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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Let’s begin the new year with some Smart Ass talk…

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Sometimes, you really just wanna holla, nowadays.  You see/meet so many chicks today, and the closer you get to them, the more fake they’re becoming. You’re chilling, rubbing her legs and she’s attractive , then suddenly the leg pops off, weave pops off, eye lashes, eyes are a fake color…, like in I’M GONNA GET YOU SUCKA. cherry . Women and fake shit, to alter appearance, seem to be running parallel, for some reason. Obviously, not all women are into such fake shit, and don’t have such poor self image issues, but way too many are into changing their appearances, faking what they are to look like what they are not. We see the plastic surgery has sky rocketed and fake ass, tits, faces, noses… everything you can think of is just so fake today! There is a pill to make your eye lashes grow long- which human guinea pig Brook Shields signed up for, a pill to straighten your hair since you hate its curls, and even in Panama, a popular surgical procedure to color your eyes to light blue (aka Color Iris) if you wish- no need for contacts anymore. I can see the black women, with hate for their African features, lining up for all of this shit- in fact 1 almost went completely blind from the procedure! Actually, you might never need contacts again because you can’t fucking SEE anymore, after that crazy procedure. lol Women are just becoming way too fucking fake, for my taste. We’ve covered quite a deal of the fake shit, through the years, but something really annoyed me, recently, about a few chicks.. it was the low-budget faking attempt to fake a brother out, in particular, in the ass region. Homie don’t play that! So as you’re staring at the ass… she thinks it’s because you’re staring out of amazement, when really you’re just DISAPPOINTED that she too fell victim to the shenanigans of women and fake shit. She thinks you’re so dumb that you’re actually buying the tomfoolery and she pulled one over on you! How disrespectful and rude to a dude, right? I guess I wasn’t too upset with the tons of other fake shit they’ve been doing, until I saw the tricks to fake me out, in the BOOTY CATEGORY. That’s when a line was crossed. lol

To top if off, a buddy wants to launch a line of panties for women, I put him on to a few chicks to do some modeling of them, but he doesn’t want the ones I suggested. He wanted FLAT ASSED chicks. I was puzzled, and I had to look at the images of the panties he was suggesting, again. WTF??? I didn’t even pay close attention to the panty cuts, the panties faking has evolved seriously again, too! I didn’t see why he didn’t want the 3 ladies I gave him, until I really inspected what the panties were for. Here’s basically the affect he is after:
* Take the flat assed girl, preferably tanned in body, very tiny ass cheeks, if any, tiny ass crack.

* Put her in his type of Magic Panties designs

* BAMMMM!!   Get the effect ‘ASS OUT OF THIN AIR’!

So technically, the ladies I pointed him to, already had REAL ASS, he was looking for flat-assed chicks to transform into chicks with the type of asses I had proposed to him. WTF? From his perspective, you take a flat ass and put her in his panties/bikinis, she’s showing a lot of skin and she gets a 3-D booty- it’s a WIN-WIN scenario. My thinking is you’re fooling a bunch of people who are untrained to what is a good booty, while making a woman feel better about what she clearly doesn’t have but is faking like having, by fooling herself into thinking clothes can help her self esteem. Some of you dudes don’t understand what I just pointed out there, so I’ll break it down to you like this. How do you feel better about yourself, if you have a 3 inch dick, but you buy Magnum condoms made for 12 inch dicks, then proceed to brag that you wear Magnums, plus show them off in your wallet to chicks?  It’s basically this affect, that the guy is trying to sell, to ladies.  You’ll be laughed out of the bed, when she sees your real 3 inch killer, though, right?! So smart people avoid such embarrassment. It’s not anything new, in fact, 95% of products sold to women are to address their physical insecurities about themselves. My thinking is that now you’re trying to fool women into fooling themselves, into trying to fool men, that the particular panty wearer’s ass is really hot- it’s a LOSE-LOSE scenario- win for the business man, of course. Anyway, I don’t really know any model-class chicks with no ass, I don’t quite keep that company, so no one I knew was of any use to him. Even the ones with the smallest asses had too much ‘bump’ on the ass for him. They weren’t flat enough. lol

My buddy is on to something though, on high on something.  You know guys are turned on greatly by seeing women showing lots of skin (regardless of body form), doing daring pics, but guys are evolving and getting in on the tricks of ladies now, so they’re demanding more realism to what they’re seeing- especially guys who themselves work out or know what they want in a woman.  If you know how much it takes to maintain yourself, you expect to see the same effort being done by women on themselves, you do not want her to do what would be the equivalent of you putting on a MUSCLE MAN SUIT and parading around town as ’sexy’, right?   Guys are tired of seeing so much fake shit! Pretty soon, all women will be wearing Tranny-kits to try to be hot, which is essentially the direction women are heading in. Yes ladies,  you’re turning into TRANNIES trying to dupe people by dressing your own body to look more like ladies should! lol  All this is because, FINALLY, women who are bony and corny, are getting less and less attention, while women with some girth, in particular the midsection, are important- AGAIN. I say ‘again’, because like BattleStar Galactica’s line ‘this has all happened before, and will happen again’. We keep trying to come up with way to get this skinny, flat-assed chick back in the game of sexy.  We know it’s not hot, yet we keep trying new ways to fix what we clearly don’t want to see, flat assed chick.  So, today, like we’ve done many times before, we try to fool them and ourselves, with optical illusions/ mental delusions.


Back in the days: I got to thinking, how long has this ass foolery been happening?  I mean, they’ve been marketing to your booty not being HOT enough, millions of times before, so you have to dress up to fool yourself and others, right?  This is basic human psychological mess, and we know that just gets regurgitated over and over throughout the centuries.  We’re trying to make women’s bodies into what we want/make them feel better, instead of just going after the types we want in the first place and deserting what we don’t like.  We sell them fake security with our ‘inventions’ to enhance the bodies, especially in a sexual sense.  Obviously, this was started by men, but women wholeheartedly believed in and supported this stuff, but what did the designs of products really suggest? “I really wish I/my girl had a phat ass” lol  Seriously. Ultimately, this is what it comes to, and we try to course-correct the backsides/bodies of chicks.  The CHURCH set the tone for a lot of what we see today, with regards to emaciation by women, in particular white women.  They were made to feel ashamed if they ate too much. Prior to this, a woman of girth was always seen as a sign great possible fertility and health, all throughout the 1800’s.     Many paintings would feature fat women with hips, tits and ass most likely being chased by some white man. You remember that the HOTTENTOT VENUS Sara Baartman, was an African Khoi woman, with huge ass and thighs, being shown like a circus attraction in Europe.  Full girth was IN, or at least what was secretly wanted- although there wasn’t much to go around apparently!  Well the Church always felt that voluptuous women were a sin, and causes men to sin, because they were driving men wild!  So the Victorian Era came in, and sided with the Church’s view of a how a woman should be, but when they saw the church’s idea that full women were a sin, that’s where the two were completely separate in ideology of what a woman should LOOK LIKE.  With regards to a woman’s body, the church goers were conflicted by the new era, with people’s ideas, at the time, claiming  “you’re a fucking pig, appetite is shame! If you’re thick/plump at all, you should be ashamed of yourself and starve yourself into proper form”.  This contradiction of what’s a hot woman’s body, split ideas of what was best, skinny or thick.  The real target of hate for skinny bodies, was from the waist down. There were no asses or thick thighs or hips on these women! No one liked these chicks with no ass, but there were so many of them.  What was to be done about this tragedy?  Being skinny was a sign of malnutrition and poverty, to the rich, so high society shunned the skinny look!  So they were living in a contradiction, at the time, to offset their women being so skinny with no ass, TRICKERY had to be put in place! So what were they really after will all that crap the subjected women to wearing? They wanted a Phat Ass’d White Girl (aka PAWGS)! but white women weren’t genetically there yet.

