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Is there anything wrong with shots like this?Seems so innocent, seems so full of playdough, but most shots like this are just all FLUFF!  While that’s a fat ass up there, it’s effect is no different from this (below).…and that’s not so hot (check the shape of the back of the legs vs butt)! But we know that YOU like it! Read on…

You should probably read these two piece:  THIS and THIS TOO , especially that latter, for a good understanding of why women are doing a lot of these poses we will address today.  We talked about some of the silliness going on today, with women who don’t want to work on building a booty with exercise to compliment the fat they might have, and their overeating (on purpose) tactics to try to gain booty.  The booty they hope to gain is mostly GIRTH based, to get the 3-D look to the booty, hoping it will be big and full, but they’re not getting that, which is very hard to gain in a nice collection of fat if you just keep eating.  Genetics play a big role in whether or not your booty will scale from a nice smaller but nicely rotund form of a booty, to a bigger and fuller version of it. These kinds of fat gaining techniques might work for a few, but eventually gravity will conquer them and they’re left with asses that need a forklift to look presentable.  Then you have the great majority of asses out there, trying to get bigger, which were sloppy and not even in good zone at a smaller size, but who overeat and hope to get a nice round Ghetto Blaster booty (which never happens).  So because so many ladies are failed in their goals to overeat to gain booty, and surely won’t hit a gym to bulk up the booty with muscle, many who can’t get GIRTH are simply opting to aim at gaining WIDTH, meaning they’re hoping to get a WIDE ass.   Some of these ladies do hit the gym but not on BEAST MODE like they claim and they use gym machines which mostly make the legs more huge and don’t work the ass at all!   These women make a wide body with very hard fat and maybe some muscle under the legs but rarely get that muscle on the ass because that take movement that the static machines won’t provide.  You wonder “who the hell wants a wide body?” Well no one, but these ladies are thinking that if they get wider in the lower regions of hips, butt and legs, that someone will think they are THICK and have a big butt.  They know they’re not going to gain the big butt by girth, because their genetics are making a droopy and wide backside that runs into the legs without clear definition of booty vs legs, and hope any onlooker will not be able to identify what is what.  So if you can’t identify legs from ass, then it’s easy to run a whole different game of tricks on you, to make you think there is booty, where there clearly is NOT any real booty.

Today, we’ll cover this particular trickery that is ruining the booty appreciation game, where these women are now trying to go WIDE on the backside, because they don’t have the genetics – or dedication- to get a bigger butt with their techniques of gaining fat to get a bigger booty.  Someone forgot to tell these ladies that you can’t just eat and gain it only in the booty, you gain fat in other places too, and you’d be lucky if you only gained it in the booty and not any other place.  We get a lot of write-ins asking us to verify the look of the people writing in, and others, so we’ll cover some of the tricks tried on us, and YOU, with regards to trying to make us all believe that there is booty where there is not.  The BACKSHOT is the number 1 trickery shot that we get, and we see, when someone is trying to fool the camera.  This is the shot you should recognize from SEND YOUR PICS,  and the Backshot profile shot shows just a 2-D shot from behind, no hints of depth in the shot, the body is just flush with the camera.  Because the shot is taken like this, find that people really are most confused about it, or afraid to take Backshots, without the comfort of the trickery, because they don’t get to really show off a booty, unless there is amazing curvature to the Ass Smile- otherwise, most women are smart to avoid this shot if trying to show off the booty. The backshot looks like a plain shot to many, boring to people who don’t see a lot of booty meat all over the place, but many times you can’t make out what is what from back to booty to legs, and many people just want to see a huge collection of meat then and they will hope their brains can make out what is what (an obvious brain flaw).  This brain flaw is used to trick you, and most women know even if on a subconscious level, that they’re doing these tricks because they hate how plain Backshots look.  Others are using the brain flaw of you hoping to see a lot of fat in this shot, and then assuming because that woman is WIDE, that she is THICK with ASS, to their advantage, to get praise where it doesn’t belong.  Because so many women are getting so fat, and legitimate nice asses are becoming ruined by the leg fat growth that is absolutely out of control today, many lazy women are resorting to a few tricks to falsify their asses as they GO WIDE. This is not always evident in other shots like Sideshots, but there are tricks there too!  We’ll highlight a few people tried on us, and we see a lot, online.


A 7 foot butt? WTF?

So you ladies want to go for the dumpy look now, in hopes of someone mistaking you for being THICK, and mistaking you for having a nice and big ass? Go ahead, it’s a free world, but understand that young men do NOT want that shit, only old dudes and dudes who are hard up looking for easy targets.  That video there is what many ladies hope to look like when they overeat but are they really trying to get that when the rest of the body is gross too?  Just because she threw a wig on she’s hot now?  Same formula many women are following now. If you’re in your 20s and you’re dumpy like a 40 year old woman, you’re going to be WORSE looking than a 40 year old woman when you get that age, because you’re only going to continue the fat mudslide buildup you have now, for another 20 years!  Dudes look at that and know you’re only a temporary stop.  You don’t like the look and guys don’t like the look, and that leads many of you to resort to tricks because you’re not willing to reverse the look you know you hate.  This Grimace from McDonalds look needs to stop and you have to stop banking on leg fat growth making a butt for you.  You are also forgetting how fat you’re getting elsewhere in the body too, it doesn’t just all go to the legs you know.  You’re just adding droop.  Some of you ask us “if my ass isn’t the hottest out here and I’m all fat and shit then why do I get so much dick on the reg????” (actual question written to us).  That’s not so easy to answer, as there are many reasons you could be approached by men who want quick sex.  We get a number of these, from women whom are Pear Shaped, and not that that’s a bad thing, but when it’s too much so, like all the fat is dripping down the body, but they think they have the hottest asses ever because they’re fat in the legs too, well it’s cause for alarm.  Along the same line, many women ask us why do men keep calling them “thick” if they’re shaped like humpty dumpty, but again, your body type gives off a lot a signals that you probably didn’t notice.  The Pear Shape can be sexy if it’s in a good form and maintained, but if you look jump plain dumpy, then many dudes who like low hanging fruit will crowd you.  Oh yeah, they’re not intimidated by you, and hope you are thinking you also look like shit, then they swoop in and tell you that you’re thick and the hottest shit out there.  They know you know you’re dumpy, but you buy it and you give up the ass quick!  Your dumpy body gives off signals, and it also gives the appearance of a boring and inactive lifestyle!  Guys see these THE FAR SIDE looking bodies and think immediately to take advantage because secretly everyone knows you’re insecure about that dumpy body that just sags and screams sadness. So if you’re trying to work on building this sloppy body on purpose, you should understand what it communicates to men.   Let’s quickly illustrate the body you ladies are going for with this leg fat growth (to add to the booty fat you’re hoping to gain), and then just freeze on the picture to see if the look does not scream out a message at you…

