think the name’s connotations understandably make people defensive about Latinas and Asians being tagged with this “class.” That, and there’s an implied hierarchy of classes in the introduction to types page where ya’ll list them all — there seems to be a progression from what’s considered “best” to “worst.”

  33. odoggz says

    Perhaps, but even if you called it a “PONY” Tail, which is shaped the same, people still would pissed because ultimately the layout of booty does go from perceived best to worst and theirs is not on top. No one says “woo hoo I’m a Pig Tail” let me copy and paste the Apple Bottom logo on my booty pics and post them all over social networking sites to convince others I’m a Pig Tail. lol No, they are all claiming they’re Apple Bottoms, even when they know they’re not. So since that’s the perceived best, by the people, that is how we laid it out. My personal best is a Tear Drop, but others feel differently. Besides, many of the women who write think Pig Tail means ties to the name of the hair style, not the actual Pig’s butt. It’s men who are defensive, not the ladies. No matter what, if it’s not Apple Bottom, the people are defensive. Black women write and complain that many of them were put in a sloppy ghetto booty class too. Ultimately, that doesn’t change the fact that what we’ve stated is true.

  34. Cachalote says

    Hey man, where is the piece about that new class of ass you told you’d create, the Tea Spoon?? I’ve been waiting for it for months now and nothing has come out so far! lol
    Seriously now, I’m looking forward to it, hope you release this piece of knowledge for your readers soon! lol
    Oh and btw I signed up for the site here…
    Peace brother

  35. odoggz says

    lol don’t worry my friend, we’ll be back with more soon. I’ll get to that lost type of booty soon too, there is just not much out there with this style, it’s so rare. I’m collecting the info for a quick plug for them. In the meantime, working on the next version or the site. So stay tuned for more updates very very soon.

  36. AuroraE95 says

    Wow I thought I was the only one who really notice this about most latinas or ass PERIOD.

  37. drbigblackpoker says

    Brother man I disagre with you theories on the Latina booty. You are on point with some issues but as a dude who lives in the Dominican Republic I dispute the exsitence of this Indio Africa gene. The women I run with are mostly Black(African) with a few generations of white(European) interspersed throughout. What you didnt enter into your arguments is that not all Africans nor Europeans have the same physical traits. There are women from West Africa that have the booty but East African women tend not to. My example: NIgerian women vs. Ethiopian women, Morroccan women vs. Sudanese women. All African but the booty gene is very different. Same as in Europe: Turkish women vs. French women, or Russian women vs. Swedish women. All the women in my comparison in the former position have big booties while those in the latter are not known for that trait. I think what you should be doing is making note of the Indigenous gene and its lack of a dynamic booty or generally aesthetic physique. Wack booties only are a crime if the womans overall physique is also wack. Look at Native American women in the US, they dont differ any much more than the indigenous you describe in Mexico or Colombia. I hear you when you state that clearly these women must be considered unattractive due to the implosion of cosmetic techniques to make yourself look different.