Remember, the Victorian ages were from 1837-1901, so they DID still shape our current societies’ beliefs! Even though the church dominated many aspects of life, they were no match for society’s dreams of having a fat ass, or having a fat ass in bed with them!  WAY before Marilyn Monroe, there was the shapely actress Lillian Russell! All that pro-church nonsense couldn’t stop the adoration of her shape, especially here in America (yet America was the more Puritanical society lol), and she was the ‘it’ woman in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s Victorian era.  You know men, your mouth said one thing, but your dick was going to speak louder than that, and thus do something entirely different from your ‘beliefs’. lol It’s why former Presidents, racists and racist-rapists were attacking black, female slaves so much, all before and during that time.  Couldn’t get over that size that they longed for, but their women didn’t have.  Also Lillian Russel was  heavily using the popular ass-trickery at the time, to shape her fat up and even the score for herself.  Actually, this trickery wasn’t a ‘new’ practice, by this time, but the idea was that you wanted your skinny ass women to look more full (health belief), and your fat women to look more shapely (fashion belief), so you stuck her in a corset, petticoat, Tournure, Bustle, etc to try to accent or create hips, ass, and tits, where they didn’t exist, to fool onlookers- most importantly yourselves!  Women ALL OVER THE WORLD were wearing this stuff, from Americas to Europe to Asia!  You already know about the corset craze, but did you know about these OTHER items? Observe some of the less known trickery items, they were using to try to look ‘thick’:

A Bustle (or Tournure in France) was some contraption a woman put on to create a fake ass, hips. It was a cage like device to make a fake ‘thick’ frame for a woman, and you have to put a lot of crap under it to support it, so it wouldn’t hurt you either. .  It did bounce and sway a bit if Waltzing. Notice the little ‘bump’ that comes off the lower back, where this contraption begins!  Hmm trying to get that Apple Bottom bump I see. lol Women walked or danced around, and it BOUNCED ever so freely.  That turned men on, fake backsides that bounced.  lol:

many times that had a padding structure to also attach underneath, along with a bunch of other crap, to support the bustle on your ass, because i



Petticoats were like the panties of the old world, which you wore if you had a dress or skirt on, hung from the waist.  By 19th century, women wore them OUTSIDE of contraption like a Bustle.  You had to cover up your fake ass in style, you wore this:


Y’all laugh but remember the Granny from Tweety Bird cartoons? Her ass always bounced when she walked, well she was wearing one of these get-ups, complete with umbrella.

BUM ROLL - yeah you read that correctly, ”BUM ROLL”.  BUM, British slang for butt, and ROLL which it is. It was exactly that, a roll that you tied around your waist, that was thick in the back, which you put on your Mystery Space area, and that creates that jumpoff ‘bump’, we see on Apple Bottoms.  So understand something IMPORTANT here, knowing that white woman’s asses were so flat, which men obviously didn’t like, they introduced the bum roll for those who just wanted to quickly throw something under a Petticoat without the whole bustle cage stuff, which would make the ass poke out more. LOL  It was put under your petticoat/dress (Tudor era), in other times women wore it outside- made no sense to do this but whatever. lol Take a look at this (looks like an airplane neck cushion):

bum roll

Well, when the Victorian period was over, the ‘thick’ fad was dying, and the Brits ushered in the decline of the previously-popular ‘voluptuous women’ image, and guess what came from that fallout: EMACIATION AS A MEANS OF FASHION. That pretending to be thick stuff was out, it was time for white people to get back to reality, they felt, now it’s time to be bony. When you took all this crap off of a woman, you still were back to skinny ass you were not satisfied with! By the 1920’s the emaciation era began, flat chest, no hips, bony bodies with ribs poking out, were the ‘in’ thing, and ‘dieting’ aka emaciation, in this case, became popular.  At that time, the ‘Flapper Girls‘, the freakishly BOYISH hair-bobs and figures, women with no curves, who couldn’t fill out a dress, were in- and corsets were officially DEAD, and dead too were garters and stockings, as the bedroom delight lingerie at the time- replaced by chemises, bloomers,and bodices for the boy-body chick look.  But that Flapper chicks stuff played out too because not everyone wanted to fuck a boy in the butt.  So then back to liking full chicks in 60’s but not really, Brits put a stop to that too, officially, with their TWIGGY model sensation, bringing back that little boy looking women fetish- except with fewer clothes, and Americans joined right in.  Emaciation as fashion, was back in full effect and it cemented bony chicks as THE ‘in’ thing for white chick’s beauty since, thus establishing the European Standard of Beauty (skinny, white, blond, blue eyed) officially.  Then men everywhere dumped their fat chicks and wanted skinny chicks.  The thing about Twiggy was she modeled the ”HEY, IS SHE REALLY JUST A YOUNG BOY? I DON’T CARE, AT THIS POINT. I’M HARD AND I WANT THAT ASS” look, and white men around the world ate it up.  Ever since then, your grandfathers, your dads and eventually yourselves, wanted women with boy/girl-like bodies and body parts.  Loving a flat ass was back in to stay. This look was especially adored by gay men, who really own the fashion world, since it was a look of a BOY, and that’s who also controlled your sense of what made a woman’s booty hot, GAY MEN. Smile, flat-assed lovers- they fathered your style! :) and still set the trend today.   That style caused problems, because you know the trends, we like skinny, then full, then skinny, then full… and when the clothes came off.. the boy bodied chicks looked nasty.  We were seeing that the backside looked long, bony, the ass wasn’t plentiful, it ran right into the back of the legs. There was nothing to hold on to, but it also looked questionable in swimwear.  Well again, we had to fix these skinny chicks being the ‘it’ thing, we introduced a few new tricks to mask what we didn’t like in ladies’ lower regions, in the first place. Gone were the bustles, bumrolls, corsets but we had other ways to fool the minds.

