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When did doing shit like thisbecome HOT? Well it’s the hot thing, now… When you can’t get a big booty that protrudes from the back with great GIRTH, you now go WIDE in size???? WTF?


Oh it doesn’t matter any more if you actually have a shapely but big collection of fat that makes up your booty. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad nowadays, as long as you’re getting fatter and fatter, the general consensus is that your ass must be getting fatter and fatter too- and in the minds of many, big all over means you have a big butt naturally.  Uhhh… we’re so screwed! Follow us…


Do you love big booty?  What about big booty do you love? Do you think you have a big booty?  What if we were to tell you that most people who like big booty not only don’t really like big booty, but are actually infatuated with likely everything BUT the booty?  Many ladies believe that if you can grab fat from the backside, with your hands, then you have a booty! Sounds silly right, but unfortunately, from talking to many and from the emails and notes we receive from fam and fans, when we quiz people on what they want, or they send submissions highlighting what they like, people tend to admit that they are confused about what they are seeing, or simply are describing what they like that is actually NOT the booty.  Ok, here’s an example, you ever look on youtube for a video that will feature a big booty? You ever notice that most of the time, you’re seeing something that is of some old lady, or some really really huge bbw chick, but not EXACTLY what you wanted to see in a ‘big booty’?  That’s because BIG BOOTY means completely different things to different people, and most people are describing things, by the title of their videos, that you actually don’t SEE IN THE VIDEOS!  You see ‘big everything else’, but not big booty.  Do a search and test that one out, you’ll be amazed and ask “WHAT ASS?”  or “WHAT BOOTY?” when you look at the videos.  Something really bad is happening out there, and it’s leading a lot of ladies to write us because they don’t know what the hell to make of their backsides because they too have bought into the craziness that is out there today.  So when we ask if you like big booty or not, we’re wondering if you even know where the booty is on what you’re looking at!  ..Or do you just like the idea of very wide skin-space with a large collection of fat, so much so that you can’t tell what’s booty and what’s not?  And do you like it dressed up in tights or pants or other trickery to make it pretend like it’s a nice, round booty?  Most people will answer HELL NO to the trickery but in reality you are loving the trickery and don’t know what’s the real ass and not, so you can’t tell you’re even being tricked most times. You know how we know? You like stuff like this…

This (below) is called “Latino woman with perfect shape” <– it’s “LATINA” BRO! LOL  but “SHAPE?” What shape are they referring to? Shape of what, exactly? Shape of the ASS if what they’re talking about. They think it’s really nice, what do you think of it? Watch the video then look at the picture AFTER to compare your notes against ours.

So what’s really happening here, in that video?

What part of that ass was so appealing to you before looking at the photograph with the comments?  Did you spot what we spotted?

That is a very obvious example of the problem with backshots, but what happens when it’s really really wide where the problems are more pronounced than the booty itself. What part of that is really booty?  Did you see it go from bad to worse, like we did, as she moved/was moved by the camera?  This is because the problem with her backside is her ass is not the real focus here.

Look at the same things happening but from a frontal view.  Here is a video of a woman who is considered ‘THICK” and has an “ASS SO FAT YOU CAN SEE IT FROM THE FRONT”, as one fan said as he shared the video link. The odd thing is that people said that first video is NOTHING LIKE the one below (but the same thing is happening):

and lastly, the most common booty being seen and mistaken for a backside that is completely a big, thick booty is the video below, which people said is nothing like either or the earlier two:

People see black skin and wideness and automatically believe tha ass must be HUGE on that and protrudes out from the back so far, although you’re seeing only the 2-D look. lol Check the leg area versus ass creases, anything familiar there?

What if we told you that ALL OF THEM are suffering from the same issues and are in fact similar and not that different?  Just because you dump more and more fat in jeans, that doesn’t mean that you have more booty, but that’s the problem with the world right now.  Some people don’t like the really large backsides like that last video, but they love the previous ones suffering from the same problem.   People said the booties were different sizes but they were really talking about the width of the body, all of which is gauged from a backshot or front shot angle.  The fact of the matter is that all of them stuff a bunch of fat into tight clothing and want you to think they’re thick and have curves, as the pants they’re wearing most likely promotes.  Depending on your definition of  a big booty, you might prefer one or the other of these women up in the videos, and ladies who are lazy and don’t want to work on themselves will respond in kind to your attention. Even if the ladies are not the same levels of sloppiness of the body, the pants are the great neutralizers for these women, giving all kinds of sloppy shapes a handicap, and one large woman looks almost no different from another, as bad bodies get faked for good looking bodies, once the tricks are pulled off on you.  To us, all of the women in the videos above are the same, just different body shapes, because each of them had major issues with what was truly the booty and what was not!  So guys who hated one, and not the other, were not talking about actual booty that they liked or hated, because you couldn’t tell what was booty, and clearly means they were focusing on something entirely different.  Well this is what a lot of women HOPE you will react like. Those women (in the videos above) all have the same problem, and have the same tricks working on your brain.  What is happening here is that your brain is not making sense of all of the fat mass that you are seeing being projected towards your eyes.  So a lot of people just think that as long as there is a lot of meat in front of you, then that’s all good booty meat and it gives you a lot of stuff to play with (meaning a lot of fat to fondle).  You just see a bunch of slop you can play with, and it translates to ‘fun’ to many guys. Do women really like when a guy is feeling up her leg when the thinks it’s her ass?  And does that woman know he’s fooled into thinking her leg is her ass?  Well no, women do NOT like when a guy mistakes a part of the body for another, especially if it’s because of a bunch of fat!  It’s like feeling her fat rolls and saying “oh baby your tits are nice and warm” or something.  Same thing with booty, except ladies will pretend along and let you overhype yourself on something ladies clearly know they don’t like, the lack of clear separation of booty and leg.  So they will do whatever it takes to hide this problem, and there are whole industries dedicated to this trickery.

Just like we told you previously in PART 1 of this piece, women are content with overeating and hoping to stuff fat in tight clothing, hoping you won’t recognize that they don’t have a nice, big butt.  It’s so easy to have stuff like jeans and tight articles of clothing outline a woman’s shape and attempt to help your brain identify what is booty and what is not, but your brain completely falls apart when you don’t have the tricks helping you out, to help you identify what is booty and what is not booty. The fans of the site write in and say that they don’t know why they feel sad when they are not wearing jeans and trick clothing but we tell them simply that the reality, without the trickery, ends up hurting someone’s feelings when they finally see the truth.    The most complained about and also the most praised booty view, is the BACKSHOT. The backshot confuses way too many people because they can’t decode what is going on most times, and need leading lines of photography tricks, to understand what they’re looking at, as submitters of content, fans and even experts all admit.  Take that inset picture to the left, it looks soooo good to the eyes, you think it’s the best ass ever because your eyes are drawn to a falsified Ass Smile due to jeans that gather the fat.  If you look close though, the right ass cheek shows a spillage of fat over the leg fat of the right leg. You never see booty mean fold over leg fat in the outside corners, and certainly see Ass Smiles that are that long into the saddlebags, but you will throw out all logic when viewing these kinds of BACKSHOT pictures, even though all evidence is right in front of you.  The ass looks wide and full, creating the appearance of a huge booty that is that way when you take off the pants. You know that’s not true though, but the backshot and the widening angle of the shot makes you throw out logic.  The Backshot is a huge tool in aiding wack ass in looking better than it really is.  We’ll admit, it’s hard to know what you’re looking at, most times, and when women send submissions to SEND YOUR PICS, they have these great “AH HA!” moments, because they learn what is booty meat and what is not, finally. Dudes who write us complain that they don’t agree that back fat or leg fat is not booty, but these guys are mostly guys who have women they thought had really nice asses and then we break the reality and we learn that these dudes just like wide stretches of skin in the midsection and below. They don’t like finding out that they were tricked by their girls into thinking their girls had nice asses. Both sides, women and men, who argue with us over what is booty meat and what is not, seem to be stuck on the backshot.  This is the most confusing shot, and many women do NOT want to do this shot, without doing some form of trickery, especially if she doesn’t have wide hips and wide legs.  We know the reasons why, and will get into that shortly.  Maybe women send us front and back shots as proof of a big booty but they don’t know how to read either one properly.  Since in a backshot, most think they only have the outline of a woman’s body as reference to her booty, they think that as long as you see wide flesh, that automatically translates into big booty to them.  Well that has had a really bad consequence, one that women are taking to heart and acting out on.

