Size-matters and SIZE MATTERS!!



I was checking out a website called LOOKING FOR LATINAS and started to think about the ladies I had been with, in particular, the ones without nice asses. Today, I stand as a reformed ass-enthusiast! I am 100% PRO-Nice-Ass now, but back in the days, I didn’t really mind a flat pancake butt, or like one of those INVERTED NEGATIVE ASS’d chicks. You know, the kind of ass that when she stands straight up, the ass is concaved, not convexed! lol But this was the ass for me, just like this below, it was ALL I NEEDED! Anything more was considered ‘FAT’ and nasty back then:

yuck I liked this???

I used to swear by these booties. Made your manhood look longer, made you feel like you were boning thin, top of of the line chicks, when you were in elementary school or HS (what? You weren’t fucking in ES too? lol Chicks with daddy issues start out early!!). Everything else was considered fat and disgusting!!! When you go to squeeze her ass, you have to dig INWARD, as if trying to scoop a cookie out of the cookie jar, if you wanted to cuff 3 fingers worth of her asscheeks! Most times, I could palm a WHOLE ASS with 1 hand (4 fingers), with every chick I dated. I felt POWERFUL! That shit was AWESOME to me, until THIS came along:

This is Britney\'s current ass! yuck!

And I was forced to UPGRADE ass size… MAN I SWORE BY THIS KIND OF ASS! ALL GELATIN LIKE AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE ASS, FLAT AT THE TOP!! MMMMMMM MMM MM OOOOWEEEE THAT WAS ASS TO ME! LOL and in hindsight… uhm that wasn’t a nice ass at all, nor was it even the kind of ass of a chick I was trying to compete with my buddies with having. It was a HORRIBLE ASS!!! See, the fellas used to make fun of the fact that ladies I dated were flat in the back! So I thought I was doing something by upgrading. lol I wasn’t and my stroke game on this sized ass wasn’t up to par. I wasn’t hitting it right, it was TOO MUCH ASS, in my mind (I know, how GAY, right? I was young, sue me!), because I couldn’t dig that chick out like I really wanted, being so tuned to smaller bodies only, for so long. Still, I though THIS was the largest of asses that I’d EVER want to deal with, it was hard enough trying to last in doggy style with this chick, partly because I’d see the little bit of droopy ass flapping, and bust way too fast. lol But I was on to something there… but not before going back to completely flat asses and demonstrating my new piping techniques… and then becoming extremely BORED with chicks with tiny to no asses at all! It made me feel like I was really just jerking myself off because unlike my gelatin at the bottom, jiggly, bigger assed chick, NOTHING was entertaining me while I worked, with the tiny asses I used to love. :/ Fucking them really was JERKING OFF! LOOK AT THAT VIEW!?? WTF was I thinking?

Then I learned better dick control, and started growing more, and I realized that this sized chick was not enough, as I grew. I was poking cervix’ and wasn’t enjoying the boney so went back to the sloppy fruit at the bottom, gelatin asses. Sure it was flat like I used to like, but just a tad bit of jiggly ass fat at the bottom, but now it wasn’t enough. I was BORED when hitting them in doggystyle. It was like I was fucking a gloryhole (hole cut in a wall). I mean, I could feel BONE crushing my pelvis when breaking these chicks off. I started becoming disgusted with it, actually, especially as these particularly flat assed women were now starting to say “I need a man with a big cock.. cluck cluck cluck..”, now that I was fully able to provide that for them, THEY BORED ME! What do you get from boning a skinny chick and you’re well equipped? NOTHING! Looks boring and not entertaining enough and unless you want to look completely dominant over tiny/flat asses, it’s not your thing! As I started to age, it felt like I was boning some 13 year old chick or something, that’s when it seriously turned me off, for good. I started seeing the black and latina chicks popping up with crazy round asses, I had to UPGRADE 1 more time!!! lol It wasn’t ME controlling the size of booty that I loved anymore, it was HIM… EL PENE taking control and dicktating what he wanted, standing out in a crowd when no one was calling his name! lol He made me rap to something like this:

thick ass in motion

and it was a wrap. I knew the size I felt at my best, and my dick game is catered to a chick with thick thighs and an applebottom to ghetto booty ass (smaller version). No longer was I giving flat assed, boney chicks root-canals with EL PENE, I found a home amongst the thick, plumper, ghetto-booty crowd… and like Right Guard used to say, in the 90s, anything less, is uncivilized! ;)


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  1. The Professor says

    That is an incredible story of one man’s journey to self-realization and ass-appreciation. That’s a classic coming of age story. Oddly enough I must say my story is quite the opposite. I was an Assologist from my earliest days. Since the age of 4 I used to play pinch the butt games with a woman who was 20 at the time. When I was 6 it was no longer just a game for me. It was slap, squeeze, caress, and undress the butt games then. But slowly I came to find myself veering away from the teardrops and applebottoms in search due to my friends calling my a mindless assman. I thought they were underappreciating the quality of female I was tagging and bagging. So In order to take the focus of their backsides I dated women without any backsides. But all that bone to bone boning has only served to increase my appreciation for Ass.