So in the early 1900s, we made the 1’sies swim suit and grandma panties- we made the lingerie, to cover up the undesirable part of chicks’ backsides, mainly the large Mystery Spaces/lower backs on these chicks; however, we were back to focusing on what the corsets and bustles created, what made the Flapper Girls go out of style, something each was missing.  White men asked themselves “Where are all the white women with ass at?”  They tried to skim off more and more clothing from women, in search of something in all that flatness, to turn them on, to no avail.  By the 1980s, we had arrived at the height of sexual expression in fashion, advertisement, and beauty.  We arrived at the Bikini and the Thong, then the G-String being accepted officially.. we finally made it— errr but not quite- where is the booty meat at, to fill these things?  They weren’t ready for more size to the ass, but what they wanted was to cover up that unattractive look of the backside of most skinny chicks, which looks long and makes the ass look flat and long.  Men finally figured out what they don’t like about their skinny chicks they’ve praised so long, the long area of space right above the ass!  It made a skinny chick look like a frankfurter dog!  So rather than focus on women with more size, dudes went right back to the drawing board, to try to even the score for bony chicks, yet again. These guys were staring down these flat backsides wondering ‘how do we fix this area, above the ass, from revealing just how ugly her bony ass is?’ yet again.  So in the 80s, everything that had to do with that area right above the woman’s back, what we call “the Mystery Space“, was beginning to be addressed.  All of the jeans came with a HUGE section that pulled all the way up to a lady’s breast and rib cage! WTF? lol ON top of that, limited the pants so women with real ass and curves couldn’t find anything that fit properly- admittedly, you did NOT want to see your mom or grandmom in ‘bubble-gum’ jeans though! But look at what women were forced to wear, look at that high cut top to cover up those ugly Mystery Spaces, lower backs- all because flat ass chicks forced this because they were so many in numbers:

The problem spot was found, area above the ass, and lack of ass was the problem, and a solution could now be applied to swimwear and nightwear we saw our women in, but how do you fool the people into fooling themselves into thinking that the foolery is genuine? lol And how do we overcome the fact that we can’t just cover everything up anymore, these women are halfway naked now, the secret will be out?   Easy, back to optical illusions/delusions!  This is how we proceeded to pull the trickery off, on the people, once again:  We use a huge top of the panties/bikinis to cover up as much of that ugly space that we do not like, and if they have no ass, throw stupid lace/designs on it to distract the onlooker. Putting chicks in panties they have no business being in! (Like every chick in this slideshow click here and pics below):

We highlight the parts of the backside that we do like, by making special cuts in the panties to make the legs/ass look more full to the eyes:

as well as make panties that make a fake ass crack because she has no booty nor ass crack long/deep enough to make separate ass cheeks. Also those panties tend to make it look like there is so much ass in it that it’s pulling tight at the seams (oh brother I hate these):

So today, we ALL question like they did way back when, which brings us full circle: what the hell do we do with all these flat assed chicks? There is too much being invested to keep them in the game!

Years have passed and genetic code is enhancing itself, as the 98% of the DNA, which is not the active in giving genetic instructions, rather is the worker DNA that does the actions which ALTER and BUILD the features that the active 2% of DNA requests of it, has awaken, in MANY chicks today.  The 98% worker DNA, when told to ‘create a buttox’, has instead starting to create enhanced booties for the previously skinny, and we see so many PAWGS today, as the result. The process is natural, after so much time of NOT having the feature, it evolves to suit the environment.  With so much change, the old world order is beginning to show cracks, we’re all evolving. We keep trying to use old school tricks to even up the score for flat, no assed chicks, to level the playing field, to allow people who are not fit to survive, somehow stay afloat.  We keep trying to bail out these chicks who don’t have the features we want to see, by psyching ourselves out with trickery, then even have them believing what they’re doing is hot, and then we ditch them later, for what we really want- a chick with some ass and thighs! If you continue the faking, the evolutionary process can’t happen! Seriously, if all the women have big asses, well evolution says you men with small dicks will grow bigger dicks, to match being able to bone these chicks with big asses! See, there’s a big dick in it for you- uh hopefully you took that the right way. lol But nope, we don’t listen… what do we do instead?  We go ahead and create ways to alter their appearances, into something we like, or we throw a bone to women we don’t like, to try to even the playing fields.  Women never do that for men!  They don’t overlook mens’ physical shortcomings ever! It’s the flashiest, wealthiest, seemingly toughest, who gets the woman- survival of the fittest- it’s not about compassion for your story if you’re not up to snuff.  Natural Selection, evolve greater or get no poon! That’s how women work, we need to work the same way! If you’re worthy, you’ll get all the attention you need, we don’t have to play to their handicaps anymore.

Come on now, all kinds of chicks are growing ass now!  Time to be selective now, it’s your nature.  You see flat assed chicks with skimpy swimwear,  then you see that same bikini on a chick with body like your Kardashian girl,  which, of the two women, are your eyes going to gravitate towards? If you saw these 2 women drowning in the ocean, but could only save one (who’d be in love with you forever for being her hero) which one do you think you’re more likely to save?  Not the chicks with no ass- ‘oh.. she dead!‘  Natural Selection! It’s about time to let the undesirables drown, no more throwing life vests! Survival of the fittest, sink or swim chick.  It’s the evolution of ass!


Can you put the blame of poon access-denial solely on fat chicks or chicks with juicy asses?

Are you mad you can’t bone a bigger sized ass properly, and therefore claim you only like flat/small ass?
Are you really too small in the cockey to handle the bigger sized asses that you love so much? Or ever look at a dude with his big assed chick and say ”oh I know he ain’t hitting THAT right”- well you don’t know his secret!

Well the Ass itself might not be what you are really angry about. There are OTHER reasons to be mad.  Don’t blame it solely on the ass, and most importantly don’t be afraid of size just because of this.  Simply step up your game, gentlemen! We examine the real causes of poon blockage.

Foreword: Summer’s over, now back to war we go! As pointed out previously, on our sites, many guys base their likes in the size of booty, based on what they think their cocks can handle- which is totally logical. The problem with this is they also build HATE based on this model too.  When a guy thinks he could “do damage on that ass”, he normally references the size of booty he thinks he can handle. So if you apply psychology, the size of booty he likes, is most likely to reflect how easy he feels it is for him to stroke a chick with that sized booty, so as to stroke his ego at the same time, of course.   In other words, how he sees his cock performing with that woman’s overall size, without himself feeling emasculated or insufficient in size, reflects the comments he makes.  If he only thinks he can do some damage on small chicks, it’s highly likely he doesn’t think his cock is all that big.  Conversely, many dudes who think/pretend they have big cocks, also want huge sizes of women they know damn well they can’t handle.  So your ego is at stake here, with your selection of ass, and it is wise to choose your type properly, if you actually do date the women with the types of ass you like.  We find that most guys who say they like a the most huge asses out there, like to imagine that they have those huge porn-sized cocks, that if you bothered to look, many aren’t able to fully go into the poons of the huge chicks, or chicks with huge asses. We also find that guys who like the women way too frail and small, tend to not be so confident with their cocks, so smaller makes them look bigger (excluding the ‘Shallow Hal’ factor from those who hate all fat women anyway, for the sake of this blog).  Interesting, right?  So many guys, like described, challenged us to defend having sex with fat women or women with huge asses, claiming that these women destroy a man’s ability to have proper sex, due to the booty blocking every sexual move available, even Doggy Style.  Of course, we take that challenge, and let them know why their thinking is not entirely correct, and thus they should give bigger sized women (at least bigger in the ass), a try.  With that being said, let’s address the 3 major groups of people asking questions/commenting (somewhat angrily) about bigger sized asses, but reveal to you the real culprits that they should be mad at, instead.

