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Why are “THEY” so mad at Coco’s fake ass (Before and After below),  yet they’re desperate to get one just like hers?




And what would cause already good looking women (even if have gap in teeth and ‘OK’ booty sized) to turn into the Angel Luv Lola’s of the world, WHO WAS PERFECT THE WAY SHE WAS BEFORE THE ASS AUGMENTATION!

and who then only think they’re the shit AFTER they get fake asses, and no matter how obviously fake, or uncomfortable it must be to actually sit on a fake ass. They’re determined to display REAL, BLACK, FEMALE Pride to the world- due to now having a fake ass, of course.



creating a phenomenon that NOW INSPIRES scores of muppet females, low-lives and imitators, to attempt to copy this “newly found pride”, except trying to pull it off on a serious budget.  So much so that they take a chance, AT ANY COST to have this pride, and end up looking like this (below) forever, and possibly MUCH, MUCH WORSE… :x READ ON!




     Ass Enthusiasts, there is a disease out there, that is becoming increasingly harder to control, the more booty is becoming popular in mainstream.  It used to be very rare, this disease, but in recent times, it has picked up to a point where more and more people are becoming exposed to the disease, but the problem with it is people are willingly becoming exposed to it, or exposing others to it.  This disease is known in the Assology community as Botch-YOU-lism.  You laugh, but this is no laughing matter, I assure you.  Botch-YOU-lism is both a sickness, and bad practice, associated with a female willingly allowing herself to go get unnatural alterations to her ass (especially but not limited to surgically), in hopes of having a more plentiful, and beautiful, backside, although she knows there is a high chance she will be hospitalized, or EVEN DIE, from the attempt to enlarger her ass. That woman will willingly subject herself to the possible public humiliation, as well as disease and infection, all by trying to alter her ass. The other part to Botch-YOU-lism is the bad practice of hack, plastic surgeons, who know they suck and have no real medical proficiency at all, knowing that a dumb, insecure woman (infected with Botch-YOU-lism) coming to them is such a loser, that they willingly perform the hack job on the woman’s ass, fully knowing it will not go successfully. Yes, that was read correctly, both the client and the surgeon actually are aware that the booty alteration is most likely to be a botched one, yet both sides proceed and hope for the best- regardless of the horrific stories they read about or see on TV, which should be taken as a warning.  You can understand now, why this is a very serious, and sickening disease, because it’s the new war on ass appreciation. The disease spreads very quickly once one woman sees another woman is infected with it, she now become infected herself and willingly subjects herself to it. It’s mutilation of the ass, and these women are going all out to get a magical ass that they hear promoted so much, at any cost, which makes these women set out with 1 mission in mind: Get Stitched or Die Trying”.     getstitchedordietryin-01