As you can see in that to the left, if you didn’t see those huge saddle bags, you’d probably have a nice, big butt right there, and one that was probably more perky and positioned higher up on the backside. The major problem there is that the saddlebags on the sides of the legs are out of control, but maybe YOU don’t think so.  See, a lot of people shown this picture, said she had a really nice big ass and there is nothing wrong with the body, but mostly OLDER men said this was absolutely perfect in the booty area.  Younger dudes said they’d hit it, but wouldn’t stay. lol  Either group though said the ass was “OK” to “HOT”.  Observe the pic again though, look at how long that backside looks here, it looks like that lower half of the body doesn’t even belong to the top part of the body!  That is due to the ass drooping and the fat from the legs widening the body, it’s like fat just rolled downhill and dripped down like melted wax.  That combination of leg/hip/butt fat gain creates a bad PEAR SHAPED body, and to no surprise to anyone, you don’t know where the ass cheeks are in all of that.  The brain flaw takes over here, and says ALL OF THAT WIDENESS is booty meat, and you don’t notice that this body had PEAKED in terms of the fat it was supposed to take on, because you can see it ruining what might have been a great body! She’s gone way over the limit, and lack of definition is the teller.  How can that be when everything you see fans down and out, everything is really low on the backside and the clumps of leg fat clearly have destroyed whatever shape those ass cheeks used to have.  The widest part of the body is the point where the leg fat extends, and it protrudes out to the sides further than her shoulders even line up!  Ultimately you end up with a bunch of women who are shaped like the cartoons from THE FAR SIDE comics or grimace because it’s not a good and natural look.  And a lot of women are under 5′ 9″, so they really really look dumpy and stumpy but they still insist on this look.  It looks like a creature that isn’t real because the shape is not a womanly shape that screams someone who is enthusiastic or excited about her life.   When we showed these types of shots to fans, mostly only women admitted that they did not like the backshot of a woman who had saddlebags like this, especially women whom currently have this shape.  Women know much better than men that this is not genuinely a good look for their backsides, and only pretend like it’s hot if they can get away with it.  Women know they shouldn’t do backshots if they look like this, because women know that it’s not good when you don’t know where the booty or the legs and back end, so women are doing a bunch of tricks, now that they are WIDENING and it didn’t get the results of a big booty, as they falsely predicted.  They don’t like that their leg fat growth has completely overtaken and overshadowed the booty mean, … so they resort to the many tricks it takes to fake like there is separation.  When women know they don’t like what they look like, they resort to tricks!

Now we will say here, there are a great many dudes saying that they couldn’t be fooled by any of the evolved tricks that ladies do to fake booty, but we found out that they actually didn’t know when they were being tricked or not, beyond wearing tight clothing.  So we broke some of the not so obvious tricks to people, and they said that women couldn’t possibly pull off the tricks we are about to get into, by laying out these various tricky techniques. Since these guys didn’t believe, we decided to give breakdowns of the trick, because these guys couldn’t believe it was happening, and surely didn’t think they could be tricked (and 90% on average were!). When women want to trick you, they can go all out and be sneaky.  Pay attention to those backshot pictures women are sending you, or sharing, there are a bunch of tricks to look better than it really is!

What a bunch of woman want you to do is see their backside and eliminate all the things that are messing up the backside, by you ignoring everything faulty, or by hiding it from your site. So women want you to only focus on the shape of their cheeks and essentially want you to see only see this kind of vision with each shot.They want you to only look right at the ass cheeks, and block out the big legs, but if you did that, would you think women like these, in these kinds of shots, actually had nice asses?  Is that a nice ass if you ignored the things that eroded the definition of the booty curvature?  Of course it’s not a nice ass then, but without wearing assless chaps to block out things (or just color out the bad parts like we did here), women have a few better tricks you should be aware of, to accomplish essentially the same thing.  If your legs are nasty, you might want to block them out optically to a guy, or if they’re loose and wobbly, you might want to throw on leggins and compression, to make them look tight.  These little tricks get translated across the board, because a lot of ladies don’t like how they look, so rather than work on themselves, they’ll try to trick you into thinking they’re hotter than they are- by trying to mask the same things they’re insecure about.  Let’s walk through a common problem that leads to heavy trickery.

The most common woman trying tricks is the woman who is getting wider/fatter and has no real separation of booty and legs. There are too many women who are meant to be smaller in body, and there is no real definition to their backsides.   In this example, we’ll present a lady who has a good overall figure, with a taper at the waist and a little hip action.The hips being bigger than the waist is a good start, but you can see, this is a Pig Tail with fat legs and no booty defined. Because there isn’t much booty meat, no bulb, no anything recognizable, this picture looks very unexciting. Women HATE taking shots like this, in that scenario, a lady with this body will definitely try the techniques we’ll mention shortly, because she needs to create separation of booty and legs. She could go do work like we mention in BUILD A BOOTY, but nooo she’s too lazy to do that or she’d not be in this situation in the first place.

So they will try to dress it up but many times fall flat when trying to hide the body that is not on par like below.How effective is this backshot in highlighting her booty for you? It fails, it’s showing too much skin but nothing is attention getting when showing.  Time to cover up a bit, is what most sane people would think, but a lot of thirsty dudes and disillusioned chicks might still think it’s thick because she’s wide. Ladies know better though, they don’t like it, it’s not appealing because that ass is wack. You see there is no good bulb, ass creases are terrible, that Mystery Space is also too wide. Ladies reported if their backside is like this, they’re not taking the pic, or they would do tricks.  So some admitted that they’d throw some stocking on and the most common trick is to end up taking a shot like this.

Ladies admitted that they’d just cover up the legs more, with sexy stockings, and close in on the space around the booty.  They’d highlight the wideness of the booty with the exposed skin, but the pantyhose would make it so you would look at the ass only, and ignore the leg space.  Interesting. Still something’s missing, right?  The exposed skin still isn’t exciting.

That’s where the BASIC tricks come in!