When there is so much skin showing, and with dude’s being so thirsty today, the guys feel they’re seeing forbidden meat not allowed to be seen ever in life.  It’s not like American chicks have been in Berkas their whole lives and only now you’re seeing skin so you go crazy, it’s because you’re a thirsty, hard-up ass dude.  The eat with their eyes, but in most cases they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. That’s the number 1 reason guys are mistaking wide loads for thick chicks with booty.  The number 1 reason women mistake it is because many are getting lazy and fat, so it’s best to pretend like you always wanted to be wide and fat (when in reality you never wanted to be that) and that it’s a good thing.  Since so many are getting fat, you have no shame because too many don’t have any shame it’s social complicity.  So the affect on your brain is you see all that mass of meat stuck together in 1 clump and your brain is just pasting all the exposed skin together and saying it’s a big booty, neglecting the fact that you don’t clearly know where the booty meat is.  That is the biggest problem that many people writing in to us are complaining about. There is too much fat or too much exposed skin on most bodies, and the real booty meat is not easily identifiable, which opens up a whole world of trickery by women. That is why many women write us and complain that they thought they were hot until they read our writings. We debunk the fuckery. The problem is that most women are not Apple Bottoms, most women are Tear Drops, because they’re supposed to be smaller bodies, but have become fatter and fatter through the years. As women are becoming more and more lazy, and not doing exercise, muscle is gone and women’s body shapes are not scaling even if they did have some curvature.  Women are really stuck on the bodies they used to have, and are thinking that after getting so fat, that they are going to return to the same exact size that they were, when they were smaller. Well when you get so fat that you get all that skin stretching, you’re not guaranteed to go back to the original size or shape you once had, especially in the booty area. Once that curvature is gone, and it was all fat to begin with, you’re not guaranteed to get ANYTHING back. This is why you have to work out to bulk up the booty with muscle, because you can’t bank on fat making up nice curvature.  In SEND YOUR PICS, we advise ladies on what to work on and what is out of order, but we tell them straight up, you’re not going to get back to tiny with nice ass definition if you’ve completely lost it, and at that point, exercise is highly suggested to build muscle behind that fat.  Your ass is not like a balloon you release a little bit of air from and it’s back to smaller form, no harm no foul.


What’s also been revealed to us is that a lot of skinny ethnic chicks are trying to overeat to get fatter in the lower regions, but they’re not smart enough to realize that if you have no ass now, you won’t have any ass later if you only get fat and don’t try to build muscle in the ass. That is the main reason we have these people writing in, they used to be smaller bodied and didn’t have nice asses, but and thought the weight gain would make them thick.  Ultimately, these women just throw the fat into leggings and tight pants to try to manipulate the fat to fake out men, making men think there is more ass than really is there.  Once guys disrobe this women, the jig (or the jiggle) is up, so women are very stupid for doing this since that guy is planning on leaving you soon after you fool them.  It’s so bad out there that women are doing implants to try to make HIP FAT if they can’t grow it. A few Hispanic women reached out to us and asked our opinions about getting surgery to widen themselves out since overeating isn’t putting the weight directly where the ladies want. So they pointed us to the procedures they were trying to get (of course we told them to not do this nonsense- and 3 went and did it anyway but don’t want to share the after photos because we all know they don’t like what they did. LOL).  The widening procedure is huge in Latin America   Check out this site you see they even put in “NEW” for hip implants. They’re going stupid trying to ‘fill out’, especially BOXY BROWN HISPANIC chicks who are shaped like Sponge Bob with barrel bodies.  Their bodies don’t scale well at all, especially after babies, and they come out with barrel bodies and toothpick legs.  So they go and get those implant and injections on the HIP, to try to get that expanded WIDE look to the backside. Their asses are flatter than a wall but as long as they get the look that makes the meat look wider, that’s their idea of getting a bigger butt.  The result is disgusting shit where the legs are all chickenleg looking and the hip-body looks like the neck rest of a ‘72 caddy (see that inset picture to the left).  When they do that, the almost always end up looking like the bottom of the ass is really narrow dangling tiny fat, and the top corners are this squared off shelf.  You can’t modify the top corners of your ass when the bottom of your ass hasn’t grown since you were 10.  …but they’re out there doing it, trying to fill out the other parts of the backside and most of them are trying to combat the fact that they don’t have real hips, they look squared already.  A lot of Latinas turn to this because they want to get a man so desperately that they figure that hips is more important than a big booty, considering that many of these kinds of hispanics don’t tend to have ass in abundance anyway, they tend to have flat asses but wide hips more often than anything.  So to not have hips is as saddening to them as black chicks who see they don’t have ass. So they vow to GO WIDER in the backside area, by way of surgery, if they can’t overeat to gain that slop.  Then they jack up their pants way up there like high up on the back, to make you think that injection is part of the ass. If you see old hispanic women with seemingly big asses, check the top of the ass for what we just mentioned here. We’re just as upset to know this as you are, trust us!

More examples can be found HERE.

You want to see a sample account of what we just said (because we know you don’t believe that Hispanics are huge in doing this shit). Community comes back reporting all kinds of of ill stuff!  Look at the make me heal album here –>  CLICK HERE FOR HONEST OPINION/DOCUMENTATION OF 1 WOMAN (SD619_3bebes) WHO HAS DONE THIS .  She gives you shots of what was done and of course, she stuffs it in jeans. Look at the bottom of her ass though, not good, just like we said in the last two paragraphs.

Here is an original (she’ll never show you a BACKSHOT without pants or coverup! She’s still not confident about that view, so she is FULLY aware that angle is going to ruin your opinion)Here is what happens with jeans and her surgery (notice the bottom of the ass)

General Consensus

We quiz many ethnic chicks daily about their thoughts about this stuff and this is what they come back telling us.  You might wonder why these women let themselves become so disillusioned, but 8 out of 10 will say something like “I thought my ass was nice since no one has ever complained about it and all of their favorite position with me was in doggy style“. These ethnic ladies become very defensive about this stuff and bring up the past, then blame someone, anyone. lol They mostly start bragging that they get a lot of easy sex from guys so how could that mean that they have ugly butts when so many guys want to have sex willingly.  I know, dumb.  Others say things like “guys are never satisfied, so if you have a big butt they’ll leave you for a butt that’s bigger”.  They might not be so wrong about that, with a guy who is too obsessed with one type of ass, but in most cases, when we asked guys, we were frightened to learn what most had to say- whether they were serious or trying to make a joke, they still said some pretty cruel stuff.   So to the majority of women thinking they have a nice ass because they get a lot of fucks, you need to know that a lot of guys admitted that once they realized the ass was not as hot as they thought (that they admit they were fooled), these dudes get back on the hunt for other stuff.  Yeah, a lot of guys, who were fooled into thinking you had a nice ass, or come to the realization we mention in this writing, are not going to try to be mean to you and tell you that your ass is terrible, if they’re getting sex on demand. Lots of dudes are thirsty or just don’t want to hurt your feelings, but someone not telling you that your ass is not hot does not then mean that your ass is HOT. WTF kind of logic is that? A LOT of women tell us this, we can’t believe so many think that. Complete disillusion by women. Guys have sex with you, mostly in doggy, not because you have a nice ass, because they don’t want to look at you face to face- likely because they want to bust and don’t want the guilt of what they’re doing to ruin their high, or you’re just really ugly and they don’t want to see your face. A lot of these guys will just play along, and convince themselves also that they are having sex with a really thick woman with a nice, big ass too. It’s like they photoshopped you while sexing you too.  The same problem of all that exposed skin with no real booty meat takes its toll on the untrained male eye too. These guys just hold on to wide fat and ride like a bucking bronco. These guys become convinced, especially when a woman’s day to day is all about perpetuating the lie that she has a real shape, when she clearly knows she does not.  At that point, you have men and women on the same page of what is a nice booty and body, and you’d be surprised to learn that most people, EVEN WOMEN, do not know where a woman’s hips are, versus where her leg fat is!  Yeah sounds stupid, but maybe you have the same problem so Part 1 of this piece addressed that.

In our Send Your Pics section (where women submit shots of themselves for our study), the shot that most worries women, is the BACKSHOT.  It’s a 2-D shot, so being that it’s not at an angle, the brain might not be able to interpret what is booty meat and what is not, in the proper manner.  So our brains will race to what we think must be the correct and full story about what we are seeing in front of us (since we see everything in 3-D normally).  A photo removes 3-D, and the trick of photography is to tell a story with the 2-D to make it look 3-D or to put emphasis on something you are showing in the picture.  So women like to take advantage of these 2-D shots to make you assume a bunch of things about their asses, in 3-D especially if they happen to pull off a backshot.  Well the backshot just looks PLAIN and BORING to many, but to us, it tells a whole world of truth that most of our fans know, but didn’t really realize that they knew.  Most women are not cognizant of the physical reactions they have, as a result of their perception of their own backshots!   Sometimes, they don’t realize that they will try to dress up a photo by posing in silly ways, because they don’t like the 2-D look because it makes them “look flat”.  So many women will simply send us pics (or take pic and put on the net), of backshots where they bend over or arch to make their hips/legs/ass very WIDE.  The “WIDE” look is what they hope will translate into “THICK WITH LOTS OF BOOTY”!   So making yourself look WIDE is what many women are hoping gets communicated as the ‘in thing’ now, which is to be “faux-thick”  since that’s so popular today.   This decision to GO WIDE has women looking like straight FOOTBALL WIDE RECEIVERS physically!!  lol   Most of the women don’t realize that they’re doing it, when we asked them.  On the flip side, even more so, guys are confused by the backshot because they also translate WIDE into THICK, and claim “women big a big ass like doggy style”.  Really? Maybe dudes are projecting their OWN wants on women there, but these guys don’t realize also that they are trying to many anything wide looking into a big, full Ghetto Booty Elite class booty, even though their women (or subject they’re referencing to us) is NOT with a real, nice booty.   So they become saddened when they realize that wide doesn’t mean FULL.  We also note that somehow race entered into the equation with some people, when it came to whether or not a woman had a nice, big booty, even though the backshot was basically identical.  So not only is the damn girth of the woman confusing in the backshot, but due to race, some people will ASSUME a woman has an big ass or not, even if they’re the same size WIDTH-WISE.  That’s REALLY dumb, that but that’s what’s going on in the minds of these folks.  So we’d like to address this portion of the audience, and their problems with seeing these backshots, by throwing up a quick visual quiz:   Think of your answer before proceeding (see if you get what’s going on).