     As you know, we at do NOT support any type of unnatural methods to alter the physical appearance of the woman’s ass, especially if that involves doing surgery,fake-pills or injecting/inserting needles into your asses, to physically alter the appearance.  We’re BOOTY DOCTORS, but we don’t doctor booties!  An old, popular scam, which is a kin to the weight-loss pills, is the scam pills that supposedly make your butt bigger.  That is nothing new, BIG ASS scams come by the minute, and we’re offered many opportunities, by these ‘business men’, to promote their bullshit fake ass creams and pills. NEVER THAT!!! Yes, there are creams and pills that are on the market, they claim to make you get an evenly sized Apple Bottom booty, just by taking their pills.  Scam pill makers like WHORE CURVES, claim you can get that excellent booty, which is bullshit, but many women are buying these pills like crazy! Go to any BLACK HAIR FORUM, you’ll see a billion forums for HOW CAN I GET A BIG ASS listed right along with HOW CAN I GET THE BEST FAKE HAIR?  The most commented on forums are these scams to get big asses, and women eat that up instantly, literally, they’re popping these pills have no goddamn idea what’s in them, jeopardizing their health willingly (Botch-YOU-lism).  It’s all a scam!  Here is a page of results they claim you will have, if you use their PILLS.  BULLSHIT! All of it.They claim to use the magical ASS ENHANCING “chicken water” or Maca roots. BULLSHIT mythical fairytail shenanigans made its way to marketing. So, here you have something claiming to make a perfect ass for you, in the form of a pill. LOL Who’d be stupid enough to believe this? Go look at the forums!  How your ass grows is genetic, no PILL can dictate the shape of how it will be.  So this is why the sculpting scams began, figuring that stupid people might eventually find out that pills don’t work, let’s fool them with fake Hollywood type surgery for cheap! Master practitioners of Botch-YOU-lism know black women are insecure about their hair and asses (so black women today fake in both of these areas all damn night and day and have no shame or black pride apparently). These insecurities, are what the scam artist practitioners are zeroing in on and that is why the fake surgeries are popular, especially with ethnic females.  Ladies,  if you want to insert something into your asses, it should ONLY be through your poop-chutes, and ONLY IF you’re going to send us copies of that action, on video. Holla! lol Remember, it’s all beautiful and entertaining. lol Oh we kid you, but Botch-YOU-lism is no laughing matter.  It has caused many, seemingly sane, people to become so fueled by lack of appreciation and attention, that they are feeling very insecure about their asses. We get A LOT of women who write us emails, displaying various forms of the conditions of Botch-YOU-lism, asking us things like: “I’m skinny, but wonder, ‘Can I make my ass fatter if I sit down all day, at my desk at work, and don’t move the whole day? I see this working for many bitchy, crappy, bad attitude having blacks and Latinas, who have jobs answering phones as ‘customer service representatives’- and surprisingly enough, they still manage to keep their jobs! It must be their asses. Please advise’”  or the ones we get a LOT of emails about, “My boyfriend reads your site and loves it. He told me that you guys said if I let him fuck me in the ass, that would make my ass grow by 30%! I tried it and it’s not quite working!  … I should also confess…although I pass my stool very easily now, I’m still bleeding internally!  :( Ok, well .. if your anus has become too enlarged, then maybe THAT should get sewn shut, and wipe with BOUNTY paper towels, you’ve a big anus now, no more wussy tissue stuff… lol but no operations on the actual butt cheeks, ok ladies?? Last thing I wanna see is your prolapsed organs come piling out through your anus and hit me square in the chest, while you’re riding me in reverse cowgirl. I saw that before, it scarred me for life! lol   Anyway, with regards to that “hit in the butt, butt will grow” stuff, Ladies, you can’t believe in the urban legends, and getting your poop-chute twisted up to a point where it looks protrudes from your butt like an ant-hill made of skin, is not a good look in the ass region, nor does it make your actual ass cheeks grow. Where the hell do you get this stuff from? lol  We try to advise people against succumbing to the sickness, but it sometimes seems to no avail. We see, and read about so many cases of people with Botch-YOU-lism, that it’s beginning to show that we’re facing End Of Days, soon.  Two crucial Achilles heels of humanity are exploited, when it comes to Botch-YOU-lism: greed for money (practitioner) and obsession with vanity (client).


So how can you know if you are susceptible to Botch-YOU-lism, or have been affected by it?  It is very easy to tell a possible candidate who is susceptible to the disease, on the CLIENT side  by the following symptoms:

  • LOSERS! With no self respect or self esteem- typically blame men for all their faults rather than own up to their own problems.
  • If she wears weaves and wigs 24/7 never seen without one- she obviously hates her black hair and sees that as inferior to straight hair, but would love to have a ‘black feature’ that is popular, like a phat ass. Dumb, confused birds will do ANYTHING to be a la moda.
  • If she’s a stripper, or former stripper and/or worships the mothers on shows like “REAL HOUSEWIVES of {enter your city}” – instead of taking care of their families, most of these Real House Wives and fans praise women who put themselves, vanity and their ‘fame’ before actually raising their kids. The kids are all on drugs, in jail, etc while the mom becomes famous on TV for not being a mom. MOST LIKELY CANDIDATES.
  • She’s a BROKE ASS, desperate chick- so you know she’s going to try to parlay her new ass, into making money, somehow. She seeks out cheap surgeries or seeks to get a loan to cover her expenses. It’s about $2,500 per ass cheek to get silicone/Hydrogel injections and up to 4 times that cost for FAT injections. The difference is the gels last a year and a half, while fat injections are supposedly permanent. Hydrogel is NOT APPROVED BY FDA. Many are going online to buy a ‘DO IT YOURSELF ASS AUGMENTATION SHOT KITS’! Yes giving themselves injections! WTf??
  • She has a pretty face, nice body, and is stuck up, but has a flat ass. You mention her ass, you shatter her wall of perfection, and instantly make her insecure. VERY HIGHLY LIKELY CANDIDATE TO GET ASS AUGMENTATION.
  • She’s OBSESSED with Ice-T’s wife COCO, or with whatever Kim Kardashian is doing- for love or hate of Kim K, mostly hate.
  • She’s a flat assed Latin wannabe model or black wannabe “booty model” or other ethnic type- who else is cares about booty like we do?
  • She hates interracial dating (black man w/ white woman) NOT because she’s pro-Black (which would be understandable), but because that white woman has a phat ass.
  • The only booty models she respects are the ones who ironically enough have obvious, FAKE ASSES- justification to get a fake one herself.
  • She can’t get dick from a steady man, for 1 year straight- a man normally leaves her for a woman with an ass 9 times out of 10.
  • Every man who dates her, NEVER checks out her ass, but is instead only looking at other women’s’ asses, while in her presence- a man normally leaves her for a woman with an ass. 
  • She always cites her best qualities are her eyes, or hair, or breast or teeth-  a man normally leaves her for a woman with an ass.
  • She thought her ass was the bomb, until she saw that her man doesn’t display ANY of the pictures of her posing with her ass out (which she sent him as a romantic gesture), on his phone or his computer, only pictures of many other women, doing the same exact ‘ass posses’-  a man normally leaves her for the woman he’s been chatting with,  who ironically enough sent him those ass pictures that he put on his screen saver, in the first place.
  • She thought her ass was the bomb, until she saw that her ass is really just the average look of regular white girls’ asses today-  a man normally leaves her for that white woman.
  • She has homegirls that are white, but because those white girls have ass, she won’t go to clubs with them, because they’re going to get all the black men- then of course this black chick plays the ‘COLORISM’ and self hatred card, on black men, claiming black men only like white skin, blue eyes, blond hair.. blah blah blah bullshit. Most times, YOUR ASS IS JUST NOT UP TO SNUFF, DEAL WITH IT, IT’S NOT A RACIAL THING.  At 4am, after the club lets out, she’s online looking for discount Botch-YOU-lism jobs and pills to increase her ass (half of the emails we get from chicks, come at this time of the day, WE SHIT YOU NOT!!!). lol
  • She’s a broke ass chick- did I mention that already? Well she’s a STUPID, BROKE ASS CHICK, who obviously doesn’t currently have health care (you better thank Obama), or she’d know how to research the medical proficiency of any doctors she goes to. Any smart person, with half a brain and access to health care, knows how to do this, and pick a good doctor, before letting that person tamper with their health!
  • She’d put her own vanity as “more important” than the well-being of her own children!
  • oh.. and most importantly, these are lazy pieces of shits who won’t even go work out to get a better butt, or just settle for being themselves, so they see these measures, listed here, that a client must follow- to the letter if hoping to avoid death and hospitalization, as EASY TO DO- so much so that many do it themselves. Look at this list, see how easy it is to do all this shit, in order to not get infected.


