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Plastic surgery, to The Hood, was always regarded as a “white people thing”. Blacks/Latinos didn’t do that, where I came from, until you saw blacks trying to whiten up like Lil Kim and Michael Jackson. We rejected them for being FAKE! Then I saw something odd happening, both weretrying to whiten up for insecurities they had with being “too black” and thus ugly (the effects of the DOLL TEST syndrome),both needed to look “white” to feel better, even worse, Lil Kim figured that would make her money! Was she on to something? NOPE, not 10 years ago, as blacks still rejected their whitening plastic surgery. And plastic surgery, as means to make money, as done by black Lil kim, FAILED. The hood rejected her! Hood didn’t care for black women start getting boob and nose jobs, but is that always the case? Can you be white, do whatever plastic surgery, be popular and make tons of money, even in a stereotypically ‘black’ realm? We know the hood is not accepting of BLACKS doing plastic surgery, but would they accept WHITES faking body parts we like to look at? Hmmm I hope not, but the recent huge rise and popularity of a few “suddenly-celebrities” has me scratching my head and doubting the blacks/latinos who make up the booty loving crowd now.

I know cartoonishly ridiculous features are what we like seeing in butts, but the hood never really took to fake tits like that

We always said white boys like that, although a nice pair of tits are nice and we like them because we’re men. Now, most people who like tits don’t care whether or not they see fake ones or real ones, and actually now look at women with nice, healthy, normal tits, as sloppy, droopy breasted women! The normal look of tits aren’t good enough anymore. WTF?! Fake tits mess up the game for women with real tits! So with that being said, and trends being what they are by following patterns of other trends, are we not getting there with regards to asses being fake? That, as more and more get fake ass implants, that we’ll get to a point where REAL asses won’t be treasured anymore??? And that our black and latinas with naturally curvy asses won’t be worth shit unless they get ass implants? You have to be kidding me, people!

Back in the days, having a nice body meant being skinny like a toothpick, to “polite society” aka white people, and only the black and latinos (with African influence anyway) were talking about women with thick bodies, or plump bodies, and bubbly asses. America didn’t like our ladies’ figures, but that was ok, we loved our ladies with size and it was a huge FUCK YOU to the mainstream world! As the world saw Rap Music, big asses went hand and hand with rap. But now that rap has gone global, everyone wants to do as blacks do, so you knew some things would get “WHITE” now that whites have their hands all in things blacks, today. So fat white women were not ‘thick’ and didn’t have to throw up anymore to be more like their own. Now white girls have ass, even though many were just fat slabs of meat. Once corporate engines get going, they tap into the womens’ insecurities, and mens’ hungers and push an agenda to drum up business. So just like the pressure to have perfect looking tits ushered in plastic surgery of tits to go up, we now see ASS getting a false push, in hopes of making profits, as well. :(

So with all our internet and magazine ghetto models coming with the real ass nowadays, will that mean nothing in a few years? We already saw most of our ladies getting photoshopped jobs to look better, as they copied from white chicks- which they saw made their merchandise sell faster. A nice ass was something that NOT EVERYONE HAD, so you’d ogle the 1 or 2 women who had that crazy ass. That’s WHY they get famous their asses were so outrageous, BUT REAL, that we wanted everyone to see them and fall in love as we did, with the REAL asses. The genetic anomalies! But now, if everyone can get it by buying a nice ass, you’re messing up the game, for our ladies and for the fans alike! We already have a bunch of black, latina and white girls trying to gain a shit load of weight (1 will be featured on this site soon, with her quest to get a bigger ass) in hopes of having a ghetto booty. Some are really breaking their necks with this shit, drinking weight gainer shakes, overeating and they don’t care if they get huge bellies and diabetes, as long as they can get a huge ass, they’re happy. We already screwed these chicks up with this, now we’re saying that plastic surgery is fine, but only if you’re white? Many women aspired to get that sized/shaped ass because she wanted attention, just like the big titted women, but NOW that ass implants and injections are popular, are black women going to turn to this crap in numbers, like white women turned to fake tits? I’m sure the hood would reject black women who get a fake ass, but why are they not all up in arms for white women who are flooding the hood modeling scene WITH THEIR FAKE ASSES? For some reason, black guys are taking to white chicks with huge, obviously fake asses and these white chicks are getting paid. WTF for? Here is the worst fake white chick of them all, who is eclipsing black chicks with real asses, in popularity and in getting shows, appearances, you name it:

Kim Kardashian: What does she do? Nothing! But she is famous for 1 thing, her ass! So what is so special about her ass? She burst on the scene as the ‘white girl with a black ass‘. Now, not that black women own the rights to black asses being big, and hers was a plump ass when we first heard of her, but it was NOT as plump as you see it today. She also keeps a black man by her side, because her core audience is BLACK MEN. As long as she keeps her ass the focus, she’ll forever be a celebrity! But her ass IS fake, and you don’t want to believe the shit! Fine, will have to break your heart, you fucking traitors!

This is Kim with her ass, a while ago. Notice the HUGE DENT in her ass. I’ve seen some cellulite in my days, but I’ve NEVER seen dent sized cellulite from a chick who didn’t take a 12gauge shot to her butt cheek!

How the fuck did she get that OUT of her ass without having ANY work done on her ass? Sorry, the massaging of the ass can’t undo a DENT like that. And when she sits in a photo, which is RARE, she’s always perfectly placed or NOT SITTING so you can’t see the implants move around and cause odd bulges in her ass. She’s placed perfectly so they don’t pop up, but in any shots, the bulb of her ass is SQUARE or goes FLAT (where the “C” in complex is trying to cover for this photo blooper. Why would they cover up the ass she’s trying to sell? hmmm The implant makes it look funny or flat at the bottom)!

and most importantly, her ass is normally THIS picture of her

So please tell me how does this ass that is rather hung low and not bulging, suddenly becomes the follow MADLY POKED OUT ASS WE SEE TODAY?