Are these nice, big asses? Why do you believe so (not so)? Is there any difference between the two pictures below???  Remember your answer as you progress in this piece.

… you’d be surprised to know that people said there was a major difference (a majority said that the darker skinned ladies had nice, big asses, but the light skinned ladies did not have nice and/or big asses. Others mostly said both were both big and nice asses. VERY INTERESTING! AND SCARY!).

The big problem with those 2 pictures right above, with 2 sets of wide-backsided women stacked on each other, is that BOTH SETS FEATURE WOMEN WHO ARE SPREADING THEIR LEGS, ARE ARCHED OVER, AND DON’T HAVE ANY REAL CLEAR SEPARATION OF BACK, BUTT AND LEG FAT SO THERE ISN’T REALLY ANY DEFINITION.  THE WIDE OUT look is what they’re going for, and you seeing so much exposed, wide skin makes you say “BIG BUTT!” But it was funny to see people say the blacks had nice, big butts, while the whites did not.  That’s the brain failing you again!  Regardless of skin color, regardless of how much skin is showing, each of them doesn’t have a very well defined backside.  What does that mean?  Women figure that if they can get fat and skin to cover a larger amount of area, then guys looking on will assume that they have big asses, and the wider you make your backside look (bending or whathaveyou), the more appealing and FULL she will look.  What that actually does is ushers the way for a DUMPY look to be the new faux-thick look, as today, WIDE is in!


Many people said Miley Cyrus has a nice ass after that Blurred Lines performance at the award show. …but Why? That backshot got ‘em!

Yeah you saw Miley Cyrus’ flat ass bending over.  The ass doesn’t exist there, no matter how much bending she does, but most people thought that because she was a tiny body, that’s why her “twerking” attempt looked terrible.  She doesn’t have a lot of booty meat, it’s just loose, tiny fat that is Pig Tail under the body and it was tightly smashed into her outfit.  That dangling fat is the only that that moved around when she tried to twerk, and it looked disgusting.  But had Miley had a bunch more loose fat hanging about and dangling from those shorts, then she would be seen as the TWERK QUEEN by many!  lol  It’s all that sloppy fat bouncing around that makes twerking exciting.  Many know this, and know that they don’t have any real nice looking asses so they want to stuff as much fat as possible into shorts and pajamas or whatever to do ass shaking.  The fact of the matter is if you can’t move well, your twerking sucks extra but if you have no meat, what are you twerking exactly?!  Twerking involves hurling loose, wobbly fat from side to side, up and down, yet most women don’t like loose meat jiggling all over the place, being seen in public.  That’s pretty embarrassing to many, but it’s embraced by sloppy blacks/latinos, and they make it COOL to be a slob.  Twerking allows sloppy women to think they’ve real ass, because a lot of women are wiggling wide and large amounts of fat all about.  If it’s cool to have that much fat dangling, then many will copy, right?  Examples?  You know… like THIS and THIS…  This is what encourages obesity, folks, women with no shapes who now find entertaining ways to think they’re health issues are sexy- NICE. lol  Even strippers like to wobble their leg fat, especially when they don’t really have ass to twerk or wobble.  It’s to make their ass cheeks move because the dominant fat collection is the LEG FAT and not the booty fat, so to move the booty fat, they have to wobble the leg fat to pull the booty!  Didn’t know that, did you?  If you can’t really ass clap, if you can’t do real twerking where only the big ass meat collecting is bouncing about, you’re likely trying to overcompensate for not having ass, by jiggling that nasty leg fat.  In fact, that’s a major trick when you don’t have much separation of booty and leg, and you have to convey booty shaking motion, and both tricks are at play with most low-grade TWERKING videos, or when you’re looking at pictures of a booty from the back.  The WIDE IS THE NEW THICK trick is working on you, you don’t know were booty versus any other part of the body separates, especially in twerking, so you assume all those moving parts HAVE TO BE BOOTY, because what else would be jiggling so much.

Since a lot of women mostly have loose fat back there, it’s hanging down from the body like a soggy diaper, many have to try to focus attention to the underpinnings of the booty, to keep you entertained or fool you.   If you look under the booty, you think you see nice and round ass, but if you look at it from any other angle, the ass looks pretty flat and saggy.   Fact is that if you don’t have a well maintained class of booty, it’s going to droop and become the bad form of a Pig Tail, and when that happens you’re going to really need to resort to tricks because likely that means your separation between booty meat and other areas are separated by blurred lines that are eroding quickly.  But that’s why the twerk videos keep popping up with more and more sloppy subjects, because they’re looking at fat thighs jiggling and think that makes them eligible to do a twerk video, although they have zero ass! You only need hunks of FAT to do a twerk video, by today’s standard, but the secret it to stay FLAT to the camera, in 2-D as much as possible, so no one can tell if it’s your leg or your ass jiggling around so much- and most times it’s leg fat and droopy fat butt in most videos.  If you view any video of twerking where the lady is not with her back to the viewer, and you slow it down, that ass will look DISGUSTING the way it wobbles around.   Most know this, so they say in the backshot, flat to the viewer!   So this contributes to why all that fat from under the body and from the legs are the new focus on booty appreciation, the rise of crap like twerking and how anyone thinks they’re an expert twerker because they’re fat and twitch all spastic and such.  Pair that up with the revelation that booties are elongating and seeming growing bigger, when in reality everything but the butts are growing bigger, and more and more tricks are being employed to confuse the eyes to what’s going on, the future doesn’t look good folks.  That’s why we have a lot of skinny chicks not throwing up anymore, and instead they’re overeating and taking it to the videos to twerk or take booty pictures, but these subjects have to rely on old tricks to disguise their failed attempts to turn sloppiness into real ass after they’ve exploded in weight, hoping to pass for real women with ass.  Since most women trying to enter booty appreciation today are unexciting Pig Tails, trying to fake like it’s better than it really is all over the net, they’re trying to use the WIDE angle of a collection of fat to manipulate perception.

Let’s examine a common WIDE IS THE NEW THICK trick shot that you see today with regards to getting your eyes to not notice what is real booty meat, in 2-D. Let’s go to a visual quiz:

Is this a big butt?OK, so what was so hot about it? Was that a BIG booty? Was it a nice, big booty? If you can’t answer either of these in 1 second, then you’re not a good booty enthusiast, because even in this tricky 2-D shot, you should be able to easily separate out what is booty meat vs what is not. If you said this was a nice booty, or even a big booty, you are WRONG!  Let’s walk through this…Did you see the same things we saw?

It’s the problem with 3-D (the image the woman would be in person) translated digitally as 2-D (the flat photo you see), but look at the tricks of the camera:

1) There is a trick with that bottom of the booty being closer to the camera making it look bigger and fuller than it is, because the upper body is in the background looking so much smaller.  This warped view is how you do photoshop type warping affects using natural photography (trick positioning).  That’s the same trick PORN uses to make penises and butts look bigger by using pushed-in up close shots or POV camera filming.  So the focus was to try to point the ass at the camera, make it the focus as it would appear to be the biggest thing in the picture.

2) It’s angled upward (positioned below the booty) and a shot like that is to mask the flat top of the ass (which is so flat you can see the fat of the lower back poking out below where the tatt is).  And angled shot like this is to make you think the ass has more meat on it than it really does, so if it’s a Pig Tail with barely any ass meat on it (thong up the ass is in full view doesn’t get swallowed even a little bit) you think all sides of the booty are round because the undercarriage might suggest that it is round (it’s not).

3) She’s angled outward, sticking out her hip and leg fat.  That opens up the hips and makes the leg fat look wider, and because there is no real separation of booty and any of the other areas, you naturally assume that the real booty meat must be ALL of the exposed skin you see there.  Making her bottom half of the body look wider makes you think her booty meat is really big.  We can see that the top of the ass is FLAT and the bottom is neither full nor round as you can see it’s just a Pig Tail with a flat top and all the fat is under the body and in the legs. Notice that the legs are much wider than the actual booty but she’s scooted the fat up with the angle, and a little bit higher she could have convinced you that all of that leg fat is booty meat.