  38. odoggz says

    A great portion of’s fam is based in DR, so we’ll respectfully disagree with that comment, as well. First, you’ve never heard of a Dominican (particularly on the island) being celebrated for booty, and making it bigtime. It is NOT a booty culture, why? Because most don’t have booties worth talking about! Anywhere there are asses worth praising, the culture reflects that. A nice ass flows by, in DR, I promise you NO ONE IS LOOKING AT THAT ASS! If you comment on how nice a woman’s ass is, in DR, she’s most likely to be offended, or avoid you. That is NOT the case in Brasil, PR, Panama, etc… places where that African trait is praised. DR escapes, as much as possible, any kind of link to African ancestry, in all practices, on the island. DR is about sucking off on European features, and denouncing any ‘black’ ones. Hell, you go to the whore-tourist traps, you’ll be LUCKY if you find one with booty even there, hell even in strip clubs you’ll see EVERYONE AVOIDS ANY CHICK WITH BLACK FEATURES!!! That is the best reflection of the mentality down there. Like Brasil, the best of the best will HUSTLE in places where they’re likely to find men, and they come with their assets ready to display, and even there if you see ass, it’s a HAITIAN! So if you go all around DR, you’ll be hard pressed to find a nice ass with considerable plumpness to it, and certain you’ll not find any Apple Bottoms. Booty is a black thing, anyone going to DR looking for booty, most likely ends up with a Haitian. So to dispute your claims about the different Africans, DR has Haiti right next door, and those were the slaves infused with the Europeans and natives to make the current Dominicans. So the blackest of that mix, in DR, should have from the same pool of African traits, yet their asses are nothing like Haitian asses. So that diffuses your argument, why ass in Haiti but not in DR? It is due to the mix-DOWN of genetics, a diffusing of the African genes. Most chicks in DR don’t have muscle, they’re skinny frames, so when they get fat it goes to thighs and stomach FIRST. Since they can’t get a mix of healthy muscle and fat to form booties, you still get the boxy brown affect. This is not a secret, this is why Brasilians who don’t like plastic surgery go and WORK OUT to build the Pigtails into the better class, or enhance their Tear Drops naturally. DR is not about that, they instead wear jeans that fake the booty, or fajas or something to artificially LIFT the Pig Tail or little fat, into looking Apple Bottomish. There are no Apple Bottoms in DR, there are no Ghetto Booty elite types either. If a woman is petite, you can argue you like her form and little tiny fat collection that makes up her ‘booty’ but that’s not BOOTY as we know it, come on now. Plastic surgery is growing in DR, but the local chicks won’t alter the booty, like they would their breasts, because BOOTY IS NOT A DOMINICAN THING! Breasts, Eurocentric people like, so that’s what the women are chasing. You go all around DR and you’ll change your statement, trust me. AssMatrix ran through it all with much proof in tow. You show me an example of pics of chicks you claim have a nice ass, that YOU TOOK YOURSELF, and we’ll discuss it. I bet you won’t find one with real ass.

  39. betyboop says

    I think your right, most Latinas do have square white girl booties, or really wide hips that makes them think they have a bootie when in reality it’s notting, but I’m Mexican and I have a teardrop botie . I know this because when I look in the morrow I know what I see, and when I take pictures there is no way to hid what I was born with. I mean there has even been times when I had to try and hid my thickness, but even seating down I can’t seem to hide it. ( I never try and hid my bootie on purpose it’s just that for church events or stuff like that church leader ask me to hid the butt)

    I don’t care what you say, or think some Mexican do have thickness, my mom ( apple bottom, smaller waist then me, and I’m 19) even after 5 kids she has her shape. My grandma, she used to be nicknamed Barbie because of her shape. And my sisters and I have big booties nice thickness all around. My youngest sister is in 1 st grade and you can tell she’s on her way to have an apple bottom. :0 even my brother has a perky bottle for a guy anyways.

    And we don’t use none of those tricks. Or gritels or whatever.

    I am the envy of most black girls, which I happen to have more of than Latinas.

    So yes, some Latinas are truly thick, from waist to bootie to thighs

  40. odoggz says

    LOl relax relax of course there are exceptions, but the majority do not have the ass that kills, because of the Boxy Brown stuff. Tear Drops are usually the best ass that Latinas/Hispanics can be found with, but the overwhelming majority are Pig Tails. Some are good, some are bad, and yes there are exceptions. The Hispanic gene can be the Euro gene and/or the Indigenous gene and those haven’t really ever produced Apple Bottoms and top Tear Drops by and large, but Latinas who can have the African injection tend to have meat that can scale better with weight gain, and it tends to look better.
    With that being said, you might have that ass, and if so then you need to submit something to SEND YOUR PICS our section for such claims, and show us that you do have something that is not the norm. If not, it’s just a baseless claim you have. lol And saying you’re the envy of black women doesn’t mean anything today. Read some of our pieces, black women are NOT up to par anymore! So if you really have that booty, let’s see it! Participate in SEND YOUR PICS -> If you really have what you’re boasting about that is.