Practitioners who are prone to being hack, fake plastic surgery doctors who will perform Botch-YOU-lism, fit this profile:

  • Have no morals or sense of ethics- and didn’t even bother to watch the Star Trek episode where Doc says “I will not peddle flesh! I’m a physician.”- Return to Tomorrow.
  • Are Sociology majors- who are the number 1 group that works at McDonalds, after graduating (not before graduating interestingly enough).
  • You’re a broke piece of shit who can’t get a real job and gave up dreams of being a wannabe rapper, producer, beauty salon owner, or booty model.
  • They’re a former doctor who has been removed from the practice because he lost his license to practice medicine. So does covert operations, all surgical types, injections, whatever. This is still a way many poor, white chicks get breast implants!
  • If they are doctors, it’s only by title, like they’re Dermatologists and Sports Therapists- who are wanna be doctors who didn’t have the brains it takes to make it to medical school, which is why they wear scrubs like they’re fucking orderlies, and not lab coats like real doctors.
  • They’re most likely from Black or Latin  …and have very thin, sharply defined mustaches, gold chains showing from opened shirts with nasty ass overly-hairy chests, and roll their R’s way too fucking much and dance salsa while they do “operations”. If not that, it’s a bummy/slimy black guy, pretending to be some sort of Rap connected dude who gets women famous. Works on all poor, dumb women.
  • They’re carpenters when they get off of their day-time “Dr.” jobs.
  • DRs who paid over $1 million dollars to procure Hydrogel, but didn’t meet a return on investment, and are hocking it to side people, on black market or running side operations.



     These are just a few of the symptoms, but as you can see, the leading cause of the disease’s symptoms is insecurity of the women today. It’s comparable to ill4insecurities of men, as it relates to private parts. A man might have pride in his cockey and think it’s nicely size, but instantly feels very insecure because women tell him that he’s not big enough in that region, and that size matters.  Also, if a man isn’t wealthy enough, or tall enough, or diesel enough, then women would not give him play, and he develops a complex over it, or simply doesn’t get ladies like he wants.  Well men are now using a woman’s BOOTY to disqualify her, as something he’d not want to be with, and this is why many women are blaming men for this disease spreading wild.  Really, it’s just women are not being judged just as superficially as they’ve always judge men, and women are not liking being on the defensive now.  So if a woman was hyped up, thinking her ass was fine, and a man pointed out it’s sloppy and actually just really all special effects of her clothing, that woman would be crushed to nothing. She has built her whole, rock-solid persona, on a bed of marsh (that marsh, being her flat, sloppy, watery ass, of course)!  Now that ass is a hot asset of a woman, again, that brings focus on whether or not each chick does have a nice ass. Payback is a bitch, ladies, now YOU’RE under the microscope, the only difference between men and women, is that women are crazy enough to let their infatuation with vanity (which is why women are so superficial, when it comes to picking men, in the first place) cause them to go under the knife. Many try to use men as an excuse for this madness, but the risk is so extreme, unless a man is holding a gun to your head, no way you’d risk the consequences for even the best dick out there!!! There is another factor that is driving black women to the Botch-YOU-lism disease. Another reason to not blame men for this outbreak, is most of these women doing this are getting WORD OF MOUTH referrals from their girlfriends, and most of them are trying to make money off of faking men out, so men contribute money to the women, and that woman becomes famous!!!  In the black community, the silent root of this problem, is that black women were known for having the big, or nice asses, but all these other races and ethnicies are popping up with asses, left and right. If you’re a black woman, and your ass is wack, but some white chick has a nice ass and is getting all the play, now you’re jealous of that white woman, and mad that you’re not considered “cool”, because your flat, black ass is not adequate- the Angel Luv Lola’s of the world. Aww poor you. That particular woman is most likely to be the candidate for Botch-YOU-lism.  It is now easy for a hack doctor to advertise towards this group of women, if they know certain women exhibit the signs.