So why did that picture work on you? Because you’re not checking where the booty meat really is (because you can’t really gauge it properly from an angle like this) in relation to what other fat is in the picture (which you can see and should therefore look there to try to see what is booty meat and what is not).   Notice how you didn’t deduce what was booty meat from other meat, naturally, you just accepted that all of that fat is booty meat, and therefore said she had a big booty (assuming that means NICE big booty).  This is typical of a chick who is supposed to be smaller but gets fat and is now trying to play up the fat gain rather than take her ass to a gym. This is a big common trick, and a bunch of non-ethnics are doing it like crazy nowadays, so everyone’s in on the nonsense.  This body didn’t scale well when the fat came in.


In that last backshot of the blonde with the Pig Tail, you don’t see good booty definition, because this ass is a flat ass that has gained fat in the waist/hips, and the legs, and the droop of meat creates what you think is a good butt. The butt is also helped along by hanging off of the backside and blended into the legs, so your brain says “well that must mean it’s a butt then”.  But was it a good butt?  Well that is the most common butts out there today, a butt that is not really a butt in a good sense, but a leg fat created faux-butt.   Many times, fat legs eclipse the real booty meat collection of fat/muscle, making the legs the widest attraction on the body, which you’ll mistake for booty!  Most booties are small or non-existent and we run into problems with the widening process that is so popular today.  That there is a problem with SCALABILITY.

Some people said that ALL asses look like the ones above, in the backshot and/or when legs are spread in backshot, but that is  NOT  ALWAYS TRUE!  You just need a better eye.  When your ass and legs are in proportion, even in the backshot, curvature can be seen indicating where leg is versus where ass is (hips can be sometimes hard to judge in such a pose when someone’s fat, but not so much when not so fat).  You want things in proportion so you can tell what’s what, which widening effects mess up. For example, let’s illustration smaller but round asses in backshot spread poses (best to illustration what’s what separation wise):That’s a pretty, tiny body with a little booty that is round and proportioned to her body. The legs are not bombarded by fat collections, which although the booty is small, allows you to make out the definition of itself.  The best form of the booty is right down the middle, as is often the case, with the outside not so well defined unless women have good collections of booty meat and/or muscle backing the booty on the outsides. These help define outsides of booty, but where there is not real definition out there, or separation, fat from the hip or legs will quickly overpower all areas. Here (above), the hips are widening, more so than the booty and legs, so when the fat piles on there, and the legs fat fat, there will be no outside definition, the ass will be flat and wide.  For now, the legs and booty are in proportion with each other, helping a tiny booty look presentable for its size.

Now, let’s go to a slightly bigger version of the same butt type, with a little bit of leg fat coming in and widening…

No one here is talking about complete hardbodies, no one is perfect, so here you have a nicely sized ass to leg ratio.  The hips are in check and there is a taper to the waist so the hips are not a problem here, and the booty meat we can tell is round and fills to the end of the sides of the booty.  There is LEG FAT coming in, but note that the backside is not completely ruined because of it.  The leg fat here, makes the outsides of the body look a bit rounder, fuller, so in this case, when she spreads to look fuller, it works because the hips, booty and legs are in nice proportion to each other, in particular the legs. The top sides of the booty didn’t completely flatten out also, but the most important is that the inner thigh fat is kind of leveled and hasn’t completely bloated. So if you have leg fat, it doesn’t mean the end of the world, it actually can enhance the form of the body, but now when your legs are under attack from all sides, which erases the booty.  IN this case, SCALABILITY has worked to create a fuller look to the booty, without destroying the optics. It worked in this case.  This is NOT the case on most women, if you’re small, you’re supposed to stay small because your ass curvature is not round in any area but the innermost lining of the booty.  That’s when there are problems. Your butt can only scale bigger where there is booty meat, right?

Now look at those (above), versus these bodies where scalability is not an option, or hasn’t worked.

When that woman has too small of a frame, and too little booty meat, only the innermost piece of ass meat is pronounced. That will NEVER translate into big booty, it will only grow and drop downward, and/or become flat and wide.  This first one is mistaken for the earlier 2 we showed you. This one below is the typical latina who is supposed to have a small frame originally, and is not meant to get any fatter!

You can see that the only real definition on this ass is the inner lining which allows this girl to take a shit every day. Other than that, there is no definition, and this girls has no ass.  There is no separation of booty and legs and butt, so this booty is clearly not going to scale. Why? There is no definition to the bottom or outside of the booty, just down the middle.   This is the typical latina writing to us asking how to get a fatter ass, but admitting that she eats nothing but high fat, high sugar foods and it looks like it’s working.  Get healthcare and go get yourself a physical, you will see this approach is NOT working for you!  The results will shock you! What happens when this kind of booty gets way too fat from this silly technique, and the booty doesn’t scale?  You get this below:

(Don’t mind the dug out poon we tried to photoshop out. That HOLE WAS TOO HUGE TO COMPLETELY PHOTOSHOP OUT AND IT WAS DESTROYED BY CANNONBALL FIRE!)  What you get is a big fat mesh of skin in the backside, and a bunch of people saying that chick is thick with a big ass. That is not a big nor nice ass, that backside has no definition other than right down the middle where she shits. The top of the ass is still flat, no separation of any outside part of the booty and the legs nor top of the booty from the back fat. No real ass is going to look like 1 long slab of meat with a knife would directly down the middle. You know it’s flat and Pig Tail at best.  Note though, that for each woman to make her ass look a lot more appealing, she spreads the legs to make it look wider, which then translates into BIGGER in the minds of many. They are in fact the same backside structure, one fatter than the other, and all shape is flattened but fattened.  How is that a big booty?  Well we opened this piece with the same exact poses by women, and many of you thought those asses were nice and big.  Do you still feel the same?

People say that at least the ass maintained the ass crack down the middle, and it doesn’t matter what the sides come out looking like.  Oh really?  As long as there is an ass crack it’s all good if they grow too  in everything but the ass?  Let’s test that theory. How does this look knowing that the body had this kind of ass crack, on a smaller backside, at some point?

Still appealing? The area that is booty meat is outlined for you.  This is the importance of scalability (where here there is none).  So women and men are under the impression that ALL OF THIS is a nice, big butt.  Big butt is now synonymous with “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M LOOKING AT”.  You can’t think that fat gain will carry a booty from a good small size, to a big nice version. Likely your genetics, and lack of healthy lifestyle, don’t support it. That’s not hot.

What exactly is happening with this issue of getting fat but the booty not carrying over and getting nicer as it gets bigger?  And why are women incorrectly guessing on it and paying the price with their weight gaining techniques to gain fat legs and butt?  How can that happen to a body? It’s simple These ladies who are meant to be smaller get fat midsections and legs (we’ll photoshop it to make a point). They’re getting wider on purpose too, hoping that they strike gold in the ass region, but they aren’t smart enough to realize that you can’t properly predict your gain based on the fact that your fat gain might happen much differently than another’s fat gain.  You also can’t say you’re going to “get it from your mama” as most idiots think, you can’t look at a girls’ mother and know that the girl will look like that in the future. They have different diets and different genetics (although some shared). Remember, a FATHER was involved with the mother to make the girl, so his genetics carry over into her too.  The girl’s not necessarily a direct clone of the mother unless you see she’s exactly a clone!  Fat gain is unpredictable by and large and fills in like a container of water being filled. What area gets fat first, or worse your genetics will determine. So you might overeat and all the fat goes to your stomach and never to your ass, or goes to the legs and never to your ass (AS HAPPENS 90% OF THE TIME!!!!).  That’s why so many women have ugly asses and saddlebags. Your ass isn’t getting the fat only or first, your legs are, and your ass turns into whatever the legs create of it afterwards.

You start off thin, then expand…

…but then the booty doesn’t grow with the fat expansion and widening. It often looks like the little baby ass is stuck on a big fat body and it’s like a slit cut right down the middle of a hunk of fat. What happens to such a body is a big, flat, wide surface of skin with no definition what so ever (other than the ass crack). Your ass will turn into whatever the surrounding areas make of it, in this case. When a body and booty are out of sync with growth, you get no SCALABILITY, as seen below:

The body gets wider but that ass didn’t grow.  Women and men said that one of the left was THICK with a big ass. The effect is people think that you get an ass that got bigger, no you didn’t! You got a wider backside, but the ass did not fill up with booty meat and get bigger, it likely drooped downward and expanded sideways.  That’s NOT getting a bigger butt.