  2. odoggz says

    bwajajaj professor you’re crazy man, 4 and 6 years old? lol I know quite a few dudes have stayed the side of smaller asses, for their MAIN CHICKS, but the women they are always checking for, fantasizing about and cheating with, tend to be chicks with larger asses. Are you in that category too? Some people just don’t want a big, backsided chick because ‘thick’ today, means morbidly OBESE tomorrow (in their minds). That’s where I was when I was leaving the smaller asses, but rather than cheat or keep fantasizing and wondering, I just made the jump and would occasionally fantasize about the smaller asses!

  3. AROTEL says

    Anything less is uncivilized!!!
    Breast :37b or c
    Waist:12-14in. differenrtial to hips
    Hips:36-40 maybe 42
    thats wifey material stats anything under will never develop anything over will have u checking every month if shes letting go.And she cannot be out of shape under 45.

  4. chloe says

    so what happens if you dont have much of an ass.. are you just discusting and will be unwanted? i feel so bad when i read this, but i guess i shouldnt be on this page.

  5. odoggz says

    Of course not having an ass doesn’t make you disgusting! Just for the ASS loving crowd, you’d just not be all exciting, is all. It’s like if you wanted a dude with a penis over 10 inches and your man showed up with a 5 incher. You’re like ‘awwwwwww’ lol How bad does your ass look? You should send a photo! :)

  6. black_cherry says

    i have a teardrop/ghetto booty idk
    chest 36 C
    waist 27
    hips above butt 39
    biggest part on butt 41
    sorta a marilyn monroe body

  7. odoggz says

    Thanks for your post. We love to hear from ladies, on these topics. Hmmm if you don’t know which, why don’t you shoot us some photos so we can help clarify. :) If you’re down, mail to—>

  8. Bigman says

    First I’d like to say this man who created this website is a genius!!!!

    I appreciate a nice rump on a girl. I couldn’t define an ass better than this guy. Well I can try, but it would take too long to type.

    I would say I started to appreciate a nice full rump in my late teens. What did it? Being with a girl with the flatess ass on the planet. Pretty as hell, but no ass. I first thought I was being shallow by not being interested because she had no ass, but I stuck in there for a year and boy was it hard. I was looking all the time at girls with booties. I never explored the big booty until I was single again. And boy, I would never go back to flat ass girls! I tend to lean towards a pear shape girl more than an hour glass.

    A sexy thin waistline with big thighs and a big ol butt, by far the best body on a woman.

  9. odoggz says

    Thanks for the bigup, it means a lot, and welcome to the community. Ah so you’re also a convert from flat ass to bigger ass lover. People think it’s easy to admit the past mistakes.. it’s hard. lol When they have such pretty everything else and so precious. You can’t say ‘NO’- that is until a big ass comes along. lol It was hard because I’d be checking all the real ass but she’d be the one looking before me, most times, so it was all good. lol You like the pear shape with the Ghetto Blaster booty or a pear shape with a Tear Drop booty?

  10. MrE says

    It’s good to find a site dedicated to the ass sciences. God bless you sirs.

  11. TwisztedAngel says

    Do yall realize.its rare to have a ghetto booty, lol. Just cuz u live in the hood and have ass…nope sorry ladies not’s rare for a butt to get HUGE and keep its shape. My booty is 39 and ive had obese women in my face telling me how small my ass is compared to them because im petite and not wiide like them… my ass is nice but if I get too big or don’t exercise ill be big ass boxy square pants….if its out of shape its a FAT ass not PHAT….mine is FAT now cuz im pregnant, my belly throws off my walk Good god I belong on happy feet. I hope yall dedicate a page to the women who do work out different races of course cuz I would gladly send a pic…..

    In a few months… =))

  12. odoggz says

    It’s not rare at all to have a ghetto booty, just a GOOD GHETTO BOOTY is rare. Most girls have sloppy ghetto booties without form, it’s very easy to be fat with a droopy butt. So like you admit, you can get a big butt but that’s likely not going to have good shape. Yeah you know that you can contribute any time!