     So really, this group is a great pairing, for each other. The market promotes pairing a high, female-demand for fake asses, and there are more than enough hack plastic surgeons around who are unqualified to be proper physicians. The dumb, poor, fairytale-believing customer sees that some fake doctor is offering to do a surgery for dirt cheap, and that’s all that matters their logical brains. The patients cares not about anything that goes on, other than the end results. Well, there is a reason that many American plastic surgeons don’t want to do work in the ass area, there is a HUGE rate of failure, high rate of infection, and the lawsuits would be through the damn roof. So like most exploitation, hack doctors go through unofficial channels and exploit that weak and uneducated!  Anyone who is licensed to do this kind of surgery properly, charge a fortune to do it!  Most people can NOT afford that, and the type of injection would be with FAT.  If they put in implants, depending on the shape of the ass, it might not look right, and is also still expensive. So broke ass chicks can’t do these types of surgeries, at least not in America. This is why you see so many women trying to go to South/Central America, to get ass surgery. It’s CHEAP, compared to what Americans would do surgically, but is it really safe?  Those foreign countries are not under any laws that we have in America, they have their own laws, and lord knows if they cover foreigners well. What guarantees do you have if you go there for your craze in Botch-YOU-lism, and it goes as we know it will, WRONG?  Apparently, many women do not give a damn, and they’re signing forms, WRITTEN IN SPANISH, although they don’t speak/read Spanish- nowadays they have English forms since foreign clientele has picked up from USA and Europe. lol  I know you don’t believe this, you think ALL of these women who go for surgeries of the ass, properly look up the credentials of each doctor who is to perform the surgeries. You think that these women are studying the techniques that are involved in the ass augmentation, and know whether or not the fake assery is going to be by injection or insertion, don’t you?  You think these women properly research the whole medical procedure, all legal documents are ready by their lawyers, etc… and assure themselves that their health is not at jeopardy by cosmetically inserting foreign substances into their bodies… but let me ask you this, do you believe all of these women can afford trips to foreign countries, the costs of the procedures themselves, the post-op therapy costs, the lawyers who guarantee you and will represent you in that foreign country, etc, prior to going for surgery?  Well if they had all that money to spare,ButtockImplants uhmmm why are they going way the fuck to foreign countries to get ass augmentation, when we have expensive Drs.  right here? Why are these women trying to get LOANS to do the ass surgery?  Oh you didn’t know that?  Guess where they go to borrow the money?  Many “no credit necessary” cash-loaner services like this one here. You can get your loan money in less than 2 hours!!!!  Services like this are the top way broke chicks are getting money for surgery. You think these women are looking up the medical proficiencies of these doctors themselves? NOPE. Look, 2 clicks I found some easy ways to check licensed practitioners.  That’s all it took, and a check to see if the Dr. is on the board and society of plastic surgeons, but that’s HERE IN THE USA.  How are they doing this for the Doctors in foreign countries?  Makes you go hmmmm right?  Obviously that same exists for each country, but do you think people taking shortcuts are trying to be efficient? lol They’re doing NONE OF THIS, and that’s what makes this BOTCH-YOU-LISM, a practice of willful-Ass Mutilation!  The stupidity of this is many chicks aren’t really getting any real change in the ass either. You think everyone gets a ghetto booty, but a lot of times there really isn’t but so much noticable difference, the ass STILL LOOKS UGLY after the surgery!!!  Like these:

ill2 illl 


     The madness of Botch-YOU-lism hasn’t even begun to peak, here in the USA, it’s just beginning, and you surely don’t need to go overseas to find the stupidity associated with it. For instance, in New Jersey, just this month, there was a case of Botch-YOU-lism that involved the typical stupid groups of clients and fake-doctors. You know that the ass implants involve inserting silicone pads, into the ass, underneath some ass flab, which causes they ass to bulge. Well that material costs a lot, and each and every one of those pads has a serial number on them (I learned that by watching CSI lol). If a hack doctor (especially one who has lost his license and does covert operations) were to use this, he could easily be tracked down. So the former-doctor type hacks try to stay away from using this.  Since this doctor with a bit of proficiency tries to avoid this whole area, the street-level hacks step in to service the masses’ asses. Here is where their medical proficiency comes into question of the hacks. Figuring that a silicone pad can make a booty look full, these intelligent, “well-trained” doctors decide to get a tube of CAULK (yes the caulk you use to seal your bathtub tiles at home), and insert THAT into their patients’ ass cheeks. Caulk is silicone too, so the medical training has taught these hack doctors that if they just skip the protective bags of silicone implants, and inject silicone directly into the skin of the women, to fuse with the ass fat, blood, cells… nothing bad could ever happen, cheap procedure, easy money in the bank. LOOOOL  BOTCH-YOU-LISM, people… that’s what it’s called. And that’s exactly what they did to a woman in New Jersey, shot her up with caulk and she became hospitalized immediately after the experiment. After a pattern popped up, it was revealed that 5 other women had been hospitalized, in the same span of time, with the same infections in the ass area. We now have serial BOTCH-YOU-LISM practitioners, in New Jersey. CBS news broke the story, earlier this month. There is a medical-grade silicone that some doctors use, but most would NEVER touch that stuff, in America! To insert any foreign materials into your backsides… what did you expect to happen?  If you get any of this into your bloodstream, you’re dead in minutes.  Considering that even if you got A BUBBLE OF AIR INTO YOUR VEINS, you’d die almost immediately, why would women let nutjobs insert needles into them???  So a total of 6 ‘light and dark skinned’ women were hospitalized for this.  I know people who work at the hospital, they said the women were mostly Dominicans (Domi chicks have no asses, especially not in bigger sizes, and certainly not in DR) and African Americans. The reason they did it? They saw the surgery was cheap and they didn’t have to travel to South America! LOL  The result was boils, holes in their butts like moon craters, tissue infection, skin infection and the worst part of this… THE OPERATIONS TOOK PLACE IN HOTEL ROOMS ALL THROUGHOUT NEW JERSEY!!!!!!   LOOOOOOLLL    Not in medical labs, or hospitals, but in goddamn HOTEL ROOMS.  Most times, these guys are going to the hardware store and buying the bathtub caulk and putting it in these ladies’ asses, but telling them it’s HYDRAGEL. Why would a hack, scam artist buy expensive Hydragel when he can get some fake shit at Home Depot and maximize his profits? DUHHH!!! And chicks don’t even look at the labels on the tubes. lol   Even to this day, the fake booty doctors have NOT BEEN CAUGHT!!!!    BOTCH-YOU-LISM, people.  Similar teams of hack doctors have been spotted in other states, like Philadelphia. Peep the undercover investigation, below!

View more news videos at:


     We should point out that Botch-YOU-lism is NOT limited to the USA.  Many think this, but this is a global problem since many idiot clients and hack doctors exist. When I told a guy that NJ butt story (who claims to be a doctor), he told me that I was stupid because injecting silicone wouldn’t kill you and that it’s medical-grade so it’s safe. He said HYDROGEL is what many use, especially black booty models- which, ONLY that part, he is correct about. So we will now hip you to the reason I’d surely not go to him, as a professional in the medical field, EVER. I put him on to another death, in the ass augmentation field, that happened 3 months ago. Now these NJ women could have died, like the ex wife of pop singer, Usher, almost died, while doing ass surgery in South America. Someone actually DID DIE who was semi-famous,  in Argentina. The sexy model, and former Ms Argentina (1994- note the year), Solange Magnano,


tried to get ass augmentation. That chick was BONEY, but had a gorgeous face, but obviously, feeling the crunch of being a flat-asses Latin model, who was OLD (38 years old at the time of death), she got surgery to augment the ass, and died flat, just 3 days after!  We told you, previously, that flat ass is a huge problem, in Latin America, ever since the recognition of LATINO, instead of HISPANIC and that the BRASILIAN BUTT LIFT was the number 1 operation in this area. So Solange went under the knife, searching for a Brasilian Butt Lift, and guess what, some ‘injection’ she got, cost her her life! So as I pointed out to this dumb ass doctor, that silicones and crap mixed with blood and tissue, does not make a great mixture for the body. Also, older people don’t recover from plastic surgery quickly, or even as well as younger people. For Solange, it contaminated her body, all the way to the lungs and heart! She died from the mixture of the injection with her body. The worst part, she was a mom, knew the risks of surgery, and STILL did it. Now she’s twin 7 year old children she’s left behind, and a faithful husband who didn’t need her to change ANYTHING! WHY, Solange, WHYYYYY?????  Botch-YOU-lism, people.