The “GRANNY’S PANTIES” fake outs (oldest trick in the book)

First of all, there is no one under fucking 25 years of age who is turned on by this kind of shit with garter belts and fishnet stocking and that bullshit. When a young dude sees a chick in this crap, he takes if off immediately and gets at that poon!  That bullshit dress up stuff is for older guys who have older women and need to fool themselves into thinking she’s hotter than she really is, and hopefully jump-start his tired dick from looking at the same uninspiring shape she has.  So there is something going on here that obviously we all KNOW is designed to trick you into wanting to fuck her because she is somehow transformed into someone hotter by COVERING UP a lot of stuff you don’t want to see, and showing you only what you do want to see.  It’s almost pathetic when you think about a woman wearing this crap, but it’s part of many women’s nighttime act to get her wheel’s squeaked. Not our cups of tea, but whatever floats your boats, people.  You’ve seen countless women in these garters but you might not have noticed the evolution of the purpose of these garters. Yes, they are meant to cover up shit no one wants to see and only reveal what a guy thinks is relevant, while a woman gets to feel comfortable about her belly not jiggling all over the place all day, but as the woman gets fatter, more work needs to be done to trick today’s guy. Here are the tricks behind this old folks method of hiding what you don’t want someone to see.  Some of you might be saying that you like the garter system, but you’re likely talking about seeing it on skinny women, women who don’t really need it to hide undesirable body parts. That’s when it became sexy, to see women who don’t need all that on, wearing that getup. You don’t look at the fat woman and skinny woman wearing the same outfit the same way.  Because so many women are so fat though, this old model has to evolve to get more people to like the garter system on fatter women.


The simplest form of this is this pic.

You don’t believe anything is going on here, but there is trickery.   The boring bodies mentioned earlier put on the garter system and begin tricking.  Optically, you see a full, sexy booty… or do you?

As the women widened, the garter system didn’t appeal to guys who didn’t like fatter women, because it failed optically to appeal to a broader audience, especially those who didn’t like all that skin busting out and straps that shit that really did look like you needed suspenders to hold up the whole outfit. To give you an idea of what fatter women in the garter system did to the minds of guys who like the size, we present this below.As you can see, if you’re a fan of meat and space of skin, this is your thing. Widening women wearing what we’d like to now call the hooker getup, works the same way it does for guys who like looking at wide space on women, who are fully clothed, and then think it’s THICK.  With the woman bending over, and a slimmer top that her widening body, it was a win for the women pulling it off, and the men who like this soft of widening thing.

And as slimmer woman began to get fatter, then that’s when things got interesting.  If the woman got fatter but wasn’t super obese, the optics changed dramatically. Normally you’d only see super skinny or super fat women in the garter system but some chicks who might actually be ‘thick’, were faux-thick, or  even nicely shaped plumpers wore the outfits, and began the trickery evolution.The outfit changed with the times, with the aim being the same: cover up what you don’t want to be the focus, but also visually carve out booty shape/size that doesn’t really exist. You can see the fat chichos are covered and the Mystery Space is smashed in with the top of the system, but look at the ass cheeks being created by the design of the garter getup here. It’s making you think all that area is booty meat, then the straps make you think the body of the woman is confined to that little space inside the two straps that hold up the stockings. If you didn’t know better, you’d not see that the outfit suggests the booty is bigger than it really is and the body is smaller than it really is. Look where we drew the legs seemingly ending out the outside of the left leg. That visually translates into a smaller woman on a guy who thinks that booty meat is where we drew it.  If you have a smart eye though, you can see where this system fails bigger bodies, in its original form.

As the women get wider and leg fat grows wider, this garter system takes a major hit. The stockings are not supposed to be high up on the leg, so leg fat and hips are pocking out width wise as women get wider.  In the garter system, you can see where the traditional trick falls apart now.

As the woman gets fatter, the straps that hold up the stockings must must go WIDER, and they can’t be the stringy fashion or it cuts into the leg fat too much, making the leg fat very very obvious and you will see that most backsides are not real booty meat. The straps also take a lot of strain when connecting to the stockings, and for this, a lot of women will take pics with the straps unfastened, because they hurt and they also don’t want you to notice the leg fat plumpness being highlighted. So a wider strap is to make indentation of leg fat less obvious. The wider strap can also be positioned better on the saddlebags, and they will hold in place, when the woman is trying to convince you that the leg fat is actually booty meat. The most she cuts into the leg fat with the straps, the more booty meat you think is there.  In the pic above, it fails because you can see the bulb of the booty is terrible and inconsistent on both cheeks. The ass creases are not the same and you can see the back of the leg fat has undone the bulb, and that the booty really ends where we drew the red “X”s.  That’s way too obvious of a view and you pick apart this ass real quick, even as an untrained eye.  Then you look at the saddlebags themselves and you can see they poke out too much if you have too much widening going on. You have to pick the best stockings to hide that, or you get a muffin top effect. So many women wore the stocking low on the leg, but with so much leg fat, you are doomed in this look.  So evolution had to take place for the flaws you see in this pic here.

This was the original technique to misdirect the guy into focusing only on what the woman wanted him to see, the POON and booty. She would cover up her fat gut with the corset and tie it tight to appear not so fat, then cover up her lack of ass crack formation with granny panties, then wear stockings that had suspenders that held up her stockings, because she had knobby knees and cellulite.  If your legs are scaly and ugly, those stockings were to remain on, and if your fat gut kept jiggling while having sex, the corset would keep it in place, plus keep that re-sutured C-section scar out of site.  Basically, the body was like 90% covered up and then the little bit of skin showing would turn them men on, having them wish to see more skin.  Well, it worked on old guys, but times changed and women became fatter and fatter, so tastes of many started to change. As bigger chicks became accepted into mainstream, then the whole undergarment scene had to be viewed completely differently now.   A woman who is skinny in this whole getup is not going to look the same as a fat chick in it, and since the system was designed to cover up part of the body that no one cared to see naked (which all participants in the act agreed on willingly), that morphed into trickery because women evolved.  You ended up with chicks who go wide, faking like they have a big ass, because you kind of had separation of the backside with this clothing trick.  Depending on how you optically divided the backside, you could make someone thing there is more ass there than really is there.  So many bigger bodied women started to wear this stuff, taking advantage of the original intention of covering up shit no one wants to see, and would expose the skin in areas to make the guy think “ooh it goes on and on forever, side to side” when looking at that ass. Sectioning off the ass into 3 parts, the straps that connect the corset to the stockings is used as a trick to optically widen the booty, making the wearer look like they had a full load of booty meat back there. But what do you do about the merging fat of the booty with leg meat?  In technique one, you can see how leg fat is ruining the bulb of the booty, and women know that without a bulb, that’s a bad look back there. Even fat, wide Pig Tails with a nice bulb can make a very good backshot in technique 1, but if your bulb is non-existent, and/or leg fat has undone your ass, you can’t pull off Technique 1 properly.  So the trickery begins… and multiple tricks have to be performed, in order to trick dudes if women insist on doing Technique 1 based foolery. However, she will need to strike with a combo of techniques today!

HIGH-LEVEL TRICKERY (Multiple techniques at once using Technique 1 as the base).