Ok fine, you still don’t believe… then how did ALL OF THAT ASS get smashed down into this dress to be this size? I’ve never seen a chick with a huge ass EVER smash her ass down to this size in ANY dress!!! It’s physically impossible given the unbelievable arches on the ass in the earlier pics. She’s a TEAR DROP ass here, she’s an APPLE BOTTOM (elite) in the pictures above. WTF? No one changes ass shapes like that!!! That’s like being a bald headed chick 1 day and having full weave the next! Not even those PANTY shots show an ass that HUGE. Get the fuck out of here!

and if it’s genetic, like she says and many Armenians have that (get the fuck out of here with that shit) then why don’t any of her sisters have it?

Her ass is fake! It is, as the very least, the FAT INJECTION SURGERY where they distribute fat to your ass from somewhere else and sculpt a butt. This would explain why her legs are so skinny from picture to picture, then fat again when her ass is more huge.  You can see where the ass changes are if you investigate any of the pics of her in bikini because she has no muscle, so where the hell does she gets the ass cheek “definitions” from? One day it’s drooped or Tear Dropped and the next day it’s a FULLY ROUNDED APPLE BOTTOM BASKETBALL SIZED ASS??? She has a William Sister ass suddenly???
And she’s everywhere, getting paid, for having a fake ass! WTF fellas? WHY??? This chick and Ice T’s white wife, that he’s pimping all over the place, are superstars due to having ass implants… and the worse part of all this shit, the hood loves these white chicks with fake asses so much that KIM KARDASHIAN HAS A FUCKING COPY CAT who’s also getting attention! WTF? The COPY CAT is getting play from the hood community too, and she looks UGLY in the face!!!! WTF black people??? Her clone is UGLY UGLY UGLY! WTF are you people making her a celeb for?

so trying to go the same route, figuring that black guys won’t care as long as it’s really really round.. is the black hood model ANGEL LOVE LOLA…

Angel Love Lola:

This Ethiopian beauty wasn’t good enough, to herself, with the beautiful body she had originally. She was a pretty face but she had a smaller ass that was not worth talking about when it came to the Buffy the Bodies and huge asses being the focus of fans of black ass. Knowing that hood models don’t get much attention unless their asses are SUPER HUGE, naturally, she took the matters into her own hand and put a HUGELY FAKE ASS in place, seeing the popularity of her white counterparts (exactly what I hope doesn’t become the norm now). Yes, she has an ass that is ridiculously FAKE now, and she is parading that around like it’s hot, when it’s not. But hood magazines, videos and the internet seem to think so. She was named EYE CANDY OF THE YEAR for having her fake ass!!!!???

The problem with that? Uhm SHE’S GETTING PAID WITH HER HUGELY FAKE ASS NOW! How the fuck did this happen? I thought the hood didn’t like this shit. But now that people are seeing her fake ass, there is a a bunch of push back on Angel. People are not wanting to see her with the hugely fake ass implants. So why is she getting mad hate from the hood community, but all these white chicks with the fake asses are getting nothing but love from the hood community? Angel is just showing signs of things to come, from black chicks. They are going to start thinking that their asses aren’t good enough and they will go OVERBOARD like lola. Oh the pics above don’t look that bad? How about this one then?

Now tell me that’s not just fucking ridiculous, people!!! Do you see the ass leaking out from under? Do you see the top of the ass? Come on now! YOU USHERED THIS BULLSHIT IN because many of you still like that shit. You let the bullshit enter our communities and now the respect and appreciation for nice ass is going to trash. If this fine ass chick felt she had to make her ass this incredibly disgusting big, look for more to seek fame by getting fake asses too. The only problem, like I said, you won’t accept her because she’s black with a fake ass! I say you don’t accept ANY fake asses! If you do, our beautiful asses will be replaced by fake asses, and the few of you dumb fuck who don’t care how fake it is as long as it looks cartoonish will mess up the game for us all!

But that’s aight, unlike tit jobs, you can’t do ass implant properly unless you have major skill. And I hope shit like this is what happens to people trying to enter the big ass community with that fake shit!

Message to a Black Woman (who wants to get artificial augmentation to the butt): You need to give it up. Seriously, we watched you go from having nice, long or large, blooming, REAL black hair you were able/proud to maintain – in the 70s- to all this fake ass Dead-Asian, horse, jackal and synthetic glue of nasty shit you grease up and made permanently a part of your lives- today. That fake shit got zero respect back in the day, but now, since many of you have no pride, knowledge nor time to care, for your own damn hair, you’ve fallen off and that fake shit has become the worldwide standard. We men let you slide with that, and soon, you showed no shame in putting that bullshit in your hair 24/7 with dreams of having European beauty. Hell, black men with long hair have better hair than most of you! WTF? lol Yall are falling off bigtime, in too many categories, ladies, which is why others stepped up and are getting attention. All that fake shit made dudes seek out the women with the REAL hair, you know, the ones you are trying to copy with your fake shit. Now, you’re doing the same thing with regards to fake ass, and that is a big no no- we must pull your card here and stop this. The minute YOU make fake asses acceptable, all the other ethnicities will certainly start getting them and guess what? You’ll be right back at the bottom of the pile and the Kim K’s and Cocos will flourish above you again! You’ll have only yourselves to blame. The minute you get that fake ass work done, turn in your BLACK WOMAN card! When you have no shame for faking like you have a real black woman’s ass (one the best black female assets), you’re dead to the community. There is nothing REAL about you anymore, and if you’ve no shame, you’ve certainly no respect coming your way either! Act civilized!