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Your body used to be built by DOUBLE DUTCH and ACTIVITY, NOWADAYS it’s built by DOUBLE DUTCH FUDGE and INACTIVITY.

A seemingly simple game was secretly building young women’s health and body, for 15 years straight into adulthood, which helped create the former stereotypical “Black Woman’s Body”.

…but by and large, today, none of the young girls are doing, is in any way comparable, and is why so many young Black and Latinas have wack asses and legs, as young adults, today.

Years ago, young girls, and women, used to participate in a variety of activities, which were (unbeknownst to them) building their bodies for healthy adulthood. No one thought about exercise being a very necessary part of the human life, in the hood, years ago,  it was just fun to go outside and play, so everyone was out.  Each time young women went out to play, it was the best form of social get-togethers, it involved no computers, it involved developing personal skills, but most importantly, it was preparing young women to have very nice, stereotypically-Black and Latina bodies, in the future.  There weren’t many fat women, back in the days, but there were many REAL-Thick young women back then, and even if you had a few fat ones, they were normally flexible, athletic, and not like these obese and lazy young women that you see today. Because we have lost the shapes we used to be so known for, in today’s times, some people won’t believe the things we’ll reveal today.  As you know, we claim that Black women have lost their luster, when it comes to being known for having the best booties/bodies, which plays into why so many want to get fake asses today, and stuff fat into form creating jeans. It also is why so many women or color are mad that Black and Latino dudes are going crazy for white or Hispanic women (who are known for flat or tiny asses) who have just a little bit of bump for booty (although most are going crazy for the most sub-par ass of these two groups, and NOT going crazy as much for the best asses of these groups). Today, we see mostly non-black and non-latina women (over 20 years old) doing exercises similar to the childhood games that young black and latinas used to play, as young women, and doing these things TO BUILD BOOTY specifically!

Looking back, and looking at some of the current exercises we like to tell women to do, in our Send Ur Pics, it’s clear that a bulk of the YOUNG women of color, who reach out to us with hopes of correcting booty problems, do not do any form of exercises daily, at all.  We don’t know what’s going on in these schools today, but there is almost no exercises in the lives, of these young women today, as opposed to women from years ago, who used to have exercise daily, in the form of exercises classes, gymnastics, or even the informal activities women participated in, in the streets.  We want to focus here, on some of those activities, which made it very easy to build ass and legs, on these young women, who by the time they reached their 20s, had those stereotypical Black and Latino asses and legs. As we step through some of these exercises, we want to compare them to some of the current, top ways, all kinds of other women are using, to build their asses up, and you might be very surprised to learn how much they helped the young women of yesterday, build that stereotypical ass, that is completely MISSING from young women after Generation X. These younger women are an embarrassment to black body and booty images, maybe they should go back to doing some of the childhood exercises, because these teens are build like complete shit, today.

A picture says a thousand words that you don’t want to say or admit but you already thought- too late. lol

So maybe we need to bring back a few of these exercises, to mold and shape these kids, because they’re just out of control today. Kids used to play, for hours on end, every day, without tiring.  That was perfect for the body’s conditioning, and they didn’t even know it was real exercise.  Of the many street-side activities, that black girls use to participate in, from as young as 10, was one of the most IMPORTANT exercises, that young women used to do, to build their athletic bodies. This kept them in shape, kept the legs strong, and built that classic, stereotypical black booty, when they reached young adulthood.  It was called DOUBLE DUTCH.

The origins of “Double Dutch” are rumored to be started by Dutch settlers in NY, and thus the name (which David A Walker claimed the Brits made up for this activity they observed, a big advocate of Double Dutch).  It is theorized that earlier cultures played this in Asian and Europe, and originated outside of USA. It involved the ‘turning’ of two ropes, and young women jumping between the ropes, with very precise timing, or as described “Basically, Double Dutch is a rope skipping exercise played when two ropes are turned in eggbeater fashion. While the ropes are turned, a third person jumps within.“.  NYC officially received the game, in the hood, during World War 2, but as the parks began to disappear from the hoods, it was kind of dieing off.  Walker turned the game into a sport, in 1974, and although the parks went away, minorities took it to the streets, literally, and the game continued.  This was HUGE  in the black communities, even had a song on it, which was Malcom McLaren trying to capitalize on black girls playing double dutch, to make himself rich, much like Buffalo Girls. lol It became the theme song of Double Dutch.