We do get a lot of complaints from fans and haters, and general fat women who feel misrepresented. For the most part, the complaints are really just ignorance about booty, size of a woman, and ideas of beauty that are burned into the retinas of most guys, due to social programming (for better or worse).  There are 3 core groups of dudes that we’d like to address, and 2 of those make points we’ll dispute/debunk here (because they’re ALWAYS complaining about ‘fat chicks’), today, as well as use some of their logic to address the 3rd group.  So let’s try to understand the frustration of the first 2 groups,  we mentioned earlier.  First, examine the pic below, they call this the Perfect View” or simply ”THE VIEW”:

Is this a nice ass? By the Euro-centric Beauty Model, it is a Perfect 10. But are they really talking about the booty is nice, or are they talking about how the poon access/view looks and how easily accessible it is?

The first 2 groups of guys admit they subscribe to the Euro-centric Beauty Model (white skin/blond hair lovers, slim body lovers, flat to tiny ass lovers), but only 1 of the 2 groups refuses to date a woman who is any bigger that the picture above.   So let’s start with this group that only likes flat/tiny booty.  They constantly write to express that they hate the big sizes of asses. They appreciate that likes a good ass, from small to big, and that we are not just stuck only the big sizes of ass. What they particularly care for are women like this , which they say is the perfect ’size’ because there is not 1 sexual position you can’t pull off with them.  I ask you, the reader, What is common about all of them? Now, unless you’re gay, you’re going to agree the views look good, but you’ll immediately ask/scream “BUT WTF DO THESE HAVE TO DO WITH A NICE ASS?“  Well it doesn’t, really.  I don’t see any ass, so what are they so ecstatic over?  Well it’s just that, THE  PERFECT VIEW! This is the point we make to these guys, you love the view of the area surrounding the POON, showing skin, on small bodies, but not actually the booties themselves. lol True, we love gaps, and would still fuck every last one of those chicks, but there is no ass in the pics!  So this crowd really just admits that they like small to no ass, GAPS, and very minimal, if any fat anywhere. They want to see this view with NO BLOCKAGE TO THE POON. We do too, but not ONLY that, we want to see some ass!  So we understand why they constantly write things like a big, blubber, ghetto, fat sloppy ass is disgusting. It does not look good in thong, it does not look good in a dress, and even worse, limits your ability to fuck a woman in many sexual positions. You are stuck with only 3 positions (doggy style if you are lucky, missionary and turning her on her side if you are lucky. lucky she doesn’t crush the life out of you..)’. To their points, these skinny women, with no ass, would be easy to bone a million different positions, I will not argue with that, but many bigger bootied girls are really these booty types, that gained fat and/or muscle.  The guys also cite that the skinny ladies make it possible to have sex standing straight up, or laying flat down on the stomach, which they claim boning chicks with any ass at all, blocks all this. I don’t believe that statement is fully true, and while a few skinny/flat-assed chicks make this possible, it is most likely NOT true that you can bone ALL SKINNY WOMEN straight up and down, because the poon’s trajectory is facing downward, not directly backward, through those gaps they like!  I’ve tried this shit, I’m not small in the cockey area either, and it’s just not always possible, most times it’s NOT even with skinny women.  I know this due to my early start loving tiny-assed chicks, a LONG time ago, so I’ll expose the real ‘blockage’ on females bodies, which don’t permit you to hit it like you want, although they are not fat.  Still, they did raise a good point though, simple positions are eliminated with a chick who has a MUCH bigger ass/body, such as a position where she is laying down flat on her stomach and you’re on top of her.  It’s hard to enter most chicks in this position, but it’s not only the booty that COULD block you there, and this is what they’re not getting.   Another point is you have to up your GAME, as a man!  So you claim you can hit every flat-assed chick every which way under the sun, but IF YOU HAVE SKILLS, are ADEQUATELY SIZED, and KNOW WHO YOU’RE UP AGAINST before taking them on, you could get at many different sized girls, even with your 5 inch schlong, buddy!  You have to correctly identify what is your blockage, then set up the perfect spread so you can get at that poon (Pyramid Scheme), and finally, you have to identify how much cock is needed to go at the task at hand, by the angle you selected to enter. Depending on your angle of entry to the poon, and the blockage, you need to stay in the area of a woman’s area which works with your cock length. If you have 1 inch blockage, you need to work around that and realize how much cockey it’s going to take to pull off moves! If you don’t have what it takes to overcome the blockage, then you need to leave that shape of women alone! 

But these guys make it sound like every chick with any ass bigger than the skinny girls, is morbidly obese! WTF?  Most fat women or ghetto bootied chicks aren’t this beautifully, refined, ghetto booty elite type asses with lift (this nice pic to the side), but just because they’re fat doesn’t mean you’ll get complete blockage from all sexual positions either- although you do have to work MUCH harder to bone some of them.  The spacing between the legs rivals that of smaller bootied women, so this group of complainers aren’t getting the full picture. Still, any woman not a toothpick is ‘fat’ to them.  They claim that ‘fat’ women block up the access to poon, because of their asses, and they ruin ‘the perfect view’.  That is only partially true (definitely not true with the average ass), and we’ll get into this in a minute, but this is their major complaint about bigger booties (mind you, they think Jessica Biel has a huge booty, as you’ve ready in our blog responses). Do you agree, on some level? Are they on to something?

The second group of dudes who complain to us, is the group who sees all the PAWGS and big bootied girls are the ‘in’ thing, so he decides he wants to now take this new class of booties on, when previously, he’s only had thin/skinny chicks- OR he’s a guy who has a girl who used to be thinner but now she’s a blimp and he’s forced to try to adjust to the new size, when all he knew was the smaller size.  These are guys now forced to take on a bigger girl, when they’ve no idea how to handle one.   This crowd writes to say that it’s too much work boning chicks who are not skinny, and make the note that they can’t do any of the moves they used to do with smaller chicks (as noted by the first group). That, is in many parts, true, but I questioned how ‘resourceful’ the guys were. I mean, as a man, you have to be versatile to handle all kinds of chicks, so if I ask these guys if they’re prepared for these chicks, they admit they’re not/weren’t, and aren’t going to invest the time either. lol Sometimes, I can’t say I blame you guys, because I’ve been there myself.  The group of guys who met a chick when she was a smaller size, but due to the woman getting comfortable, she gained 100lbs on him, or after the marriage/baby (got her guarantees), the woman pulls the okiedoke and blimps out on dude. Now, he’s used to boning her at a smaller size, and loved it, but suddenly finds himself not attracted to her new size, and worse, without skills for handling a bigger sized chick. So both cases of guys, newly taking on chicks with bigger size (legs, butt) when previously they didn’t, points to the guys not having the moves, nor cock size to handle the extra weight, particularly in the thighs and ass (yes they specifically noted these areas and were not talking about fat bellies, which is the giveaway and is why I threw them in this blog!).  You know what they blamed the lousy sex on? You guessed it, they said ‘THE NEW FAT FILLED BOOTY IS BLOCKING THE POON SO I CAN’T HIT IT RIGHT ANYMORE!‘. They’re angry and maybe they do have a right to get mad, if she blimped out on his watch, but the guy who is taking on bigger chicks but finds he can’t handle that, what’s up with him?  This group, like group 1, share the sentiment that ‘THE VIEW’ is non-existent, due to the fat all over the place.  This group admits they can’t bang the chicks with the bigger booty meat like they want, or sufficiently, while that first group won’t even dare attempt to take on chicks with ass!  What we argued with both groups is that her getting/being fat, is NOT always the ONLY reason for poon blockage, as fat gets distributes in many different ways, on different women.  That’s not a fair assessment on their parts, and after viewing pics of a few of their girls, they had it all wrong. We’ll address this in a second, but let’s use their concern/opinions to address a 3rd group of guys.