     Ok we made a joke a while ago, what if you saw an ASIAN woman with a nice ass, would you automatically assume it was fake? chinabuttx-209x300fakeasian-183x300  DON’T EVEN FAKE LIKE YOU’D NOT DO THAT, WE ALL WOULD! lol Sorry my Asians, it’s just like that. We joked about that previously, but it wasn’t a joke last year, not in the Philippines. They saw all these asian chicks becoming infused with Botch-YOU-lism, and we, in America, are not the only ones who become suspicious when Asian women pop up with that ass like CACCAAOOOOOWWWW out of nowhere. Authorities become super suspicious after seeing too many chicks with ass, and investigated. One very notable case was last year, again, some old ass woman, like literally, OLD-ASSED Filipina who became infected with Botch-YOU-lism. This woman was 40 years old and supposedly the case got so heated that the GOVERNMENT of the Philippines stepped in to investigate. What they found was that a former doctor, of a reputable medical practice, had administered an ass augmentation procedure that they called HYDROGEL injections. The conspiracy is that it was administered to many women, by a reported top medical team called BELO, and they prefer Hydrogel.  Now, you’re thinking, if regular, women can afford that in Phillipines, then why the hell did the women in New Jersey go cheap and use the hacks who used regular caulk from Home Depot?  Hydrogel is about $5 per CC (at its cheapest) and the average ass needs 500 CCs per cheek, so that’s $2,500 per ass cheek! Then you have to pay an additional cost to hire someone to massage the shit in VERY WELL. It is a thickening gel, someone has to evenly spread it, and has to be a pro or your shit is doomed. Remember those “massages” that Kim K was getting in those videos? They told you it was for lipo, yeah fucking right. She got this kind of injection because her ass fluctuates so much- Hydrogel wears down after a year and half and must be massaged regularly.  Also, Hydrogel is EXPENSIVE for a Doctor to purchase, especially since no one approves the crap if they have any sense. It would cost them over a million dollars to order it, which means they’d have to do a lot of surgeries with it- so those who did buy it, might find ways to offload it, like reselling to hacks. That doctor who did this to the 40 year old woman, is one of those greedy practitioners who needs to make his money back for his investment, and does hack jobs on the ass!  Well the ladies in the Philippines are high on Botch-YOU-lism now, and want the gel since it’s the cheapest option they know.  Most smart, American doctors won’t do use Hydrogel because it creates a bacteria, when injected, but that doesn’t stop prominent medical offices overseas from using it!  If that bacteria spreads too fast, you’re DEAD!!!!  That 40 year old Filipina had that happen, but luckily she made it to a real doctor because she’s actually a prominent business woman with money, so she had access to good doctors. Anyone else there would have already been dead! So there you have it, even those not known for caring about having an ass, SUDDENLY will risk their lives to get temporary ass augmentation.  See how illogical it is? It affects you no matter the ethnicity or social standing, or economic level! So why would an old, prominent, business woman, try to get ass surgery? Botch-YOU-lism, people!