It died in the 90s but it came back (kinda), as a sport in some schools in 2008. When it was in the streets, it was huge, everyone played, young women were ripping down clothes lines and looking for anything they could to use as rope.  These girls wanted to work out, and didn’t even know they were working their booties, for the future.

Some people wonder why so many Black women and Latinas, who are 30 years old, and older, have more rounded asses per capita, than do their counterparts under the age of 30 years of age. Some blame the diets, but that’s not it, they’re all eating the same garbage today. The advantage the older women had, was when they were younger, they were out in the school yards, parks and streets, FOR HOURS AT A CLIP, playing these childhood female activities, which were all building legs and ass!  None of these girls are doing even 1/100th of the exercises they did back in the days.  The women 30+ still have the muscle foundation and muscle memory from those days in the 70s through 90s, from playing Double Dutch.  That means young girls/women would get in steady exercises for about 15 years, dedicating at least 2 hours a day to working out since the ages of 5 to 20.  In contrast, these young women today have bodies that show the effects of DOUBLE DUTCH CHOCOLATE CAKE AND ICE CREAM on their bodies! lol Here’s what Double Dutch was doing to the bodies of the young women of the past, and how it carried to the future.

Double Dutch Worked key muscles to give look and attributes we define with the Black race:

* Legs and Butt muscles

* Jumping, sprinting, timing-rhythm

And little did anyone know, here is how the workout was for each participant:

JUMPERS- were very athletic, they twisted, turned, and jumped all about. That’s working the legs, the whole of the glutes (maximus, medius and minimus), but also the abs because you have to turn around to and from with your abs!  Never mind the ad-libs these women were doing, in between the jumping, just the core workout is enough to make most of you croak in the street, if you tried that today!

ROPE TURNERS- are DOUBLY working the whole upper body, especially shoulders, arms and abs, but also the legs and glutes because they have to balance in place and often contract while rocking side to side. It might sound stupid to you, but ADULTS are doing the fundamentals of these, today, to get in shape. Want to see, the fundamental’s in place? Check Lucie B’s Double Dutch workout video and you’ll get a hint of how hard and what was being built, by the youngsters playing this game:

That’s a LOT of exercise and muscle building that helped make the famed ‘BLACK WOMAN’S BOOTY‘ stereotype, that is GONE today! This simple exercise built the booties and legs by building muscle, which later became padded with fat, on top, due to the kinds of food eaten (in particular high intakes of protein).  That muscle memory carried with many black women, to the future, which made many very good at various athletic activities.

Even before this, Black and Latino youth was out there playing another type of game, that involved leaping, balancing, picking up objects, and building lower body. You will go to many gyms, and today they have trainers making people do the very same exercises, involving jumping in and out of squares. Remember that game? Here’s a hint.

Remember it?  It involved building legs and booty by hopping around, sometimes on 1 leg, sometimes on 2 legs, holding balance and landing in various shaped boxes, repetitively? Sounds like your workout at the gym, with your trainer, but we’re talking about the female game of HOPSCOTCH! In Hopscotch involved leaping around to and from, and while little kids were playing, teenage girls were playing this right before the double dutch phase. This was key to hamstring and undercarriage development. Kids have been working out for YEARS doing this, before moving to the other exercises that built up the other black attributes.

And what is all of this called today, as many are copying the same activities, as adults trying to lose weight and get in shape?  They’re doing PLYOMETRICS!   These hopscotch jumping patterns are used in training of every American sport today, from football to tennis. All they’ve done differently is to not draw the boxes with chalk, in the streets, and just replaced it with a rope or flat-plastic ladder.

And here is yet another EXCELLENT Booty Building activity we LOST with the current generations…



Another lost source of leg and booty muscle building involved ROLLER SKATING!  MANY Blacks were skating, everywhere they could find a place to skate, in park or in the roller rinks. You couldn’t find anyone without any skates, in the 80s, going into the 90s.  Mannnnn the last time I saw blacks roller skating, it was in a movie with Bow wow and even that was about like the 80s or something when blacks used to skate. lol  But skating was another avenue for young Black Women and Latinas to get their muscle building in there, working the full glutes there too. In skating, you’re cutting in and out of angles, left and right with your strides, and that’s building the sides of the glues, while pushing forward is building the bottom of the glutes, and legs.  This was yet another activity that people did for hours on end, without realizing the benefits to the body.