So the 3 group of dudes, HATE the European beauty model, and love the ‘ethnic’ beauty model, which permits women of bigger sizes to be beautiful, while the other 2 groups are all arriving at the same conclusion: fat women/women with round booty, are blocking the access to the poon because of too much booty meat.  While they’re saying that, this 3rd group of guys are absolutely LOVING any woman who has a LOT of fat all over the mid/lower-mid section (hips, thighs, ass, licking their cankles and shit). For the 3rd group, the more huge her ass and legs are, the better.  It doesn’t have to be a nice ass, it just has to be HUGE, and he’s pleased.  I asked if something like this here is their kind of lady, but they said “NO, BIGGER“! LOL  GREAT CESAR’S GHOST!! Dudes send me things like these, as the hot stuff they like   . Actually, that first one has perfect angling going on for her size, so she knows a major point we’ll address here and in the next blog. She MUST hit that angle for you to see/feel any poon at all.  The middle you’ll never get right, and the far right is the typical ‘big’ booty of average girls on the street. That’s not a NICE booty and the real booty is the TINY inner ass cheeks. It’s all BIG but is it all beautiful?  I mean, can you REALLY hit these sizes right?  Stay tuned after this blog for version 2 of “How to fuck your Fatty Phatty“.  We’ll show you how to TRY to hit it to the best of your ability.  It’s all good big girl, we gotchooo, boo boo.

Now, to each his own, but I look at these really big chicks like, “dude, there is no way you could hit that right!” You’d need a 20″ ventilated meat-pipe just to get 4 inches of it into a woman like that, from 99% of sexual positions.  And when I say that you can’t hit it right, by “hit it right”, I mean you have to please that woman too, not just you get your rock off dryhumping/chafing her inner thigh and butt cheek fat when you should be in that poon fully!  This group of dude eats more with his eyes than his stomach can handle, so to say. lol  All that fucking meat can’t even be boned right, 9 times out of 10, by masters of porn= and yes I watch that big chick porn from time to time!!! So a point of the smaller ass-loving crowd is clearly evident in extreme cases, but not in just any size body bigger than a toothpick chick! And this argument that the first 2 groups make about “The View” disappearing due to ass, that’s really just complaining that these dudes can’t bone a chick in Doggy Style like they like. Let’s face it, when you see ‘the view’ you think DOGGY STYLE.  That’s most Ass lovers’ favorite position, so let’s focus on that position for this blog.   Let’s start by taking ‘the perfect view’ a bit further, because that alone doesn’t make me crazy, I need some booty on that view- so let’s come to a nice happy medium that I think all lovers of all size booties MUST obviously like.  The view is all good, but what we, at like, is what we call the ‘TASTER’S CHOICE‘:

A HAPPY MEDIUM:  Taster’s Choice

In a perfect world, the groups of complainers, along with lovers of ass with a little more meat on it, can come to a nice, happy medium.  We all like a nice view, and I’m sure all of us appreciate the view of a woman’s backside where we have full, uninterrupted access to the poon, with minimal work needed to get to/to see the poon, right? I also don’t want to have to stick a car-jack in between a woman’s legs, just so I can get at the poon from behind, but I also know that I can get full access to the poon without having to go completely SKINNY with no/flat ass, in chick selection! Experience has taught me that.  So the preferred view, of most, is NOT the one that the flat-ass loving crowd likes, rather a view were you can have at whatever flavor you wish to have at immediately available.  Don’t know what I mean? Well depending on your level of freak, and what you want to put your cockey or mouth on/in, you have everything available to you in 1, easy position.  That happy medium is to get a woman, regardless of the size of her backside, in a position that is decidedly the ultimate view, to please all ass lovers.  Yes, you can have a position where this is possible, even with a woman who has some meat on her ASS. Ok, let’s take a PAWG (Phat Ass’d White Girl) with a pig tail, for example, as we introduce you to the view we like, called a ”TASTER’S CHOICE”:

She has some meat on that Pig Tail and the poon is still accessible!

Think about it, if you have a Taster’s Choice, you have the clit, the poon and the butthole aka the ‘HEARTY ALTERNATIVE‘ (if you’re into such a thing- to each his own), all in your face, no blockage, or there is very little blockage, maybe 1 inch or less of blockage from any direction. The non-believers didn’t think you can have this with any women who have bigger asses, or are thick,  it’s completely possible.   We mentioned that shape and size of the booty (as well as thighs) do affect the access to the poon, but if a woman has a perky booty, that holds up and has nice lift to it, it will not intrude on the poon’s spacing, especially in Doggy Style.  See, if the booty is perky, not hanging too low, and has good lift to separate from the back of the leg, you can easily have a Taster’s Choice (provided you position her properly- which is key).  A problem Pig Tail booties have is they have to bend all the way over to get the booty to lift, but a booty that is already perky, like the infamous Apple Bottoms, have that lift where they terminatee at the bottom, there is no cramping of any meat from the booty. At that point, as long as the legs are not in the way, you’ve no obstruction coming from the booty itself!  Your job then is you have to create the biggest space with her legs spread to receive your head or pelvis (pyramid scheme to triangulate the entry point), along with the best alignment of back positioning (Archery – see later in blog), to get the maximum hands free separation of ass cheeks/ leg fat, so reveal the poon in the most hands-free manner.  This is triangulating to hone in on the target.  This formula must be mastered by all men, because womens’ bodies will be different from woman to woman, so all elements of the formulas, as well as all dudes will be different. So you must create the perfect scheme for yourself, and fit yourself in the triangle you make with her legs, leading up to the poon.  This is your Pyramid Scheme that must be calculated on every woman differently, to get the maximum amount of yourself into that woman!  If you’re tall and she’s short, you have to fine tune your scheme. If you’ve a belly and she has a fat ass/thighs, a completely different scheme has to be made, etc.  This is how you go about getting around blaming a woman’s size of booty solely, for your lack of skills, fellas!  She’s telling half the town you didn’t hit it right and you’re lame, you’re telling the town it was because she has too much ass, who the fuck do you think looks like a fool to everyone? YOU, THE MAN! So up your game! What she tells others could affect your future game!