What is scalability? It’s the ability for a booty to maintain it’s form even while the host body grows bigger in size, and or fat, because the booty grows at a rate similar to the other fat size growth. If you see a woman with an ass like this, but huge legs and gut, you know that her ass did not grow like the rest of her, therefore there is NO scalability here. The other fat has outpaced the real booty meat growth, and the other fat has overtake then rest of what was a flat butt anyway. This is what the fake thick wide ladies are hoping for though, because most people think that chick has a nice, big ass as the video implies. The poster was hoping that the backshot would help you think it was a nice, big booty but there is nothing nice about it, it’s subpar and you’re hyped up over wide, fat meat that is mostly saddlebags.  So people try to make saddlebags and wide growth look like their actually booty meat has expanded in all directions.  If the booty expanded in all direction, and the round mounds of the booty scaled bigger, you could say that booty got bigger, but not because your legs got so fat!  That’s the biggest misconception with relation to booty growth, and many people are debating and writing us about it, admitting that they’re banking on this kind of fat luck too. Well FAT CHANCE! lol  If your ass was small and round, and you got fatter but it looks like you have a balloon that grew 10 times bigger, then that’s scalability.  If you ass didn’t get rounder or fuller, but it got wider, longer, droopier and/or flatter, and gained no definition what so ever but your legs and back fat got fuller, you don’t have scalability.

This doesn’t mean that ALL bodies with saddlebags are terrible, in fact a body can look better if there is a smooth connection of hips to minimal saddlebags, or an exaggerated one provided that the woman actually has ass and taper to the waistline.  If you read PART 1 of this piece, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the tricks to make a fake taper at the waistline by trying to get saddlebags.   At this point, now you can see why so many women are trying to get wider bodies to make that backside look bigger!  In this case, it applies directly to making the onlooker think that ass is much fuller than it really is.  WIDE is the new THICK here.

Where it starts to derail is when the booty was likely a nice booty originally, but then the saddlebags come in and start widening the booty, loosening up the outside corner of the booty, while still managing to have definition of booty down the middle.  This is that small booty example we mentioned earlier, that doesn’t scale well.  Banking on fat growth alone, to aid your booty growth wishes, is just dumb, because you’re not guaranteed anything genetically.  This is when the ass is going to turn into a terrible Pig Tail soon, because after you let the nice booty fall victim to leg fat, it’s very hard to get definition back and you look nasty as the transformation happens. Let’s show a sample of the transformation from nice, tiny ass that fell victim to the saddlebag widening effect where the effect is just beginning to take hold on the booty itself, but the legs didn’t scale nor did the waistline.

Look how disappointing the side view of the booty looks. Started off looking hot at the beginning, then just fell all apart. That ass crack was nice and defined, it was high up on the backside, but then the saddlebags are pulling the corners of the booty out and wide, and erasing the definition of the booty. When a booty has no scalability, if you get fat in any place surrounding the booty, all it does is make what was probably a good curvature turn into a long droopy hunk of fat. You thought that booty was nice and full due to that widening effect in the first shot, then as the world turned, it all came crashing down. That right there is precisely why backshots are tricky, but if you looked at the leg fat, which jumped off the damn screen, you either realized it was a butt in ruin or you thought it was a thick big ass. If the latter is true, and likely it was, you suffer from this problem of WIDE IS THE NEW THICK! This woman is getting GRANDMOTHER-y and elongated.

No scalability is a KILLER!  Women need to take another look at their bodies and if your ass can’t support it, then you need to make the rest of your body conform to what the booty is telling you that your body should be like, which is in scale with the booty.  When that ass is not under control though, you’re only going to get bigger and bigger and the only thing that will resemble a booty will be whatever collection of fat moves on your backside when your legs flail about. This is the new wave thick, where if you have overloads of fat, and you’re wide, you’re thick and have a big butt.  Sounds like something no one would want to aspire to have, alas MANY wish to have that look. How can they pull off being so sloppy and still make people (and themselves) think they have big asses?  Easy!  SHOW A LOT OF SKIN on your wide backside!


No matter the lady, when you have these kinds of booties, without REAL separation of booty and leg, it is VERY easy to lose any little bit of boot definition there is, by just the addition of leg fat!  A typical stroll to the beach and you will see all kinds of sloppy women who are getting wider and wider, but dudes swear they have nice, big booties.  What are you seeing in the video below?

Notice how you look at the back shot (or front shot) and think they have nice, big asses as the video creator thought, but when they turn to the side, you see slumping Pig Tails with a lot of back fat and fat back of the legs.  Did you see the one in the end, with the injection needing looking thing in her ass? lol

Observe a typical woman, who doesn’t have a bulbous butt, and isn’t fat, but just picks up a little big of leg fat, month by month. How do you end up like this?

Is that ass as thick and full as you said it was? Where is the real booty meat here?

As you can see, banking on fat injection and fat gain to the booty is NOT going to solve anything. When you artificially inflate with fat, or just keep overeating like a slob, you’re not going to get the results you want. Even that example of the chick who went and did the hip injections doesn’t have a smooth and nice ass. It’s even more lumpy and odd looking, but she sure thinks she’s achieved the job.  The WIDE IS THE NEW THICK is in full effect, and you don’t even have to have a nice body anymore to be considered thick.  You just have to expand sideways and you’re the new ‘IN’ thing, and that’s really sad right now, for booty appreciation.  Now that many types of women are getting in this, it’s really just showing you how far the poisoned mentalities are spreading, and it’s why we write what we write, to expose the bullshit out there.  Eventually, like many guys viewing, you might start to think that this crap is acceptable, and then more women will respond by continuing to fake you out, and grossing out people who are real about what they’re looking at, when it comes to booty appreciation.  This whole widening thing needs to stop though, seriously, it’s disgusting and paves the way for stumpy troll bitches who think they’re hot.  If you don’t have the natural scalability, your fat gain can’t be predicted, and you’re forgetting that you’re going to get fat in many other places besides the backsides.  Since most chicks don’t have separation of booty and leg, that certainly is not going to be a good look when the legs get so fat, because most chicks’ asses stop growing but the legs continue to keep growing fatter and fatter. Even the skinniest of women seem to end up with saddlebag problems, so you being a larger woman, you think you’re above this plague?  Hoping that no one notices your real booty, from the rest of your widening backside, is just wrong and is mental poison that you’re ruining yourselves with.  We hope that you read this piece and became a bit more informed.

Just because someone is spreading out WIDE that doesn’t make that a nice ass!Because this is TERRIBLE, WIDE, FLAT PIG TAIL WITH NO ASS CHEEKS but you keep calling it a nice, big ass. Get it together! On 90 percent of these wide asses, the only part of that backside that is grabbable and is legitimate booty meat, is the tiny scrapings in the innermost, bottommost part of the backside, WAY UNDER THE BODY and most are PIG TAILS!  If all the booty meat you can grab with your hand, is this little dangling loose fat shit here……then really, HOW IS THAT A ‘BUTT’ ANY CLASS OF BIG ASS (good or bad)??? It’s not, it’s a flat, wide dump! If you can’t grip it, don’t try to flip it!


(BACK-SIDE EDITION is PART 2 to this piece)

We get a lot of message and emails from fans who are becoming more and more depressed about their own booties, after seeing it get worse and worse through the years. Many of the ladies who write us start off bragging about how nice their booties are, but then all they’re doing is trying to pull off tricks to make the booty look better than it really is.  They also will source pictures from the net, or of themselves, where there are large collections of meat on their bodies, or where others have applied photoshop to various body parts, to make them bigger.  When we correct the fans, they become a bit more at ease and understanding of what we feel is a nice booty/body, but then become really confused because they realize that they’ve been telling themselves lies (or have been lied to by other women and their men).  Since women in western societies rely on tricks to get by way too much (rather than put in real work to achieve a nice booty/body), some of the fans become upset when we ask them to take pics of themselves without doing the tricks to look better, and it shows us that they know we’re right about what we said.  Too many are too heavily reliant on lying to themselves, by using trick photography/clothing/angles and then curse us and wish they never spoke with us.  There are many things at play, which lead to the mixed emotions about what we talk about here, but in the end, most fans read out writing and come back to us, asking…


… and the other half of the people writing in about the same type of issue, are the dudes who are mad at us because we made them wake up about booties/bodies that don’t SCALE well, when the women get fatter. Lots of Ethnic men are PISSED at their ladies after reading our site, because they see that they’re being shortchanged and demand their women hit a damn gym.  The guys realize they have been idiots for a long time, allowing the tricks to work on them, causing them to overpraise something that is not as hot as they originally thought.  Well that’s not on the women, in this case, that’s on you for letting over exposed skin skew your vision and common sense, so that you can make a bad situation look/feel better to yourself, so you can get through sex with that lady.  That’s on you!  Alas, this is not just a guy problem, because a lot of women writing to Send Your Pics are disappointed and/or upset because they too believed the hype- and of course they mostly blame the many men they’ve slept with for not telling them that they’ve been slipping through the years. What boyfriend/husband is really going to do that and shatter your fragile ego, ladies?  Not someone wishing to stay with you.  And who doesn’t know that they’re getting sloppier with each day? Nonsesense excuses. So we’ll step through a couple of common things that there are misconceptions about (especially if we’ve confused you previously with our philosophies). We’ll tackle the issue from two, separate view points (FRONT-SIDE vs BACK-SIDE) because too many people have big problems sizing up ladies from these two angles, since they don’t tend to suggest the z-axis.