     This is why Botch-YOU-lism is a serious disease, you just don’t CARE about the most likely negative possible outcome, in hopes of getting the less likely (perceived) positive possible outcome.  All logic goes out of the window, in hopes of achieving a form of beauty, over your life and people you might leave behind. In greater numbers, black women are the ones more susceptible to it. Just like a guy going out there and taking ExTENZE pills to make his penis bigger, black women are going stupid over this plastic surgery to enhance what they’ve been stereotypically known for (their asses). Just like a black guy is stereotyped as having a large penis that he has to use a Hefty Bag as a condom for, the black woman is stereotyped for having that ass that pops out like POW.  Now, god forbid you are a black man who is not ‘BLESSED’ down below, a black woman will laugh you out of the bedroom, and you’d be gossip for all her friends, unbeknown to you.  Now, it’s not so funny for many black women, now that the “nice ass” stereotype is not matching up with the sloths that America is producing nowadays, due to poor diets and lack of exercise. You’ll see a lot of women who are trying this ass augmentation, especially the DO IT YOURSELF versions, are ones who have huge, fat guts, try to get this ass injection thing going, because their butts are flat or nasty, but their guts are huge. The rule is YOU CAN’T HAVE A GUT BIGGER THAN YOUR BUTT! So these fat chicks try to not lose weight to even-out their bodies, they try to get an even bigger ass, so you don’t pay attention to their guts. they walk down the block looking like the shape of a damn chicken, stomach protruding one day, ass the other. That shit is NOT HOT!  Ladies, if you suspect you might be this type of chick, if your man only wants to hit you in doggy style, YUP, you’re that kind of chick! Then, the next likely top candidate is the chick with a pretty face and ok to hot body, but lacking ass. She needs an ass to be complete, and is full of herself already, but when someone points out her flat ass, she gets all depressed. She’s surely signing up for this shit, and will spend WHATEVER to do it. Yes, Mellie, I’m looking at you!  Then you have a bunch of boney chicks, who aren’t as exciting to fuck because, well, there’s nothing to grab on to. They’re like a glory-hole with legs, really. They don’t look hot in clothing, not to most ethnic types, they’re just skin and bones. Then you have women who have no personalities at all, are ugly, have no skills, and need something to earn themselves money, or at least a man. If that chick has no nice ass, well, she’s definitely screwed.  There is nothing about her that is appealing.  Many are quick to blame a man, as the source of the insecurity, but it has more to do with a woman’s own self esteem, than pleasing some man. Who’d risk their immediate life, by doing this HYDROGEL augmentation, knowing it’s temporary, just to please some dude who’d boning them?  Get real, that’s a lame blame game, these women are screwed in the head!  If a man isn’t wealthy, tall, diesel, etc… you won’t give him play either. So you’re as guilty of being superficial. Still, men press on, regardless and evolve to please by other means. Women don’t evolve, they take chances with their lives, instead. These women are rubbish, who have no self respect, nor self confidence or esteem, yet want to play in the SUPERFICIAL VANITY world, where she could look hot to everyone. The previous 2 stories were of women who are getting up in the age, who already had their babies, but many of these women trying to get the ass surgery are YOUNG and most likely to have more babies. That injection really does fuse with the body, you can and will have health complications.  So younger women getting this, and then having babies, later, are seriously putting the future children at risk for serious health defects!!  There is a price to pay for this vanity, and it’s your life. THAT is the culprit, which ultimately, the finger is pointed at women themselves, their own obsession with vanity.  If you’d look at a man, as a loser, for trying to falsely inflate his ego, going all out just to try to falsely make himself physically hot, then you should look at yourselves in the same light, because we surely are, and you look disgusting and pitiful if you’re doing this kind of crap. If you found out your man’s muscle chest and abs were implants, not there because he works out or naturally is built like an athlete you’d like to reproduce babies with, based on what you thought were his natural genes, what would you think of this dude? or if he was bragging about his cockey’s size, and his ego is through the roof, but you know it is falsely modified?  Exactly, Straight losers, and that’s how we’re viewing you! Getting injections into your bodies, swallowing all kinds of foreign pills into your body, all in hopes of getting a fatter ass?  You’re idiots, damaging your bodies. Hell, I’d never so much as take a supplement to workout!

…and just to think, thanks to Obama and the Health Care Laws, WE ALL will be paying for the medical fall out, and hospital bills of the dummies falling victim to BOTCH-YOU-LISM! Oh yes you will be, because there will be many more reports of these failures from a bunch of broke ass, uninsured poor chicks who have dreams of being HOT by way of artificially inflating their asses! 


     Ass Enthusiasts and Ass-straggers, we’ll leave you with these videos, as a reminder, we men want to see a nice ass, but NOT AT THIS COST, LADIES!!! Get some fucking sense to yourselves, and get it together! You’re turning into goddamn Trannies! The worst part is this is NOT REVERSABLE if you let it into your body. It’s chemically there forever. You can’t take this stuff out, it’s not actual implants. It destroys bodily functions, over time and I’d advise any man to not serious end up with a chick who does this. I know you dumb, only good for dick, dudes don’t give a shit, whether or not a chick gets this ass augmentation, but for you good dudes out there, take heed to what we’re saying. Her medical health is at risk, which will put a dent into your future with her, and if you make kids with her, your kids are at risk of genetic defects! If anything, think about your kids, man!!!