When you think of the Taster’s Choice, or as much of one as you can get with scheming, it’s about the booty’s shape, along with some level of controlled sizing in the inner thigh area, and a very important 3rd element we’ll cover in a second.   Some think the whole key is just bending a woman over, but she could still have huge thighs that block up the poon all by themselves, she doesn’t have to have a booty that is in the way!  Any 1 element can mess up your access to the poon, including your own fucking belly getting in the way! Stop fronting out there. lol

The Taster’s Choice gives you the best access with less meat in areas outside-but surrounding, the poon (mainly the booty/ thighs), this is true, but with more meat in these areas, and still having the Taster’s Choice, that looks even more amazing because everything looks so full and bubbly, not plain and flat! So it’s a much sexier view if she has a big of meat on her legs and booty.  With that being said, she doesn’t have to have a lot of meat on her booty or thighs to have a Taster’s Choice, she can have flat inner/back thighs and small perky ass too. She can also be fat and not have a lot of leg or ass fat too. Yes it’s possible. So for those who say you can’t get this kind of view with any women but petite, you’re proven wrong here! Whether you want that view with a bigger woman, that’s another story, but it is possible, so the groups that are hating can’t say that just because a chick is fat, that automatically means poon blockage. Again, as mentioned, the ass/thighs can be less full and not crowd up the poon area, or the ass can be plump, but as long as it’s perky and sits up high with nice lift, it’s completely out of the way of the poon!  Combine this with a nice Pyramid Scheme of your own and you’re golden! Also we put the ‘HEARTY ALTERNATIVE’ in there, because some dudes like going at that butthole areas as an alternative when they can’t get access to the poon. Well when they have a chick who let’s them ”put it where they doodie at’‘,  it’s normally because they know the dude can’t get in the poon from whatever angle, so it’s easier to enter the alternate hole. It’s an alternative, and big chicks let you hit them there easily nowadays, no hassle. lol Probably to due with trying to combat that stigma of being big creates poon blockage. Now they can see, it’s not always true!

So, as we point out, you can’t say there is poon blockage just because she’s fat, you have to consider HOW THE FAT IS DISTRIBUTED to the areas surrounding the poon too.  So the lovers of the skinny girls with gaps, seem to think they have won this battle, but in reality, they show they don’t really know what’s up with a woman’s body blocking access, skinny or fat!  , Look at that upskirt, do you think there would be any poon blockage? I can see right now there is.  True, fat might be part of the blockage, but everyone is completely overlooking a major part of a woman’s body, that is most times, the REAL culprit to most poon blockage, and it’s not really part of the ass.  So we’ll break it down, from small chick to big chicks, the real culprit in 8 out of 10 poon obstructions.




#1 cause (Peach Pit): Unbeknown to many, there are actually a BUNCH of factors that contribute to poon blockage, not just the ASS BEING TOO BIG, or the woman being fat, as commonly thought.  If you bothered to look at a woman, or if even had any ass in the pass century, you’d see that you were basically getting cock blocked by multiple body parts on a woman, like the thighs (shape/size/positioning), booty meat (shape/size/positioning), bad angles in sexual positions (changing angles to fit your body type/cockey length, aka Pyramid Scheming is best) and the actual position of the poon itself.  Yes, all of that contribute to the blockage of the poon so you can’t bang a chick properly, in your favorite positions, especially DOGGY STYLE.   We know, we know.. you don’t believe this, so let’s step through the real culprit of the most blockage, on a woman’s body, that lead to poon blockage for all body types.  It is a part of the body we’re introducing to you as the ”PEACH PIT”.

You ever look at a  chick’s crotch and see a lot of meat from the inner thigh or ass BUT FROM THE FRONT? ?  Sometimes it might weird you out to see ass from the front, and I’m talking about from her crotch area view. Well she doesn’t have to be fat for you to see this view.  Yes, skinny women have this as well as fat women! .  This area, is what we call a ”Peach Pit”. A Peach Pit is the term for when a concave ‘pit’ that is formed where the Poon, inner thighs and booty all meet together. It looks like the peach (poon), is in a pit that you have to dig in to get at, thus the name.  Note that many ladies do not have this spacing, but if she does, this spacing can create some unwelcomed blockage to your stroke game with a chick, although the Peach Pit looks fucking AWESOME to the eyes! WTF right? If there is a God, he’s a twisted soul!!! Generally, if a poon is located higher up on the front of the body of a woman, but she has an ass that protrudes greatest, in a downward fashion, at the bottom of her booty, the effects of the Peach Pit seem greater and the pit seems very deep (or that the poon us up way high on the front of her body).  Also, if the woman has a poon that is located higher up on the front of the body, the thicker the thighs are, and how far out they protrude to the back, also causes deeper blockage.  The truth is, that in many positions, if a woman has a Peach Pit, it creates a concave poon indentation that makes the poon a bit more difficult to get to, whether or not you hit it from behind!  Check your skinny girls when you bone the, check your videos of porn, whatever, you’ll see what we mean here.   The other important thing to mention is that no matter what size a woman is, fat or skinny, they can still have a Peach Pit, which means there is instant obstruction from the poon, without the shape of the ass even being a factor.  Many people don’t believe this, after countless arguments, we’re exposing this.  The truth is, I don’t think many of you cats out there even bother to notice this, and haven’t adjusted your game accordingly!  With each type of woman, you should have different game, playboy, so do the knowledge! If you think about it, the area of the Peach Pit is where you’re trying to get the maximum amount of your pelvic region, into, to get as much of your Member’s services into the poon.  You can’t possibly get your whole pelvis in that small space, thus you can’t get the base of your cockey all the way in there, thus BLOCKAGE!  So doesn’t it logically make sense that everything below and behind the poon, is potential blockage (and not just the booty itself)?  Observe the Peach Pits on skinny model:

Here, you’ll see that tiny ass as curved downward, on a thin body with minimal ass. The philosophy is you need at least 4 inches to be in a woman (4 ” is the average vagina length), to even attempt to satisfy by penetration. Depending on the angle you’re entering the poon (“Plan of Attack“), you’ll need MORE INCHES to get that needed 4 inches in there, plus additional inches for stroking room.  Because of the shape of this booty (NOT THE SIZE OF THE BOOTY), with the Peach Pit, this means you have to come up and under this body to get at the poon properly, and you’ll need 5” minimum to get 4” in and have wiggle room (marked by the 5”+ on the pic above). That Peach Pit shows you a poon that is indented. That isn’t much ass right there, but if the poon wasn’t sunk in, you’d have almost no obstruction from it! Since the ass cheeks are bunched together at the very bottom of the ass, that’s a 2” blockage if you were coming at it straight. You’d need 7” minimal in that angle if you’re going against the blockage. You got 2 inches clipped from you dick game, with this skinny body with microscopic ass. Fat or skinny, a Peach Pit can cause serious blockage because the Peach Pit is obvious in ALL sexual positions!