Sexy woman, nice shape for those whom like smaller top and large bottom…

But what you may not be noticing is this is some advanced trickery done here, in both the left and right shots.  What some are turned off by, they might not realize is because they’ve subconsciously done the analysis and didn’t like what was showing.   Those who are loving this but but not ALL of what’s happening here, they like the shape of the lady, they like her outfit but something still isn’t working for them.  And finally, those whom love the WIDENING of women are eating these shots up. They believe all that is pure thickness and booty meat. If people can see it all differently, then something’s amiss. This is high level trickery.  She’s using almost every trick in the book!  Here are the highlights we’ll touch up on now, which she borrows from other techniques we’ll get into.She’s using a LOT of tricks to pull off this optical display.  1) Mystery Space hidden to help waistline look better, 2 – 4) fake ass shape created, 5) Leg fat hidden and 6) made herself look wider and fully by spreading her legs.  Some key tricks here might not be so obvious, and you won’t find a lot of younger ladies doing these, as they’ve advance to trick you wearing less clothing! How is that possible, right???

The “PRETEND STRIPPER” fake outs

As times change, women start to show LESS, not more, so they got clever when trying to show you less. You’d think showing less would reveal more problems, which is why they went with the GRANNY PANTIES tricks, but today, women have evolved greater.  Women will try to make you think one thing, while dishing you another because misdirection is a major skill that is built into most women.  A very very common trick, to get a man excited, is play a little head game with him, making him think that she is delivering him something he really likes and is excited to see, but the misdirection is so freaking good, that when we quizzed most dudes, they had absolutely NO IDEA that their women were doing the fake outs not to just try to turn on their men, but to get him to not realize some major flaw in her booty game.  See, on the surface, most of these guys were lured in by women wearing tight clothing that she stuffed a bunch of fat into, but once she disrobed, she had that GRANNY PANTIES trick going, or more recently, she didn’t look as ‘thick’ or as tight in the body as she did in the clothing. So their women went on ahead with the trickery and now had to come up with a way to trick the dude into liking what he was looking when viewing her body nude or semi-nude, but still be slutty.  So when we let some sample women know that we know this trick, we were surprised to find out that many women claimed they didn’t know they were doing it, but did admit to having insecurities related to not having any real separation between legs and booty.  So the top semi-nude fake out is to present herself like she is wearing some STRIPPER GARTER BAND (where they place dollars) or BRIDAL GARTER (which the bride tosses to the crowd) that goes around the legs to get the man excited.  This is a modern adaptation of the Granny Panties fake outs,  because this gets YOUNGER GUYS all the time, where the full on garter setup does not really register with dudes under 25.  He sees the garter bands going around the legs and he associates it with strippers in the club, who use the stripper garter to stack dollar bills from the paying onlookers.  So a dude sees that and he is immediately turned on, he thinks his girl is pretending to be a stripper for him, because she knows he would really rather be out there fucking a real stripper.  She has these garters on both legs, she’s all up in your face, you like it because it’s all a bunch of flesh coming at you so quick, your brain flaw is putting the information together and associating someone you’re not really attracted to (your girl doing the tricks), with someone you are attracted to and would rather be fucking right now (the HOs in the street who likely strip at some club).  Guys like this crap, but do you know what your girl who has gotten too fat for her limited body, is really doing with these garters that she puts on the legs?  She’s playing a trick on your brain, exploiting that brain flaw!  They have tricks to cover up or over expose, and still can fool you, as they do most men… and just because more skin is showing, that doesn’t mean she can’t pull serious tricks on your brain still.

Some of our fans in the community were asked if they do tricks like this, and responded they didn’t purposely do tricks like this but admit that they have done photos like these.  They were shocked and said they subconsciously must have known about these tricks, and were insecure, so they started creating a fake bulb, or trying to make your bulb better than it really is.  A few even admitted that they purposely would do tricks to make their asses not look bad, and that  they were essentially doing the same things that the garter tricks are doing, but without the use of the garter and panties trick, to further fool dudes.  In this case, you’ll see a lot of women USING THEIR HANDS TO INDENT THE FAT IN THE LEGS TO MAKE THEM SEEM SMALLER, IN ORDER TO CREATE A FAKE BULB, OR MAKE A BAD BULB LOOK BETTER THAN IT REALLY IS. This indentation trick is very effective on untrained eyes because Ass Smiles are manipulated to look better with just finger placement.   Let’s step through some of these MANUAL manipulation techniques. See, where the Technique 1 failed in manipulating leg fat in relation to booty meat, all the other techniques have succeeded, yet they’re showing you more skin and most STILL DON’T SPOT THE TRICKS!


Can you spot the trick below?

Whereas the first technique was stolen by larger bodied woman and made into an instrument of deception by these same women, this next technique was one that evolved from this, and shares some of the same principals.  If you are not concerned with going wide, you want to update that very old style of undergarments of technique 1, but also want to mask your insecurities of what you’re lacking in the back, then you moved on to technique 2.  This is a trick stolen primarily from strippers, who used it for the same reasons your lady does it in the bedroom- get you to focus on what is important and overlook the bullet wounds in the surrounding areas.  Removing the corset (in most cases), then the straps that hold up the undergarments and act as suspenders for the stockings, the stockings themselves would become the major player in the trick to fool you into thinking something is there that isn’t really. Instead of dividing up the booty from west to east, the deception is dividing up the booty from north to south, using the STOCKINGS as the optical divider and giving the illusion that the woman is showing more skin because there isn’t the need for the suspenders on the stockings.

People (shown the picture above) said this wasn’t a trick, this is just an outfit.  Really? How is it any different than that pic where we drew blackened areas around the spaces we claimed women didn’t want you looking.  This technique is one that masks the legs, which likely look nasty or are not shapely, by compressing them in legging/stockings, but that added trick is to get ones that stop at where the bottom of the butt is supposed to be. These ladies hook these things in and pull up leg fat, while letting a droopy booty hang over the stockings. This droopage gives the impression of a fuller bulb, or even a bulb in general, because the stockings are telling your brain “this is where the legs begin/end, and anything above is ass!” They falsely drew an ass for you, where likely there isn’t much real, nice ass.  So rather than do the Granny technique, that ’s been updated to hide more body, but misdirect what you’re looking at to a point where you just agree that you’re looking at a bunch of ass with whatever they let hang out.  Using the stockings to create ass and ass creases is what’s basically happening, so they can cover up the parts they don’t want you to look at, and get you to only focus on the exposed skin. That combination fools a great many dudes, and we got em with a few examples.