There are many people asking us why did we suggest that roller skating was a way to build ass, because some of the older generation of had let us know that’s what people did back in the days, which is funny to see that that’s what white women are doing now to build ass specifically. Back in the days, people would be amped, ready to go skate, but who even knows anything about that today? Why, because there is no black interest in such things. One of the oldest rinks (in NY) to skate, which had been opened for 66 years, closed in 2007. It was Miracle Rink, in Crown Heights and many people still remember the great stories, even New York Times published something on the event- notice the people IN THE PIC!

That was THE LAST DANCE for the Black Female Body image!

All that is GONE! Gone with the skates are the shapes! Skating was that hidden activity that was building what guys wanted to see, in ladies, yet many ladies had no clue it was doing to their bodies- well not back then, but white women know NOW what it does, which is why MANY are into skating! Just like many things blacks did and made popular and cool, when blacks did it, the interest dies for it like nation cursed with A.D.D., then the next group does it and it’s a major smash sensation again.  But Skating is that activity that Blacks have avoided, and have lost crucial curvature due to avoiding and annoying its benefits.  That’s why so much black ass is wack and disgusting, and there is a race by other non-blacks to usurp that black stereotype of having the Black Woman’s Booty.  Kim K made people realize the power of booty for white skinned women, now they’re all on pursuit of it. And yes, double dutch is done by many other non-blacks, throughout the world, still, just like skating.  To get an idea of what has been lost in the past 20-30 years, here is a general sense of what Skating works out on the back side (click here):

The pic above is only the backside benefits, but Skating activates a LOT of muscles, especially legs and butt, and we had a great many women out there doing this activity, 80 through 90s! Again, all of that gone!  And like the other activities, many other races and ethnicities began to re-inspect the benefits of these things, on the body, and you can see all of these old activities are back now, in the form of exercises used to get people butts as adults!  No lie, look at all the sites, these ‘new ideas’ are really only activities like the ones we already mentioned.  In fact, many women trying to build ass, are targeting roller skating activities specifically, to get that ass on par- except BLACKS and LATINAS, of course. Other races and ethnicies have already decided that a bigger or better ass is a priority for them, so they’ve taken it to the skates again! It seems like these other groups are the ones concerned with building a booty the natural way, rather than trying to inject shit in their butts hoping to make it fatter, nor are they trying to overeat to make a large fat ass.  The exercises in Roller Derby are similar in motion needed to build booty and legs, like we highlight in Build a Booty.  We questioned some of our readers about whether or not they’d attend something like this, and 90% of minorities said “NOT” while non-minorities said “DEFINITELY”. So that’s just silly that so many would be so blind and ignorant to the benefits of skating, when just a few decades ago minorities loved this kind of activity. For anyone reading, if you get a chance to do this workout, you should do it if you want your ass to POP out of your jeans, because when you’re done with each class, it feels like your ass is already doing that.  Most of the new community couldn’t believe their own eyes when they were reading the responses either, divided along racial lines??? WTF?

So, supply and demand being what it is, Roller Derby Workouts are big right now, for white women wanting fuller booties, many people want to get their asses inflated by doing natural workouts.  The fans who mentioned Roller Derby workouts also are on the bigger assed side, and they love how many people are now associating Roller Derby with having a fat ass.  There is a lot of marketing now geared around this thought, because everyone knows, skating is going to lead to a big ass if you eat a lot of proteins too.  So white women with bigger asses are now flocking to the sport, and so are guys, which now makes it possible for the workouts to sell, since it’s going mainstream.  We were telling people this combo, for years.  However, most times, when we suggest that women do skating, when they write to us for advice,  we get stupid answers/questions back like “how can we skate when they don’t make skates anymore?”  Apparently, these dummies never heard of INLINE SKATES?  You can also go ice-skating, that is skating too, you know, it’s in the name of the activity. lol  All we ever hear, from minorities, are excuses upon excuses and excuses.  The one that might have made some sense was “we don’t have clear roads and streets where I live”, well we’re sure you can find a park or some place where you can skate. It’s impossible you can’t find any place.  You might be laughing at that, but it’s the truth, we get such cop-out answers, it’s just embarrassing to hear, sometimes.  Meanwhile, non-minorities are like “oh yeah, this is working on my ass and legs. I’m getting a nicely sized ghetto booty! Thanks for the advice!”