Here, you can see the Tree Girl has a deep Peach Pit, highlighted by the combo of muscle and fat in areas that surrounds the Peach Pit. So the DEEP affect is created.  THAT space, shaves off crucial inches needed to perform your sniping job! She’s not huge and fat, that ass just has a lot of definition and is shapely. Still, it might look like the ass is blocking you when you hit it, due to ignoring the Peach Pit, the real culprit in this case.

You’ll also notice that you don’t have to have major size to the body to have a peach pit and cause blockage.  Many dudes try to hit up these skinny girls with deep Peach Pits and still can’t get it all in from many typical positions, like they want.  You’re trying to defeat a small area of space that you can’t get back by bending a chick right.  Look at yourself when you’re going at it, or even look at porn for examples. When they put the camera UNDER the women, not above, you’ll see that dude is banging, but he’s not getting it all in many times, especially in Doggy Style.  Even in other positions, to try to neutralize the effects of the Peach Pit, you’ll see dudes doing tactics that we guys who bang chicks with bigger asses do (hang their butts off of the edge of a couch/bed/table in missionary).  Many don’t believe this claim that skinny chicks have blockage, but if you only observed, you’ll notice what we notice:

Now we could argue that the Peach Pit gets deeper as the booty meat gets bigger, and that would be true in a few cases, like booties that curve downward, and into the line of sight of the poon.  Obviously you can see that a deep Peach Pit limits your sexual positions too, not all angles are available to you, and look they don’t have to be fat or have a huge ass! lol  This is the reason we said the original claims of booty blocking the poon were only partially true. The kinds of booty that are either Ghetto Booties, Tear Drops, Pig Tails, if they’re droopy, long, or begin very low down on the backside, these pose the most problems for those men who are not too well endowed.  The logic behind is is that if the booty is hanging low, and you want it in your best position, doggy style, you’ve booty meat you must clear out of the way too now, on top of dealing with the Peach Pit, and you surely can’t see the poon in ‘the view’!  Forgetting ’size’ for a second, let’s see how shape can create a HUGE blockage on what should be a relatively easy fuck. Consider if you will, this woman’s Peach Pit and booty in pic below.  You look at it but you don’t think that there will be much blockage, due to looking at the front shot:

Analyze the Peach Pit, can you properly identify what area can pose the most blockage? Doesn’t look like much blockage could be caused, provided the skinny body/legs but look a bit closer and try to separate ass from leg..

..careful inspection will reveal that the booty is curved pretty hard in a downward motion, but is a thicker/fuller ass, more round and with definition, but it is stuck rather low on the backside, even as she’s trying to bend over. Still no poon in sight! That is a LOT of blockage there, but notice there is NOT a lot of fat anywhere in there! Mind you, that ass looks NICE!  The thighs are rather flat on the inner parts, so that’s not intruding on your space, but that shape of the booty surely is.  If this ass was a bit perkier, and had lift to it, then the cheek definition would be set higher, allowing you better access to the poon, from back.  Basically, with this booty, you get blocked, by a body that is thinner/lean, and not fat. The ass has great separation of ass cheeks, naturally, so you wouldn’t have to spread the booty meat much to hit it, but because of the Peach Pit,  the ass being so firm but set so low, this kind of booty IS intruding on your angle to hit the from the back properly.  If that Peach Pit wasn’t so deep, you could have excellent access and the booty wouldn’t be a factor.  Still, as we maintained it’s not the SIZE of the woman’s overall shape, it’s the shape/size of the booty, the thighs, the Peach Pit, that are all at work on this more lean body.  What gives you the best hope of hitting it right is  there is a of of spacing under the booty, where the inner thighs are completely flat looking, along with the back of the legs, if you look at it. Sure you can’t hit this with her standing straight up, unlike a flat booty, but if she arches way over, and points that flat space under the booty upward enough, you can get more inches in.  The reason for this is because of her thighs not being a huge blockage for you.

Thigh Blockage

Notice how high these 2 ladies’ poons are from the front, now look at the thighs.. You think you’ll get any blockage from those sized/shaped thighs in doggy, or missionary?

#2 cause (Thigh blockage): The truth of the matter is that many chicks are not the hot bodies we see in all these magazines, and not every chick you see in the tight jeans are really as well rounded as she wants you to believe.  A lot of the stuff we see takes hip/thigh/back fat and throws it to what we think is the ass, by constricting all the meat there. We keep looking at how big the thighs are and thinking they are THICK in jeans, or tight clothing, and the truth is most are flabby meat stuffed tight into tight casings,  like how pork sausages are packaged. They have a lot of loose meat that makes up the bulk of what you think is thick booty, due to constricting jeans, but if you look at the ass cheeks, there really ISN’T a booty there, in many cases. Disrobe them, you’ll see a booty that doesn’t really exist, but some huge thighs are attached to it.  In the absence of a slamming booty, our minds will fill in the blanks and tell us that since her thighs are big, we should ignore the fact that the booty has no form, and therefor both are thick and shapely. lol  We try to rationalize it with these Tuner Fork bodied women, who have the asses that don’t protrude, but thighs that are huge.  More times that not, that body profile  of a chick will give you thigh blockage of the poon, and not really booty blockage of the poon! The ass can be wide, sloppy and might end up blocking the poon too, along with the thighs, if the ass is overrun by thigh fat, to a point where the ass and thighs are 1 whole slab of meat.  Doesn’t have to be the case though.  With thighs, you can have 2 kinds of thigh blockage, mostly brought on by INNER THIGH FAT, or BACK OF THE THIGH FAT/HAMSTRING GROWTH.  In most cases, the thighs alone are the blockage because many women can’t get an ass that will grow proportionately to the legs, but they just keep on growing fatter.  There are many women who should be a smaller size, overall, so the ass’s genetics will just stop developing girth further.  What you’ll see is a fat-filled-pancake butt with fat thighs (think Asian girls who get fat and suddenly have thick thighs but ass stays the same- flat).  Depending on how much fat the booty gains, will determine whether or not there will be droopy booty fusing with the thighs.  When the ass and the thighs meet at a point, in back of the poon, that causes a LOT of fat clogging,  and that’s the worst kind of thigh blockage (inner thigh fat build-up).  But, in many cases, where the ass did not succeed in growing/drooping, the thighs filled in and continued to grow.  If you have thicker women, with muscle or hard fat forcing fuller thighs, then you have the other problem with thigh blockage (hamstring development girth, pushing you away from poon). Because the thighs are so big, and most likely bumping into each other, they’re likely to be smothering the poon and causing poon blockage too, or adding to the Peach Pit space that is already there.  You don’t have to be a fat woman to get this kind of blockage, perfectly normal sized women, with muscular legs, have this same issue.  In fact, if a woman has big legs, and they are not backed by hard fat, or hard muscle underneath, you most likely have a better chance as getting at the poon.  If you happen to get a woman with big legs that are really thick, not fat, chances are the hamstrings/back of thighs, protrude out quite far. If that’s the case, man, you’re in trouble. These thick thighs are what’s forcing your pelvic area to be pushed out further away from the poon, when hitting it in doggy style. You’re dry humping their legs at this point, on each stroke.  What’s worse is if they’re riding in like reverse-cowgirl, they can’t get all the way down on you because their LEGS, which are used to pull off the move properly, are flexing and pushing off of your own thighs. THAT is the blockage of the thigh fat that protrudes outward on the back of the thigh, which many inaccurately blame on booty itself! It’s the thighs, people! Unless it was a huge ass that drooped under her thighs, I don’t see how the Ass is the main culprit here. It’s the back of the thighs!  Think of the Baile Funk chicks who can’t even hit a split, and are kinda stiff, yet nice to look at, still.. that’s major blockage!   There is not a whole lot you can do about back of the thigh fat, but we will cover in a follow-up blog.  The inner fat blockage is manageable though.  The technique that is best for clearing out the inner thigh fat is spreading the woman’s legs outward to the side, creating as best a Taster’s Choice as you can, but if her legs are pushing you away from the poon (outer thigh), it doesn’t matter how far you spread the legs, where here ass meets the leg, you’ll never be able to fit your pelvis in!  If your taller than that woman, if she spreads the lgs, she goes further down, now your cockey is not lined up with her poon! Oh fucking great! :(   Still, you need GRAVITY to help you out, not hinder you. Laying this woman down on her stomach makes the fat spread out, causing much more blockage than having her in a position where the fat can fall down, and possibly out of the way.  Unfortunately for nice, ass lovers, and lovers of true thick bodies, this is the benefit of ladies who have extremely loose fat for legs, rather than muscle or hard fat. This kind of leg fat has no real solid form, so it either moves out of the way or you can just pound through th
at fat when you’re hitting a chick, to move it out of the way. If it’s loose thigh fat, it just falls to the side and you can still get a Taster’s Choice, by force.  You might have to do just a bit of clearing out of the way with your hands, but certainly not as much works as if she were thick in the thighs.  So there you go, just because a chick is fat, that does not mean that she’s going to automatically cause blockage with her body parts, and in many cases might be better for you to bone than a true thick chick.