These two helped open some close eyes.  You see it often, let’s break it down.  Ask yourself, why would women buy overly long stocking???  Here’s why!So here begins the technique sections that too many guys said doesn’t exist and that women do not do to create ass where there is no ass.  This trick starts off by doing what we said, it hides that nasty fat legs that no one wants to see, but in many cases, these ladies know guys like thick thighs, so whether or not that woman’s thighs are ugly is not the point here, but these things do create a look that the legs are thick, that’s not deniable. However, what we are highlighting is what these stockings are doing to manipulate the booty meat. First, take a look at the collection of fat that is making up what you think is the booty. Notice how lopsided the meat is and how uneven it’s distributed from left to right cheek. It’s pretty lumpy and isn’t a solid mound of meat. The stop started out like it was going to be nice and round, but the bottom just plumps up and is seemingly fatter than the top. How is that possible? Who has a bulb that looks fuller than the top of the booty, but the bulb isn’t really round and pronounced? Nobody, that’s who! So what is happening here is a fake bulb is being made, much like a muffin top is created in a pair of jeans that have a belt or button that is trapping stomach fat above the waistline. This woman has managed to use a bulk of leg fat, from the back of the leg, and mesh it with the lack of bulb at the bottom of the booty, to make a fake ass, giving the impression of a bigger, fuller butt! How did she do it? Look at the left leg, notice the color of the blue stockings, then notice a darker blue material at that top of the stockings, where the stockings end. That darker blue string material is a material used to tie off fat of the leg!  What she did was she pulled up the leg fat and then trapped some of it as it falls down over the blue tie-off point. That fat is tied up with the bottom of the ass, which there isn’t any bulb if you can do this combination trick, and she creates a fake bulb out of thin air. Notice how the bulb doesn’t look the same on either ass, and notice the sharp turn in shape on the left leg, of that bulb going into the stocking there. She can’t organize the fat to look symmetrical. So that is a clear example of trying to use the stockings to create a bulb and fuller ass, when you don’t really have that. The stockings are the optical divider of leg and ass, but in reality, she doesn’t have a good separation! So really, the mismatched ass cheaks are due to the fat tie-ups not tieing up the same amount of fat from each leg.  She’s bypassed the problem of saddlebags seen in Technique 1! She also ANGLED on you so you don’t get to peep the SADDLEBAGS much. Clever, 2 saddlebag reducing tricks in 1 shot.

Now let’s review another, but from the side because you need to understand how important this trick is, and how often it’s used.Here we have a side view of the same trick of using the top of the stockings to create that separation of leg and ass, making you believe a bulb is where is really isn’t and creating the illusion of a bigger ass. Here is a perfect example of what you see sooooo much of when looking at women who are faking like they have ass. The common tricks are used: heels (to force a woman forward which jacks her ass up higher in the air), arching/bending to push the ass out further, Kick Stand pose to push the butt more, concealment of start of ass (the black shirt covering up that big Mystery Space so you can’t see that none of that is the top of the ass), and then finally the tricks we highlight today, with the stocking.  She’s pulling out ALL of the stops to convince you here. Look at the stockings, aren’t they really too damn long for her? So these were purchased with the sole purpose of pulling off the trick of jamming them into the back of the leg, to create a bulb where there isn’t one. We highlighted that there isn’t any real booty meat here, and that tiny area we highlighted is ALL that is the booty meat, not anything above and below it. Inspect where the legs meet the bulb, that’s not a lot of indentation by the stockings, because they’re not THAT super strong to indent as much as she would like, but you can see that without those stockings, there isn’t any separation of booty and leg. That’s ALL the stockings’ effect on digging into the bck of the leg fat. Then she shows you the skin between the stockings trap and the bottom of her shirt, as if to lie to your brain saying “all that exposed skin is booty meat”. That is what most people said when we showed them, they were fooled! If she were not doing all these tricks, you’d see that ass was a FLAT PIG TAIL! This lady knows ALL of the tricks you can tell she’s been fooling them for ages.

Closely related to this trick, is a trick that morphed out of this but is another updated trick. Year by year, women start show more and more skin, it’s statistically proven.  With guys smashing anything and everything they see, no matter how it looks, more and more women are confident in showing off all kinds of shapes, whether they are good or bad. In saying bother of those sentences, more women are showing more skin but realizing they still have this problem of separation of booty and leg not being there, or just the fact that they have no ass period, that lead women to be a little more smarter than the previous women.  So this technique also became evolved, but the next trick you might not have even realized it, even if you frequent where the technique was born.  The trick with the stockings should have been obvious, but do you think people would be so easily fooled about the booty if you removed the stockings? You don’t think so because people think that if there is nothing covering up the legs, then you should be able to clearly see that there is no ass where there is no ass. Well, ladies have that trick covered too!


Take a look at this pic below, what turns you on about it?  Does this or does this not make you immediately think of A STRIPPER?
Of course it does! And your brain flaw fell for the trick without seeing what’s really happening here.
Now take a deeper look at the pic below (click to enlarge) to see what’s really going on…

No lie, this fooled MOST of the people shown it!   Most said that this body was ‘THICK’ and that this ass was a Ghetto Booty Elite or Apple Bottom and swore on it.  We asked them where the booty meat was and they drew the booty meat to be exactly what the model has set up to make you think is the real booty meat, that area that is trapped above the stripper garter!  What people did not immediately pan their eyes to was the huge dip in fat where the garters are placed!  These garters are placed conveniently right where the leg fat is at it’s peak in fatness, so the first part to this garter trick did it’s job, fooled most into thinking that the model’s fat legs are not as fat as they really are.  The second part to the trick is about creating a fake booty meat collection, which is achieve by trapping a collection of fat above the garters and plumping it up for the camera, so that the viewer will believe that anything north of the garter is real booty meat.  Why? Because you think that the garter is actually real separation of the woman’s body parts.  You see the black garter squeezing leg fat, you see a bulge of meat in the area you think is booty and you quickly pretend that she really has separation of booty and legs, when in reality she garter is used to create a false separation of booty and legs!  These legs are way too fat for the body, they’re too fat for the booty meat here, and it’s just one big fat mesh that if not for the garter would have no booty definition at all. The leg fat has eroded what was likely a nice collection of booty meat, a long time ago, but that butt has eroded!  People were calling this thick, but look at all the fat that is indented where the garter is at.  That’s all soft and loose fat, it’s not muscle or even thick fat propping up the legs. If the legs didn’t have the garters, we drew red lines where the leg fat would normally pop out to, and you can see, the leg fat growth has outpaced the booty growth.  So this trick creates separation, but is aimed at  trying to pretend like there is more booty meat by trapping the fat above the garter to be seen as plumper.  The final trick used is to spread the legs, creating the WIDER look, which when you see this much exposed skin spread wide, you think “OH THAT’S A THICK BODY WITH A BIG ASS”.  No, it’s the same tricks of really fat legs making you think you’re seeing a bigger butt. If that leg fat was in control, the ass might have looked like it’s trying to fool you, once ago, but leg fat destroyed this booty.  So this is a successful trick of going wider on you, she’s spread her legs to look WIDER, she’s become really fat in the leg area so she’s WIDER, she’s showing a LOT of open skin that is WIDER than her upper body because of the ANGLE of the picture (along with her slimmer top), and the garter completes the fantasy of you and the model, but you didn’t notice there was no ass definition without the garter’s fake ass crease creations.


