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Ok, pop quiz… who’s ass is this?
corny booty
Come on… think really hard… how could you NOT know? You see it all day, you fantasize about being with her… you really don’t know who’s this is? Ok, I’ll give you another angle. Look again, meng…
another angle

Is this a hot butt? What kind of butt would you rate it as? Look at the back leg and the butt, does it have that PLUMP, WELL DEFINED SET OF ASSCHEEKS like you normally like? NO? It’s a corny looking ass, right? You wouldn’t pay to see a corny ass like this shake it and do a now-famous booty poppin’ type dance, would you?

Ok maybe you recognize that flat butt now, since she’s forever falling

Yes you would, because this ass belongs to, none other than, flat-assed, BEYONCE! lol

its flat assed beyonce

Beyonce’s Bounce- or lack thereof

Come on now… stop telling us we’re hating when this is talking about it’s got mad booty!
its flat assed beyonce

Oh quit your moaning, this pic hasn’t been doctored, it really is her. FOLLOW THE EVIDENCE, NOT YOUR EMOTIONS!!! I like her music, although she’s a SWAGGER-JACKER when it comes to her whole ACT <a href=”” target=”_blank”>(she bites everyone’s style especially Britney Spear’s style! See here </a>   See, unlike many think, Beyonce does NOT have a nice ass, not even a fat plump ass, whatever you want to say, this is a corny ass!  You check white America and they’ll tell you Beyonce’s butt is the best, second by Jessica Simpson! LOL  Riiiight Check the list of top rated butts, all rubbish! –> <a href=”” target=”_blank”> (check here for that ) </a> The’yre talking about Beyonce’s FLAT, white girl looking butt that happens to get fat here and there. But dudes stay tripping over that (to use the ghetto vernacular)! lol You can’t find one dude who will admit to Beyonce’s ass not being corny (see these British idiots’ blog about a Beyonce phone prototype check the ASS of the phone–> CLICK HERE , but of course, we know 3 reasons why you think that: 1) She’s a very pretty woman, make no mistake about it, 2) you’re mistaking a nice plump ass with HUGE THIGHS- don’t know how you’re doing it but you are! Yes, Beyonce is a bamma who’s weight goes all to her midsection when she downs a whole bucket of Churches chicken, by herself. Oh you don’t believe me, everyone ELSE is watching how HUGE she’s getting on stage, and how she she NOT BE IN THOSE OUTFITS!!! oooh did I mention that she FALLS…? lol Her big thighs are why she keeps falling down in performances that are not meant for big-thighed chicks to do in high heels! The thighs can’t get around each other… throw some baby oil on those shits so you get the chub rub out of there!! They keep crashing into each other and she loses balance. lol So stop being distracted with big thighs!! You guys do this with a lot of so-called ‘celebrities of ass’ when they have no ass worth looking at, so finally 3) you’re not paying attention to her actual ass area or you’d notice that her ass is not really there-or that it’s FAKE!! Yes, Beyonce wears butt-pads to make it look like she has a butt, but only when black audiences are the people she’s playing to! flat butt for whitesYeah, I know you don’t want to believe it, butt-consider this. When she goes on white TV shows, she wants to appeal to a white audience, so she REMOVES the butt pants, and actually get liposuction. Here she is on the TODAY SHOW (the first butt shots I opened the blog with were from another appearance there too!). That’s how she keeps fluctuating in size so drastically, so quickly! If you paid attention, you’d see she has a long BACK BUTT area! So as she gets fatter by the months, it makes a puffy fat area in the lower back section (ABOVE the asscrack so it’s not part of the butt), which she stuffs in tight jeans and it looks like a more rounded butt (to the untrained eye) or desperate, starving dude… then coupled with BUTT PADS… you get this shot:

gotcha B!

Jajaja caught you B! LOL Now, with that being said… go back and revist WHY THESE TWO RAPPERS WERE REALLY LOOKING AT BEYONCE’S BUTT, DURING THE AWARD SHOWS…. You were WRONG as to why they were checking her ass, on stage. lol THEY READ ASSMATRIX.COM AND WERE INFORMED!!! That’s an ASSMATRIX REVELATION! LOL


BELOW is a recent shot of her. LOOK AT HER ASS NOW! LOL BUTT PADS ALL THE WAY!!! She’s a PIG TAIL at most, how did she get so round from a PIG TAIL?  IMPOSSIBLE! THEY’RE PADS!!!

Here’s what her ass really looks like

To be honest with you, most people are really tripping over her because she’s a lighter shade of black. So they’re just trying to promote her as better than the rest due to skin tone and even tried to make her appeal to the Latino crowd due to her being lighter tones. All her commercials lighten her up, she was the lightest in her girl group, etc.  They’re just trying to sell a light is right version of black beauty to the public and it’s her OTHER features you’re in love with, NOT her butt. She should not be associated with that term BOOTYLICIOUS!!!!!