  41. melissachavez84 says

    Hello, I do agree with the stuff you are saying about Boxy Brown Latinas, and ow the india mestiza onescannot compre to the african latinas, not by any means, but yet since central and most south america is also called latina america, the indian-mestizas try to take credit for having the curves and big hips and butts and small waist that the african latinas have, and that is not right cuz mexican, all central american latinas, and mot of south american latinas cannot EVEN COMPARE TO THE BORICUAS AND BRAZILIANCURVES. brazilians and colombians take the lead in most butt surgery but yet you continue to praise the brazilians and colombianaas for having the african round booties when most of the time it is probably fake. Another thing, Selena did not have butt injections or implants. she died in 1995, in those days, no one wanted the jlo butt, no one even heard of jlo in tose days… butt augmentation didnt even exist at that time. she had a nice round muscle butt from dancing and working out, thats were that came from. it IS POSSIBLE for a non-black woman to have a round plump apple bottom. i have seen plenty of them.i think that it is your ignorance as far as that goes. now Asians, yes you are right, do not and cannot have a natural applebottom. and yes you are right about the Latinas rejecting their indian ancestry and trying to be more streamlined like the Europeans, and dying their dark hair light and fake contacts and all. U said Kim K has a fake butt due to BBL or implants, ok you are forgetting Nicki Minaj and Buffie The Body- who both are black and also had the same thing done that KiM K had done cuz neither one of those sistas had ass before they became famous. And Salma Hayek is not part black, if shes part black then im chinese (which I am not, btw). Not all black women have natural applebottoms, ive seen alot that have flat butts and i am sure u have too, i do like ur site but i think that u are also too judgemental.Here is just one of the many stories of a black woman who spent more than 15,000 dollars on butt injections:

  42. odoggz says

    Well we do praise SOME Brasilians, but we are the first to point out the fakery from Colombia and Brasil! However, Brasilians have the best, per capita, black/latina with the total package, in the world. We’ve seen it with our own eyes and bodies. lol You’re talking about all the hype about the fake shit, and in reality, as we also pointed out, most don’t have the money to spend on injections and augmentations. What you see there is ladies who are trying to sell themselves and get attention with all that fake shit, and that’s not everyone. Also, Brasilian women are like the first women to get their butts out there and exercise. So when they have a shape, they want to preserve it, and that is another area where they lead all blacks and latinas out there! Brasilians and Colombians have the best doctors for the price, that is why their country takes the lead, but trust many many outsiders to those countries, are the clients. Dominican Republic also does augmentation, and you’re not saying all the ladies in DR are fake. The reality is, these women can’t afford it, and actually don’t want it. So the common person doesn’t want, nor can afford, augmentation. Selena was using some soft of trickery. One day it’s flat, the next it’s jlo huge. And you are wrong, look at our Iris Chacon page, way before Selena or Jlo existed, many wanted an ass like Iris Chacon! Mexicans and Hispanics didn’t want a booty like that, but the PR, Brasil and Panama ALWAYS has booty on their minds, since eyes were created! Another thing you didn’t read well, is that we never said other races don’t have Apple Bottoms. What we say is who is most likely to have them. We have white and latinos with Apple Bottoms in our Send Your Pics section, so you might have been ignorant to the things we put out there, when you wrote this, and should give them a look. For the latter part of your statements, you only need to see how you’re wrong about what we said, by reading MORE OF THE ARTICLES. We addressed each one you said already. You should read more, about what we have said, before you judge, us too.

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  44. [...] would have SEEN more by now.  As we said before, you don’t even see that from many blacks or latinas either, anymore, so do go expecting white girls to suddenly pop up with the desired bodies. lol  These [...]