Then there is the cousin to this trick, that is also really well used.  Can you spot what is happening?

Simple pic of a woman with nice tan, skin showing, displaying that nudity but ooooh there are some panties on… wait why are there panties on when you’re basically NUDE already?

Take a better look at what’s happening though.

You see the pose and you like it, you see her skin and features like hair she is running her hair through and the nudity you are immediately drawn into, but what is the trick going on here?  You immediately should have been drawn to the panties, as your brain should have said “wtf are those panties in there for when you’re basically already naked?”  Note though that the panties did not OBSTRUCT your vision of the woman at all, so your brain ignores this ‘flaw’ in the photography of your horny spank bank (your head).  That female redirection thing is in full swing here.  She is posing by arching her back to try to not look so fat back there, because her Mystery Space is long and flat but pudgy.  The arching is pushing her ass out more than it would normally sit, which was a very easy spot, so we know you at least caught that. She’s in the Kick Stand pose like we do in Send Your Pics to see the potential of the booty, and that makes that ass push out more too, we’re sure you caught that.  You did notice the position of the panties a long time ago, but do you know why they are where they are?  What we know you didn’t catch, like 85% of the people shown the pic, is why the panties are where they are doing what they’re doing. These panties are put there to give the sexual suggestion that she’s free and loose, yes, but the real intended effect was to trick you into thinking this ass, which doesn’t have very good separation of leg and ass, does have separation of leg and ass. Go back and look at those panties placement again, playa. The panties are pulled very tight, not naturally, but because she is doing the Kick Stand pose, forcing it to pull in the leg fat right underneath her droopy collection of Pig Tail fat!  It conveys the signal that she has a lot of leg fat to your brain, which you say “oh shit she’s thick, kid!!!” and much like the garter trick, you’re fooled!  She has positioned the panties to pull the fat from the back of the leg to CREATE A FAKE BULB to the ass, giving the impression of separation of leg and ass! What woman wants to do a Side Shot when it reveals that she has no separation of leg and booty? Not one! So the effect is as we highlighted in that pic, you think you’re seeing a nice and round Tear Drop, which you want to believe so much is there, because stereotypically, Latinas have the best pound for pound Tear Drop per capita. However, you’re seeing a Pig Tail that is blended seamlessly into the fat legs, which is also existing in Hispanics/Latinas more per capita than any other group.  You want to believe this is better than it is, you want to fall for the tricks of this being a thick tear drop given everything in this picture except the booty, but it just isn’t so, it’s a fake bulb created by the panties!

The cousin to that technique is to have some sort of stockings that go all the way up the leg.  Some ladies want to not go for the old school old lady look, so they want to wear some sort of masking of body parts they don’t like trick, but without going full garter belts with stocking and the corsets and shit.  So they use some of the pieces from that old lady getup, mainly they like to use the fat trapping stocking.  The stockings helps by trapping the fat of the legs to look slimmer, that’s the first objective, as a tighter set of legs will expose less cellulite and less lumpy fat legs. You think a chick is thick in the thighs with some great shapely legss when she’s wearing compression stockings.  That’s the first trick to the stockings, but chicks trying to show off booty have evolved that trick to work in their favor for the booty to look better. It would seem unlikely that a woman could use the stockings to improve and falsify the way her ass looks, but these are ladies, they’re very resourceful.  They use the stocking from this next technique, TO CREATE A BULB!


Seems like it’s simply finger pointing initially.With all that fat in the booty area (a good amount for a Ghetto Booty class for sure), and all that fat in the legs, your mind is immediately going to go right for the big booty.  You did skip over what she was doing with her hands, like 90 perfect of the people who viewed it.  They looked at the finger like she was “pointing to her thick she was”, said many one guy echoing the sentiments of many others who viewed it.  Take another look at where the finger is placed, is that pointing to something or doing something else?   Had the finger NOT been where it is, this backside would be a very different story, actually.  The finger is pressed deep into the back-to-side of the booty but right where the ass creases would die off as it succumbs to leg fat (which is plenty here because she has huge, fat legs).  She must use this finger to UPLIFT the ass crease, because normally it’s not in an upward turn, it either doesn’t exist or it’s in a downward turn, in this angle (more likely the case).  She’s creating a fake ass crease with this, which creates the illusion that a good bulb is here, which makes you think the legs are separated from the booty well.  True, she has a great amount of fat, but where her legs and ass meat, there curvature is helped along by the finger placement, otherwise the cheek would droop.  It’s a good enough collection of booty meat though, but it would flop in most angles because of the greatness in leg fat, but thankfully, she has a lot of booty meat.

Observe another but slightly modified…In addition to what the first model was doing, there is the trick to use your pinky to create a fake ASS SMILE too, when your butt is beginning to look droopy. You’re making a bra for the ass in this case, but the picture looks better with more fat on the backside doing this trick, so a lot of people surveyed missed that this was happening. Some complained that wasn’t a clear example, let’s show the model from a different angle with more effort, and you tell us if this is by accident or intentionally doing these tricks.The leg fat is messing up this butt and the model knows it, so she digs those digits into that leg fat and at the end of the ass creases, and gets to tricking!  If this booty looked like this, without the help, you’d say that was a GREAT ASS, Ghetto Booty for sure, but the depth of the fingers digging, then clutch of the fingers digging, to the point where the pinky tips disappears, and the lift that pulls the cheeks up, that butt has some major drag on it.  She’s pulling the ass and the creases upward, creating the fake Ass Smile. Some people will say it looks good without her doing it, but that’s nonsense.   You see the fake Ass Smile being pulled upward by her fingers like you pull the corners of your mouth up to make a fake smile, and you see the two ass cheeks don’t even look symmetrical after she’s doing that, which lets you know it’s a lot of loose meat that droops when not manipulated like this. This dig and pull up method is very very common when a woman has panties or shorts on, but knows her bulb and Ass Smile has been erased by leg fat. She knows this butt is too saggy, or she wouldn’t need the tricks! She’s also doing something that is another trick, used to make the Ass Smile look better, which we’ll highlight on a smaller subject for better clarity.