For starters, most of these guys, and the girls, are tricked into assuming a lot about a woman’s backside based on her FRONTAL look in 2-D is like.  When they look at a woman’s body from the front..They assume that she has a nice, full ass because her hips, and or legs are wide and fat. That is a BAD way to think, because there are tricks that women do to play a dude based on these assumptions, she’s even doing it as we look.  You look at this pic above and you says “she’s thick”, or “she has real curves”, but just because someone girth to them, that doesn’t mean they have a nice ass, or even an ass at all!

Even worse, just because you get a view like this below (backshot view), it doesn’t mean that the woman has a nice, big booty either, yet you’re looking RIGHT AT IT! So WTF, right?  We’ll tackle that in the next piece.  It’s a dual assault on your brain! Two common shots women take, two common views we also all see in person and get twisted, they’re both not to be trusted.  We let the mind play pranks to translate a 2-D (or perceived head-on view) image to what our imaginations thinks we would like to see it in 3-D.  We think ‘WIDE’ and then translate into “THICK WITH HOURGLASS FIGURE AND BIG OL’ BOOTY!”  If you thought this about these 2 shots, you’re like most of us. Welcome to the version of the TV show “BRAIN GAMES”. lol  The funny part about this revelation is that there are even more people out there who pray you stay confused about what you’re seeing, because their egos, and profits depend on fooling you. READ ON…

Of all of the typical inquiries we get receive from people, daily, a great bulk of them we will answer simply, in this blog and part 2 of the blog.  They are important because a lot of people say they are mislead by others, and are mad at us for working them up.   We talk about a lot of classes of booty, we talk about how to spot what type of booty, but the backside is very hard for most people to analyze, or even come to grips with when people do learn that truth about their shapes.  Most people are very confused because they’re being distracted by other things going on, outside of the what the booty meat really is. So we will look at the same problem, from the front, and in a later post, from the backside. We will cover the front right now, and there are a few problem areas, on a woman’s body from the front, which complicates the views of most onlookers, so we will quickly step through these GOTCHA areas, so people can see for themselves, why they’re faking themselves out.

We will show you what’s actually not accurate about what you might think, about a typical shot like this, too..

because it plays into the problem we see going on, and why so many believe this shot means a woman has a nice ass because bulges in JEANS means this woman has a juicy bubble butt- and 95% of the time, you’ll be wrong about that! These shots are why many women have relied on JEAN THERAPY, because of what YOU assumed about the booty/body of the women in the pics with such bulges!  See if you can spot what’s wrong with the pics (where does your eye go to first)?

But do know, it’s related to why dudes do this kind of shit

Wishing body bodies layered like this

HUMP-ME DUMP-ME (humpty dumpty)

Many women resort to trying to trick a man into thinking they’re body is one way or another, obviously to look better and feel better about themselves, and as we said many times before, you’re only poisoning yourself mentally, as well as physically. You’re faking out yourself, and some unsuspecting idiot guy with your fakeness, then when you rope him in, you’re hoping that you’ve likely whored yourself out so much that he won’t notice all the false tricks you’ve tried to rope-a-dope (literally). Why would you think that anyone would actually want to stay with you, or keep it real with you, when you’re whole premise was about being fake and you got him by being fake? The fact that you can’t be yourself, or work on yourself if you don’t like what you look like (if it can be helped), leads you to mental poison. A cousin of this poison is telling us things like “I didn’t know I was fat and not thick, because no one complained” or “Everyone told me I had a superb ass, but looking at it (now that I’m single), it was all bullshit” or “you know how much DICK I get???!!! Yall don’t know what you’re talking about”. That last one, that a woman who gets sexed by a bunch of guys is verification that her ass is nice, is just so funny but we hear it a lot.  That is NOT a way to know if you have a nice ass, that’s more of a testament to your licentiousness.  Most cases, dude sare already talking about getting with the next lady after he realizes he’s been duped. Those are quotes from fans to us, and we are also saddened when we read that stuff. The real problem though, is with these ladies not getting with reality, ultimately, and you can’t go blaming someone else for what you look like- unless you’re blaming your parents or your name is Charla Nash.  You watch your body change, through the years, you should know better. But it turns out that many ladies (or men for that matter), don’t even know basic body shapes, which is the start of the confusion, when they come at us like we are speaking evil about their figures.  Most women, who think they are thick (or men think are thick) are really just dumpy women whom have lost form, due to getting really fat. If you have the shape of a 55 year old pear shaped woman, you should not be so proud of your figure if you’re under 40.  What we notice is that just like many other definitions we like, the terms of body types are being blurred by ladies, as women who like tricks are trying to change the body type (not ass type in this scenario) to be a better one than they have, with sorcery. Just because we point it out, that doesn’t make us the bad people.

Women and men don’t understand that like we do for booty, there are countless people whom have done the same for other parts of the body, especially created by women for women.  Even worse, most women don’t know the differences in their body types being classified by shape/width, similar to what we do with booty.  So when we speak to women, they don’t know the difference between types of bodies that we are concerned mostly with, the HOUR GLASS SHAPED and the SPOON SHAPED bodies, and lastly concerned with RULER (spongebob shaped women) and CONE (chicks with no hips and boy-bodies).

spoon vs hourglass

Just like women, whom don’t care about their health, want to fake like they’re ‘THICK” with “APPLE BOTTOMS” when they’re far from it, women try to fake like they’re HOURGLASS SHAPED when they’re just PEAR SHAPED or APPLE SHAPED

The breakdown, technically, is in 3 scientific shapes (ectomorph, mesomorph and endmorph).

The ENDOMORPH is where the controversy and deception exists (for the purpose of this piece). To not bore you, or us, we’ll stick with the common folk language of apple and pears and shit lol Make a note of the skeletal body of the common woman, and where skin comes in, then compare it with the various shapes.

A LOT of people don’t know where the woman’s hips are and confuse other parts of the body for hips, but HOPE you don’t know what’s what either!

The differences between Apple vs Pear shaped is where the weight and FAT (and bone distortion) is distributed (north and south), in relation to the body overall, judging simply by the waistline location.  The Hourglass vs Spoon is how the body looks with the effects of the hip/hips-fat/leg-fat as it shapes the body, in relation to your waistline position.  So you can be pear shaped or apple shaped and still not have nice hips, or have hips that show through your fat body.  A LOT of women are one of these two body shapes (apple or pear), and they have no hips, or have hips but you can’t see the hips because they’ve too much fat in the midsection. So what these women tend to do is try to cheat and imagine that they have hips, or try to highlight hips that just aren’t there.  A great amount of women do this, just as common as putting on high heels and makeup, each day. They’re trying to make you think they have an hourglass figure, when really they likely don’t have that and likely CONE or RULER shaped, but with the fat gain, their overall look is Apple or Pear shaped- the endomorph. So they’re trying to make their dumpiness look better than it really is, because they don’t want to have to do any work to look presentable. So these women pray the fat will turn them into pear shaped women, which they can turn around and say “see, I have an hour glass figure”!  Sound familiar?  Just like lazy and unenthusiastic women have taken over the term “THICK” and turned it into a reflection of themselves (which screams “LAZY AND UNENTHUSIASTIC” when you look at their bodies), APPLE SHAPED women have hijacked THICK, HOURGLASS-SHAPED, descriptions in order to pretend like their body is hotter than it really is, so that they don’t have to get on a diet or work out.  They always want a handicap or to cheat rather than put the work in to be better and do better.   So these women would love to pretend that they are hourglass shaped, spend a great deal of time tricking you into thinking it, and that’s because too many women are so fat that DUMPY and Pear Shaped is the norm now.  Part of their trickery, in relation to booty, is something you might not even have noticed, but is heavily played upon by tricksters.

A simple investigation of the female bone structure, versus the skin that covers it, will allow you to see where someone’s hips are at, and let you know where the bulges don’t meet up with the hips. So women who are hoping to get dumpy are hoping to look like they have hips and booty, because everything is drooping on them making them look like the shape of GRIMACE from McDonalds.  So the sagging looks is to sought after so that women can dump that junk into tight clothing and fill out the clothing as the manufacturers of the clothing designed, which is to create fake curvature where it doesn’t really exist (like  bra for the whole body).  This lets you know that people really don’t think that CURVATURE when referring to REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES is equal to REAL WOMEN HAVE BULGES.  If you’re calling fat clumps CURVES, you’ve no idea about the female anatomy because fat bulges are not necessarily CURVES, and if you have to fake curves, by putting on trick clothing, then how do you have CURVES, better yet, how are you a real woman- by that “real women have curves” logic?  And when you stop the fooling, how do you feel about yourself when you disrobe daily? Not good, right?  Some ladies make the most of out hips getting wider after child birth, and in the right cases, they look damn good with the right amount of hip fat, leg fat and booty fat.  So women whom have kids should be the last one crybabying about shape when you’ve almost given the gift of hips afterwards, now you just need to get the fat and muscle in order to make that nice guitar shape!!!