Roller Derby girls dish out PAIN, and to be able to take pain, they have to do some really rigorous training, to be able to smash ladies in their way and stride past people. Many promoters of the sport, like to advertise how the women are mean, and/or have big legs, hips, and ass.  ATL hasn’t lost its mind, they still know what’s up though, and still want to promote skating, even if it has to come in the form of Roller Derby (which many blacks aren’t into, but fuck it, you want to see women with legs and or big butts, from skating, it’s likely there you’ll see it- just on white women now!  It’s just very funny to see that things Blacks have abandoned are still being continued by non-blacks, who are just enjoying themselves doing it, but also getting the heath benefits, not to mention coordination from these activities. And yes Skating exercise is back big, it’s been for a few years now but it’s trending heavily as of this moment. Some even remember the news did a cover story on it, and it’s the reason you see skate machines in all major gym franchises. The news cites that it ‘increases confidence’, and what they’re really talking about is women have ASS now, doing these Roller Derby workouts.  Many white women are citing how quickly they’re developing legs and ass and stamina, all together.  This is not new to places like ATL, and in the south in general, but in the North East, it’s going to explode pretty soon- however, don’t see many blacks females in the games, not from the events that a few of the AssMatrix fam and fans have gone to.  It was a fan who put us on to these Roller Derbies, after going to a few, we see what people like so much! Better than attending ice-skating with your girlfriend. lol

Where do you think Dwight Howard’s piece got nice round, tight ass and legs from? LOOK! She’s a SKATING PROFESSIONAL!!

There are many many other activities, that black women and latinas, used to do, that built their bodies and got them ready for adulthood, looking ripe and sexy, but unfortunately, of these core exercises that we mentioned here, none of your kids today are doing any of this stuff.  People are talking about crap like if you’re a black, young woman, working out and doing physical activities, then you must be a tomboy,  a butch-lesbian, or you think you’re white.  Tell us you haven’t heard someone say at least one of those, about women who like to work out.  To think that wanting to be in shape is a lesbo thing, or a white thing, is killing us, here at  In the minds of many, women are to just sit around and get fat, and you just accept it, and let genetics take over. That’s why you can’t get black women to work out, without offending them when you offer it as a suggestion to get a better booty. They think it’s supposed to come natural to them, and when they see their asses and bodies don’t match the stereotype, they wonder “what happened?” They thought genetics would deliver the perfect butt, and that they don’t have to work for it. No love, you DO have to work for it, the problem is that back in the days, the since the age of 5, young women were working for it, but didn’t even know it, due to the activities we mentioned earlier. There were many more games and activities, than the ones we mentioned here, but these are a few samples we chose, because top physical trainers today do variations from those exercises, on adults!  So since black women are not doing this, and didn’t know they were building muscles and that ass when they were doing these childhood activities, many falsely believed that genetics alone were responsible for so many women have nice, asses, once upon a time. No, genetics were a part of it, proper diet was another part, but the physical activity was the most important.

This is not a piece to get your daughters to go work on their asses, rather it’s about the key building blocks of the BLACK WOMAN’S BODY, which contributed to the famed, but elusive (today) Black Woman’s Booty. You wonder where it went, look at what’s change dramatically, for young black and latinas, growing up.  Our youth don’t have the attitudes to do the exercises that so many were doing, just 20-30 years ago, all day every day, from 5 to 20 years of age. What are these girls doing now? Lord knows, but nothing productive in terms of exercise. So when so many Generation Y women turn to us, and ask us why they didn’t get genetically what their momma has, in the ass department, well not everything is genetic! Ass is not genetic anymore. You’ve missed the boat when it comes to the muscle building that momma was doing, way back when. Muscle memory carried with momma, but you’re not doing anything of the sort, like she did, and that’s why your ass is flat, or just filled with fat. These things that momma did built muscle up, under the fat she now has put on, but that causes her butt to protrude more. So again, another reason why today’s women just don’t have it. They’re not building the necessary muscle, needed to have the famed black booties, since they are young girls!  Ass is not genetically-guaranteed, so stop saying it is! You still have to work at it!  Momma’s genetics don’t help you here! Move your asses, the next group of ladies found the key!  You can sit by and watch (but move out of the way),  or sit back and watch and enjoy like us, cuz THAT right there, THAT looks mad good!!!