Then there is the combination of the digging and pulling up, which you saw in the earlier shots, and then there is this really tricky one…This is a tricky one that fooled many because it’s very common and doesn’t have a lot of fat, so you don’t think the tricks are being played, but observe and see if you caught them too.Going WIDE is not just for women trying to get fatter, it’s for women with Pig Tails, who can’t get the ass to look fuller, SPREADING THE ASS CHEEKS WIDER without you really noticing that they’re doing it.  See what’s happening here, she is pulling the BULB of her butt tight with her hands, stretching the bulb wider, but placing those fingers where the Ass Smile looks more pronounced and the ass crease looks longer and more defined, due to her hand actions. Then she’s bending forward, lifting up her Pig Tail ass (where the fat is all under the booty), and the ass now looks fuller.  Do you see the other trick she’s doing though?  She’s also COVERING HER LEG FAT, as if she’s self editing her pics with her hands, covering up her extended leg fat and making you think her ass ends where you don’t see her skin (right where her hands are covering)! That’s the PEEK-A-BOO style of hiding your leg fat in pictures, hoping that you can make the ass look better. It worked here, because you think the ass is really round if you cut out that area hidden from your sight, by her hands!  So not only did she go wide in the shot to look fuller and dig the hands into the legs to create ass separation, she also HIDES HER LEG FAT FROM YOU so you would think her ass cheeks were really round!  The reality is this as is likely the typical Pig Tail with the innermost bottommost lining of booty holds all the fat and there isn’t much booty meat anywhere else (normally flat up top too), and the middle to outer parts leading into the leg, have eroded. So she’s spreading her little trapping of fat in the innermost lining of the booty to make that fat look wider and fuller, making you think that her whole backside is filled with curvy booty meat. She’s using all of the tricks mentioned so far, plus the leg fat hide.

As you can see, the trickery is very deep.  There were many young dudes interviewed, who said they wouldn’t fall for the garter system granny panties technique 1, but they fell for EVERY OTHER TECHNIQUE SHOWING MORE SKIN!  So young guys, YOU FAILED more than older guys on this one. As long as the women showed a lot of skin, or got you to focus on the fake booty meat created, you were satiated and fooled happily. The most amazing thing that we all learned was that a woman can hide in plain sight and you wouldn’t know what the hell she was up to, normally.  She’s bared more of her body to you, through the ages, and you think she’s so dumb that she wouldn’t be able to evolve past your grandmother’s tricks to trick you into thinking she’s hotter than she is by showing skin? She has blown past most of you guys, with these tricks and you see these tricks a lot and think nothing of them.  She took the Granny Panties techniques of the past, evolved that, then took all that shit off and did a David Blane on that ass, right before your eyes making you look like a moron!

It’s the best magic show around…  OPEN SEX-A-ME…  taaa daaaaa !

Plastic surgery, to The Hood, was always regarded as a “white people thing”. Blacks/Latinos didn’t do that, where I came from, until you saw blacks trying to whiten up like Lil Kim and Michael Jackson. We rejected them for being FAKE! Then I saw something odd happening, both weretrying to whiten up for insecurities they had with being “too black” and thus ugly (the effects of the DOLL TEST syndrome),both needed to look “white” to feel better, even worse, Lil Kim figured that would make her money! Was she on to something? NOPE, not 10 years ago, as blacks still rejected their whitening plastic surgery. And plastic surgery, as means to make money, as done by black Lil kim, FAILED. The hood rejected her! Hood didn’t care for black women start getting boob and nose jobs, but is that always the case? Can you be white, do whatever plastic surgery, be popular and make tons of money, even in a stereotypically ‘black’ realm? We know the hood is not accepting of BLACKS doing plastic surgery, but would they accept WHITES faking body parts we like to look at? Hmmm I hope not, but the recent huge rise and popularity of a few “suddenly-celebrities” has me scratching my head and doubting the blacks/latinos who make up the booty loving crowd now.

I know cartoonishly ridiculous features are what we like seeing in butts, but the hood never really took to fake tits like that

We always said white boys like that, although a nice pair of tits are nice and we like them because we’re men. Now, most people who like tits don’t care whether or not they see fake ones or real ones, and actually now look at women with nice, healthy, normal tits, as sloppy, droopy breasted women! The normal look of tits aren’t good enough anymore. WTF?! Fake tits mess up the game for women with real tits! So with that being said, and trends being what they are by following patterns of other trends, are we not getting there with regards to asses being fake? That, as more and more get fake ass implants, that we’ll get to a point where REAL asses won’t be treasured anymore??? And that our black and latinas with naturally curvy asses won’t be worth shit unless they get ass implants? You have to be kidding me, people!

Back in the days, having a nice body meant being skinny like a toothpick, to “polite society” aka white people, and only the black and latinos (with African influence anyway) were talking about women with thick bodies, or plump bodies, and bubbly asses. America didn’t like our ladies’ figures, but that was ok, we loved our ladies with size and it was a huge FUCK YOU to the mainstream world! As the world saw Rap Music, big asses went hand and hand with rap. But now that rap has gone global, everyone wants to do as blacks do, so you knew some things would get “WHITE” now that whites have their hands all in things blacks, today. So fat white women were not ‘thick’ and didn’t have to throw up anymore to be more like their own. Now white girls have ass, even though many were just fat slabs of meat. Once corporate engines get going, they tap into the womens’ insecurities, and mens’ hungers and push an agenda to drum up business. So just like the pressure to have perfect looking tits ushered in plastic surgery of tits to go up, we now see ASS getting a false push, in hopes of making profits, as well. :(

So with all our internet and magazine ghetto models coming with the real ass nowadays, will that mean nothing in a few years? We already saw most of our ladies getting photoshopped jobs to look better, as they copied from white chicks- which they saw made their merchandise sell faster. A nice ass was something that NOT EVERYONE HAD, so you’d ogle the 1 or 2 women who had that crazy ass. That’s WHY they get famous their asses were so outrageous, BUT REAL, that we wanted everyone to see them and fall in love as we did, with the REAL asses. The genetic anomalies! But now, if everyone can get it by buying a nice ass, you’re messing up the game, for our ladies and for the fans alike! We already have a bunch of black, latina and white girls trying to gain a shit load of weight (1 will be featured on this site soon, with her quest to get a bigger ass) in hopes of having a ghetto booty. Some are really breaking their necks with this shit, drinking weight gainer shakes, overeating and they don’t care if they get huge bellies and diabetes, as long as they can get a huge ass, they’re happy. We already screwed these chicks up with this, now we’re saying that plastic surgery is fine, but only if you’re white? Many women aspired to get that sized/shaped ass because she wanted attention, just like the big titted women, but NOW that ass implants and injections are popular, are black women going to turn to this crap in numbers, like white women turned to fake tits? I’m sure the hood would reject black women who get a fake ass, but why are they not all up in arms for white women who are flooding the hood modeling scene WITH THEIR FAKE ASSES? For some reason, black guys are taking to white chicks with huge, obviously fake asses and these white chicks are getting paid. WTF for? Here is the worst fake white chick of them all, who is eclipsing black chicks with real asses, in popularity and in getting shows, appearances, you name it:

Kim Kardashian: What does she do? Nothing! But she is famous for 1 thing, her ass! So what is so special about her ass? She burst on the scene as the ‘white girl with a black ass‘. Now, not that black women own the rights to black asses being big, and hers was a plump ass when we first heard of her, but it was NOT as plump as you see it today. She also keeps a black man by her side, because her core audience is BLACK MEN. As long as she keeps her ass the focus, she’ll forever be a celebrity! But her ass IS fake, and you don’t want to believe the shit! Fine, will have to break your heart, you fucking traitors!