Well this is what is happening to women who send us photos, and wonder Dude, Where’s My Butt??? Their booties are not scaling with the body getting fatter and wider, even worse, the rest of the body is getting fatter as a much faster rate than the booty.  In many cases, the ass is becoming wider, longer, and is riddled with inconsistencies in the curvature, resulting in HUGE DENTS in the ass’ curvature. This is beyond tiny cellulite, this is huge DENTS that we call DEAD SPACE, and extra lumps and unneeded ass fat that is colliding with the legs and hips. You just never know what you’re going to get with fat growth, but it is the legs that we want to focus on here, today, which has become more of a danger as so many have started to wish for leg fat.  These ladies are banking on getting cartoonishly shaped hourglass figures, by eating a bunch of trash.  Sounds familiar?  It’s the same tactic many women are trying to use to get a big ass, to no avail in 90% of cases.  You might be asking “but why would a woman want to look dumpy and like she has hips if she’s going to be pear shaped from the front? Who wants THAT look?”  Simple to answer, “because you can get guys to assume a LOT about an ass that isn’t there too, if they see you looking dumpy!”


Looking at this picture, what would you assume about her backside and hip structure (since you’re not seeing either properly)?Most women (and men) tested said that she:

* had wide hips

* had a big butt

We asked, how do you know this, and they really couldn’t answer logically. Most basically chopped it up to assuming based on race and her angling of hips. They mostly agreed that she LOOKED like you can see she has an ass just by looking at this frontal shot.  In fact, this is trickery to stick out hip bones when likely this body doesn’t have the guitar shape or hourglass you thought, and you know NOTHING about what her butt looks like. This is a very effective trick!

That has lead us down a path where many women, of ALL KINDS OF ETHNICITIES (not just Blacks), are trying to overeat, or don’t care what they eat, or don’t care to try to lose weight, because they think it will pay off when the fat piles on their bodies, and they can either resort to trickery to fool a guy, and themselves, into believing they don’t have a shape problem. It’s why women’s health is at its worst ever!  So with so many women being so sloppy and jacked up looking, most are too weak to reduce the bulk, so the pile on the tricks to manipulate the bulk, or try to pretend like they have HIPS and ASS in particular.  Well consider what we just talked about, in relation to women faking like they have an hourglass, or trying to manipulate their apple or sloppy version of a pear shaped body (because you can have sexy pear shaped women) to be better than it really is.  Is it that these women are trying to look like the photoshopped pictures that guys are putting out there where they make even skinny Asian women appear to have huge thighs and little waistlines (dp a google search for ‘THICK ASIANS” or “ASIANS with ASS” and watch the foolishness)?  Or is it that these guys are looking at dumpy women are are trying to make that look better than it really is because women have tricked them into thinking it’s hot?  Good questions.  Each day, you look at frontal shots and you think you know what the backside looks like based on your SPANK TANK’s recollection of women you’ve seen working the tricks they do.  But these tricks have a profound affect on your visions, more so than you think because MOST guys think they know how a woman’s butt looks like based on what they see from her 2-D frontal image. They mistake the hourglass for the spoon or the apple for the pear shape all the time, guys are really that damn confused, so they too just take a mental shortcut and think every woman has an hourglass shape, despite the evidence to the contrary, and guys also don’t realize they get excited about a woman’s shape from the front because they assume a lot about the back.  You’re saying right now “how can they do that, and why would that turn me on when I like booty (backside only)?”  You know how many dudes claim that a woman has “ASS SO FAT YOU CAN SE IT FROM THE FRONT”?  Well that’s what’s happening to your brain, you assume about her back, from what you see from her front. Well… take a look at some of the most common front shots, doing tricks and some not (all of these were liked by people for the same reasons), which fans have submitted with comment, or we spoke with in chat about. See if you notice the common theme.  These are shots that people referenced as “ASS SO FAT YOU CAN SEE IT FROM THE FRONT”.

Let’s start in fuller body then go down the line toward smaller.

Submission (1)

Here is one that guys said was the classic “ASS SO FAT YOU CAN SEE IT FROM THE FRONT”.  Is it true?

Submission (2)

“Does this dress make my butt look big?”  Another ASS SO FAT YOU CAN SEE IT FROM THE FRONT candidate??

Submission (3)

Another submission with claim “ASS SO FAT YOU CAN SEE IT FROM THE FRONT”.   This one the guy said “Son, that’s PURE THICKNESS right there you can’t deny that shit!”

Submission (4)

Here we have a woman with a smaller upper torso and most of her weight in the lower part of the body, thus our Euro peeps said “that is the definitions of THICK with big ass” (although a front shot).

Submission (5)

“Try to tell me that’s not all ASS RIGHT THERE! My boo is stacked!” Well look where the bulges are, then look at any anatomy book, and you tell us. Does this prove that you can see ass from the front?

… but when we showed people them 2 photo submissions (below), their logic broke down and they quickly DISMISSED these women as potential candidates for ASS SO FAT YOU CAN SEE IT FROM THE FRONT.

Submissions (6-7)

So why not these last two ladies (submissions 6 and 7), but submissions 1-5 seem to have this ASS SO FAT YOU CAN SEE IT FROM THE FRONT nonsense?  To also add to this, the majority of those who said they dismissed these two last pictures as having that type of ass that you can see it from the front (in terms of size), they said she clearly has a nice sized and shaped ass because of the bulges you see in the sides of the body.  Even guys who don’t believe in Ass so fat you can see it from the front, said that ALL of these women definitely have to had big asses given their hourglass, spoon, Pear shaped bodies.  Many women say the same thing, these men are not alone in thinking this.

You hear a lot of guys say “ass so back you can see it from the front” when referring to women whom are wide bodied or have really fat legs. Well a lot of guys actually believe that crap as the bible’s word (also made up bullshit), that a woman’s ass can be seen from you viewing her body strictly from a frontal position, and claim you don’t have to look at the back for confirmation.  If that’s true, then you’re seeing one sloppy, droopy ass that is slapping around the sides of her legs, coming to the front, like plastic grocery bags you’re carrying while walking from the store. lol  Does anyone truly believe such crap?  Haven’t you ever seen a woman coming, nice thick body, hourglass or nice pear shaped body coming in nice form, then when you check her ass as she passes, THAT ASS IS FLATTER THAN A PANINI????   You are not an observer of women if you’re NEVER had that happen, and that’s clearly a debunk of “ASS SO FAT YOU CAN SEE IT FROM THE FRONT”.  The fact is that you cannot be sure you are seeing any ass when you look at a woman head on, and most likely you’re not seeing ASS at all.  There is no sound logic to that thinking because flat out you’re viewing her front, not her back, you idiots!  You’re keying in on something else that doesn’t necessarily make a booty look better, it likely makes a booty look WORSE actually.  Consider submissions 1-7, they all featured something that was meant to confuse, featured something many openly complain they are confused about (or how to address), or feature things that a great many quickly mistake for validation that a woman has a nice, big ass.

The people who eliminated submissions 6 and 7 from having that Ass so fat you can see it from the front, are referring to the HIPS and LEG FAT they see bulging, even jumping off of the damn pictures, in some of those shots. They are essentially mistaking the sides of a woman’s body for actual booty meat, without even having really seen the booty itself.  THAT is the sickness, letting your brain make up shit about the back, when you haven’t seen the back! And that is what a lot of manufacturers of woman’s clothing, and women themselves obviously, are hoping for. An ignorant man is a goon you can gank over and over and he will eventually become complicit in the stupidity and believe the lies.  That’s when you have the fever and sickness, you’re getting all hyped up over something that is not ass. If you ask us if it’s possible that a woman can have the bulges on the side of her body, but actually have a nice, big ass, the answer is HELL YES!  But that’s not the full story, because what you are seeing is not her booty, so just by looking at a front picture, we would NEVER tell you that someone has a nice ass, there is no evidence, so we don’t call it!  What we can say, is like in that picture on the left, there is a clear difference on the side of her body, when it comes to bulging of the hips (there is very little there) versus bulging on the thighs!  There is a big bulge on the thighs but people still thought that leg fat is caused by a big booty.  Can you imagine if that ass ended as low as the leg fat sits? Would that be a nice ass?  See where her crotch ends?  Now look where her booty would have to end if that leg fat was booty and realize how terrible and long that ass would be.

Another common misconception is that where this lady on the left has that big bulge of leg fat that suddenly jumps out, if a woman has really big and long fat thighs (like the lady in the picture to the right), then that’s a clear indicating of ass so fat you can see it from the front.  Again, you see the hips bulging and you would assume that normally an ass would be so good if it would be around that area, and you even begin to think her ass is in that area, but you just don’t know. You see really huge, fat legs and you just want it to be true so badly, as she is throwing those hips at the camera.  Why she is throwing those hips at the camera we will talk about shortly, but in any case here, you can’t tell what a woman’s ass looks like from the front. If you’re assuming that because a woman doesn’t have wide hips and really large legs, that she can’t have an ass, that’s not the proper way to diagnose whether a woman has a nice or big ass.  The problems is people are linking those saddlebags to what they think is where the hips are and are confusing the positioning of the hips, as many women want you to.  The result is you think the curvature of the woman, as it makes up the hourglass figure, is at the legs, when it should be at the waistline- unless you SPECIFICALLY are looking for DUMPY, Pear shaped women!!!!

You want to see an example of why? Look here

Now THAT, that’s a PEFECT ASS! Apple Bottom to be exact.  You didn’t see that from the front and you didn’t see bulging hips. And note the position of the saddlebags to where her hips are.

REALITY CHECK ON THAT: So what is going on in that pic?

Let’s take this Ass so fat… nonsense to school.

oh I'm so hard nowThe reality of the situation is this woman above has nice ass, and it’s a big, nice ass, which happens to be an Apple Bottom. This booty isn’t dependent on width, across the backside, which would pile into leg fat. This booty is dependent on GIRTH from off of the backside, popping out, and not hanging low, but being somewhat perky. So the bulges on the left side shot do not correspond to the booty you see on the right side. The low bulge you see on the thigh, in both shots, is simply LEG FAT!!!  That right there, is one of the big problems with people improperly diagnosing booty from the front.  You didn’t know she had that ass, and at best, it would be a wide, long ass if you thought you could see it from the front.  The specific problem of this shot, using that dumb logic of Ass So Fat You Can See It From The Front is a great many people are thrown off by saddlebag, and others are trying to prey on that for LIKES.

Yes, you are getting excited over basically what is in the left inset picture, SADDLEBAGS, the Arch Enemies that you are mistaking for hips!  Legs with fat pouring out the side of them, sloshing about as a woman walks, or stuffed into tight pants, you guys LOVE THAT and don’t even know.    A lot of women will use the combination of leg fat and hip bones to try to make it look like 1 long continuation of curvature, trying to fake the hourglass or guitar shape, and a pear shaped body that has continuous curvature is a very sexy look, when pulled off properly, which is why many women with terrible shapes are aiming at the smooth dumpy pear shaped look. Other women, when they know they’ve no hips structure to show off, or booty to show off, or just have some hips and no booty, they will try to THROW HIPS in photos, or THROW LEG FAT in photos, by learning and accentuating the projection of the bulges they think is sexy curvature, of either leg fat or hips.  See, for many women, a lumpy outside of the body is like GOLD when you keep eating crap and getting fat, because someone’s going to think that’s sexy curvature, especially if you contort your body to make dudes think they can accurately detect how nice your ass is from the front.   Women want you to think that the tricks are real booty and hips so they need you to believe Ass so fat you can see it from the front is a real thing.  So many women, of all walks of life, like to throw leg/hips in shots and dudes are clearly crossed up over them, so much so that you’re in love with fat thighs, the NEW DEFINITION OF ‘LEG MEN’.  Yes they do, in fact, the thing is you see women do it all the time, and never really notice it until you see it done so poorly that you bust out laughing when you see it lined up for you, like so:

CASE STUDY: HIP TOSSES & SADDLEBAG POINTINGIn the left shot she is throwing those hips and that leg fat, trying to make 1 continuous curve, but you can clearly see where the hips start and end, and when the leg fat bulge comes in. Most people don’t catch that, but isn’t that a very awkward position to take a picture in?  You wonder what the point of a shot like that is about, then you see the middle shot, even more odd.  What is she projecting towards the camera?  Well you can see those hips are pretty straight and not as round as you might have thought in the left shot and her waist is pretty BOXY really.  Then you see a fat collection she is projecting which is a combo of low hanging ass fat and leg, and that’s what she is projecting.  This is her attempt at showing you “ASS SO FAT YOU CAN SEE IT FROM THE FRONT”.   It would have been impressive if the bulge came higher up, at about where the hips started to look so squared. The important shot is the last shot, where you can see it’s a Pig Tail.  The ass fat doesn’t build until under the body, projected downward, and it’s meshed with leg fat because it took on too much leg fat on this body, although she’s not a really fat woman. All it takes is for you not to have any real separation of booty, back and hips for your ass to become completely undone!  So women know this, if they have this situation, and they do that shot that is the left shot, and don’t bother to let you see the backside, because then you will know for sure that you’ve been fooled and ASS SO FAT YOU CAN SEE IT FROM THE FRONT doesn’t work!

What many guys like are indeed the fat legs, but most so that they be WIDE and FULL, so if her ass is flat, these guys can pretend that all that space of her backside is ass.  Many guys don’t want to admit this but they like a pancake ass with fat, wide legs!  They’re not really ass men, they’re fat/wide-leg men, and that’s all good too, but stop believing your broads have nice, big asses when all they are, are wide loads, or simply just admit that you like VERY DUMPY LOOKING WOMEN, like the guy who put this picture together (and named it like he did “the_hips_of_mal_malloy_by_buddhajeff”).It’s all good to like dumpy chicks, but call your obsession what it is, and not booty appreciation.  This picture is not about her HIPS. HIPS?  You’re not looking at hips, you’re looking referring to her LEG FAT and how it bulges in jeans or dresses! You like how her fat explodes as it lands on the legs, as opposed to how her top half of the body looks (which although also chubby, looks very tiny compared to her lower half of the body).  You guys who are  fooled into thinking that a chick has a nice, big ass just because she has really fat legs, need to do a second take on these ladies, and know exactly what you like when looking at them.  Sure, this pic above was another “Ass so fat you can see it from the front” entry but you already know how her butt looks, so it’s easy to mark this woman as that kind of woman.  That logic you have falls apart when we examine MOST women, whom are doing the hip tosses, and projecting the fat of the legs in shots, hoping you mistake it for real booty.  That logic falls apart when you see women in the trick clothing, trying to disguise the leg and back fat with form shifting clothing, that channels the fat to make it look like a smooth continuous dumpiness look, or a dumpy look where they make an ass from smashing hips, butt and leg fat all together. Remember that picture above with the girl in the jeans?

She wasn’t wearing the kind of jeans that takes that slop of fat and packs it all in to make 1 big butt/hips/legs bulge of dumpiness, she is wearing regular pants for bigger sizes that don’t have any fat containment mechanisms. So the fat just sloshes around from side to side as she walks, but that’s LEG FAT and not ass fat.  That is the typical body you’re looking at from the front and claiming she must have an ass based on that.  You see it all day every day and then it walks by and you get upset when her backside doesn’t deliver what you thought it would. you get a puzzled look on your face like “wtf? What happened?!” when she passes and you see that ass is FLAT.  That disappointment, if you’ve felt it, is you realizing that logic of Ass so fat … not being true, and it can make you upset, seriously! lol  Fucking dudes start complaining to each other when they’re standing around and “call it” too soon, telling their boys “oh shit look at that, that ass is crazy fat, son!”  Then she passes, everyone sees that you were WRONG, you scratch your head and dudes LAUGH AT YOU… as you sit in silence, confused and try to defend your bad pick. LOL Yeah you’ve done that! Dudes overpraising that bulge in the wrong place has lead to many women trying to seek that bulge in the wrong place. Women with no ass need you to believe in Ass so fat.. nonsense so that as their legs get fatter, you actually agree she should continue to get fatter, because you think you’re getting a bigger ass because she’s widening. You think you’re getting HIPS when she doesn’t have hips or a nice taper, because her lower body is getting fatter.

Ultimately, it’s clear that you aren’t really looking at and loving booty, you’re loving LEG FAT that widens the body!!! We thought we lost men who like looking at a woman’s legs, but no, you’ve just evolved into saddlebag lovers masquerading as ASS MEN.

and many of us like HIPS, especially when they’re making that hourglass or guitar-shaped figure on a woman, but again, too many mistaking that front look for a woman being THICK or having a nice ass is killing booty appreciation, because women are pigging out trying to get leg fat to look like hips, purposely making themselves dumpy because they too now believe in ass so fat you can see it from the front mentality.  You see them throwing hips in pics and never taking ass shots but taking 100 frontal pics with the same trick!  You know why, we all know why, because 2-D flat frontal pics don’t indicate anything about a woman’s backside. So these women have falsely believed that if they make their bodies wider, especially after the hip line, that they’ll score big points. These are some strange times when a woman doesn’t want an hourglass figure, but rather wants to look dumpy like a 50 year old woman. Both the women and men who think that this leg fat, widening technique is going to work, need to come to the realization that it doesn’t impact your booty like you think it does, and in part 2 we will show you why it FAILS 9 times out of 10!

You simply can’t tell that because a woman has fat legs and wide hips that she has a big ass (nice or not), and gaining fat legs actually will likely ERASE whatever little ass you might have. Then you, or the logic you have to get bigger, falls as flat as the shot below (how did throwing hips/leg fat with those fat legs, work out there? Just like it does for 90% of people).


Ready for the backside version?