This is Kim with her ass, a while ago. Notice the HUGE DENT in her ass. I’ve seen some cellulite in my days, but I’ve NEVER seen dent sized cellulite from a chick who didn’t take a 12gauge shot to her butt cheek!

How the fuck did she get that OUT of her ass without having ANY work done on her ass? Sorry, the massaging of the ass can’t undo a DENT like that. And when she sits in a photo, which is RARE, she’s always perfectly placed or NOT SITTING so you can’t see the implants move around and cause odd bulges in her ass. She’s placed perfectly so they don’t pop up, but in any shots, the bulb of her ass is SQUARE or goes FLAT (where the “C” in complex is trying to cover for this photo blooper. Why would they cover up the ass she’s trying to sell? hmmm The implant makes it look funny or flat at the bottom)!

and most importantly, her ass is normally THIS picture of her

So please tell me how does this ass that is rather hung low and not bulging, suddenly becomes the follow MADLY POKED OUT ASS WE SEE TODAY?

Ok fine, you still don’t believe… then how did ALL OF THAT ASS get smashed down into this dress to be this size? I’ve never seen a chick with a huge ass EVER smash her ass down to this size in ANY dress!!! It’s physically impossible given the unbelievable arches on the ass in the earlier pics. She’s a TEAR DROP ass here, she’s an APPLE BOTTOM (elite) in the pictures above. WTF? No one changes ass shapes like that!!! That’s like being a bald headed chick 1 day and having full weave the next! Not even those PANTY shots show an ass that HUGE. Get the fuck out of here!

and if it’s genetic, like she says and many Armenians have that (get the fuck out of here with that shit) then why don’t any of her sisters have it?

Her ass is fake! It is, as the very least, the FAT INJECTION SURGERY where they distribute fat to your ass from somewhere else and sculpt a butt. This would explain why her legs are so skinny from picture to picture, then fat again when her ass is more huge.  You can see where the ass changes are if you investigate any of the pics of her in bikini because she has no muscle, so where the hell does she gets the ass cheek “definitions” from? One day it’s drooped or Tear Dropped and the next day it’s a FULLY ROUNDED APPLE BOTTOM BASKETBALL SIZED ASS??? She has a William Sister ass suddenly???
And she’s everywhere, getting paid, for having a fake ass! WTF fellas? WHY??? This chick and Ice T’s white wife, that he’s pimping all over the place, are superstars due to having ass implants… and the worse part of all this shit, the hood loves these white chicks with fake asses so much that KIM KARDASHIAN HAS A FUCKING COPY CAT who’s also getting attention! WTF? The COPY CAT is getting play from the hood community too, and she looks UGLY in the face!!!! WTF black people??? Her clone is UGLY UGLY UGLY! WTF are you people making her a celeb for?

so trying to go the same route, figuring that black guys won’t care as long as it’s really really round.. is the black hood model ANGEL LOVE LOLA…

Angel Love Lola:

This Ethiopian beauty wasn’t good enough, to herself, with the beautiful body she had originally. She was a pretty face but she had a smaller ass that was not worth talking about when it came to the Buffy the Bodies and huge asses being the focus of fans of black ass. Knowing that hood models don’t get much attention unless their asses are SUPER HUGE, naturally, she took the matters into her own hand and put a HUGELY FAKE ASS in place, seeing the popularity of her white counterparts (exactly what I hope doesn’t become the norm now). Yes, she has an ass that is ridiculously FAKE now, and she is parading that around like it’s hot, when it’s not. But hood magazines, videos and the internet seem to think so. She was named EYE CANDY OF THE YEAR for having her fake ass!!!!???

The problem with that? Uhm SHE’S GETTING PAID WITH HER HUGELY FAKE ASS NOW! How the fuck did this happen? I thought the hood didn’t like this shit. But now that people are seeing her fake ass, there is a a bunch of push back on Angel. People are not wanting to see her with the hugely fake ass implants. So why is she getting mad hate from the hood community, but all these white chicks with the fake asses are getting nothing but love from the hood community? Angel is just showing signs of things to come, from black chicks. They are going to start thinking that their asses aren’t good enough and they will go OVERBOARD like lola. Oh the pics above don’t look that bad? How about this one then?

Now tell me that’s not just fucking ridiculous, people!!! Do you see the ass leaking out from under? Do you see the top of the ass? Come on now! YOU USHERED THIS BULLSHIT IN because many of you still like that shit. You let the bullshit enter our communities and now the respect and appreciation for nice ass is going to trash. If this fine ass chick felt she had to make her ass this incredibly disgusting big, look for more to seek fame by getting fake asses too. The only problem, like I said, you won’t accept her because she’s black with a fake ass! I say you don’t accept ANY fake asses! If you do, our beautiful asses will be replaced by fake asses, and the few of you dumb fuck who don’t care how fake it is as long as it looks cartoonish will mess up the game for us all!

But that’s aight, unlike tit jobs, you can’t do ass implant properly unless you have major skill. And I hope shit like this is what happens to people trying to enter the big ass community with that fake shit!

Message to a Black Woman (who wants to get artificial augmentation to the butt): You need to give it up. Seriously, we watched you go from having nice, long or large, blooming, REAL black hair you were able/proud to maintain – in the 70s- to all this fake ass Dead-Asian, horse, jackal and synthetic glue of nasty shit you grease up and made permanently a part of your lives- today. That fake shit got zero respect back in the day, but now, since many of you have no pride, knowledge nor time to care, for your own damn hair, you’ve fallen off and that fake shit has become the worldwide standard. We men let you slide with that, and soon, you showed no shame in putting that bullshit in your hair 24/7 with dreams of having European beauty. Hell, black men with long hair have better hair than most of you! WTF? lol Yall are falling off bigtime, in too many categories, ladies, which is why others stepped up and are getting attention. All that fake shit made dudes seek out the women with the REAL hair, you know, the ones you are trying to copy with your fake shit. Now, you’re doing the same thing with regards to fake ass, and that is a big no no- we must pull your card here and stop this. The minute YOU make fake asses acceptable, all the other ethnicities will certainly start getting them and guess what? You’ll be right back at the bottom of the pile and the Kim K’s and Cocos will flourish above you again! You’ll have only yourselves to blame. The minute you get that fake ass work done, turn in your BLACK WOMAN card! When you have no shame for faking like you have a real black woman’s ass (one the best black female assets), you’re dead to the community. There is nothing REAL about you anymore, and if you’ve no shame, you’ve certainly no respect coming your way either! Act civilized!