Many legs just keep growing and going in whatever direction, but interestingly enough, you can have legs that only grow in the fronts of the thigh, or outsides, but not in the back or inner thigh. THESE ARE THE BEST TYPES OF FAT THIGH GROWTHS. From a sexing standpoint, it’s the best, no blockage, but the bad side is it doesn’t look hot to the eyes! So if you’re a dude who needs the visuals to get rocked off, well.. this is not going to cut it. Still, the point is made, she can be a fat woman all over, but can have a wide, big, butt (I didn’t say a nice one), and still not have major blockage of the poon, if any at all. It’s because of what we’ve said about the inner/back thighs. These are the areas that are either clogging up the poon area, or pushing away further from the poon, respectively.   If you have a chick with thighs that are flat in the back or inner thighs, you have less of a possibility for blockage, or even chafing of skin when you’re boning them. People don’t notice this on a woman’s body either, but if you think about it, where the booty ends and legs begin, many women go flat! The back of the legs, bottom of the booty, goes flat, almost like they were sitting on their asses in a chair, their whole lives. lol Doesn’t LOOK GOOD, but it’s perfect for sex with no/minimal poon blockage! 0_o  You can’t really see this until they are bent over, in some form, but in these situations, that flatness of the thighs makes it easier for you to get to the poon.  The only problem with this kind of body, is most times, the booty of these women doesn’t exist!  This is mostly due to the eroding booty definition (or none to begin with) and the legs and booty are 1 unit.  In this case, any growth of the thighs influences whether the poon blockage happens at all.  The thighs are the greatest amount of meat, in this situation, so it’s all about what the thighs do, thus the booty doesn’t factor in here.  Just plain HUGE thighs can completely take a dude out of the game completely. You can’t find the poon’s trajectory, you have to get a harness to keep her legs separated while you try to find the poon, .. it’s a hassle.

Booty Meat Blockage

Look at those cheeks droop and cover the poon completely. Yes, it IS possible for a booty to block poon!

#3 cause (booty shape/size blockage): The awful truth is that many chicks with fat backsides don’t have nice, PHAT Booties, just a collection of fat that just forms in a 1000 different shapes.  It’s not firm, or thick, it’s watery and loose meat.  Now, the thighs can get away with being loose and watery in form, and still not block poon access, but that’s not always true with booty.  The average booty will only continue to flop downward and/or fuse seamlessly into the legs, if it’s just loose meat all over.  So when you look at this booty, you think that booty is big, but in reality it’s probably just wide, long and well the fact is that the longer (and fuller) the booty, the most likely the poon blockage is greater!  In the end, a booty will expose it’s true form, so if it’s flat, it’s flat but with a lot of fat all over the place, making it look more full than it really is.

If that booty is already sloped downward, the skin and fat can separate from booty muscles (which is positioned higher up on the butt), and turn into droop (this is a very common occurrence). The end result is a long booty there too, with the bottom being watery and jiggly.  The most common of these loose, jiggly asses are the ones that have no real ass cheek definition in the first place, so as they get fatter, it all turns to mush in the back and you have just a mess trying to find the poon.  The real ass meat, on most of these backsides, tends to crowd around the ass crack, 1 inch in each diameter, presenting itself often, as a long strip of flab that collects in tiny, dangling balls, at the very inner bottom of the ass cheeks. That collection of fat is mostly likely parked right in front of the poon!  This can happen on a skinny or fat woman, but the bigger this collection of fat in that 1 place, the bigger the blockage. These kinds of asses are supposed to be on smaller chicks, so when a fatter chick with these bends over, the ‘ass’ magically disappears, in most cases (which is good for your stroking), or it just dangles down and blocks the poon like a goddamn mud-flap on your car (bad for your stroking)! In this situation, the backside has no real ass, and the ass is droopy if she stands up.  We call these types of meat gatherings, Twin Peaks.  Most ass cheeks are made up exactly as this pic is. Just a collection of booty meat at the very bottom of the butt.  See how sharp the angle of the booty is, that doesn’t really change much on many chicks as they get bigger, but this booty shape will definitely begin to erode, over time.  It looks like a fat elbow!  Many women gain weight and they have hard fat making up the thighs and hips, but the real booty meat is just these Twin Peaks.  Some of the asses get bigger, in overall size, due to hard thigh/back/hip fat, so if that woman bends over, it looks really tight, but surely it isn’t.  The ass that is drooped downward doesn’t need thigh fat to block the poon at all. It contributes to the deep Peach Pit, so from behind it creates that most obstruction possibile:

Which is sad, because again, it looks really good in this position!  This is what many ‘big’ ghetto booties you see fake-flossing in tight jeans are, and not the elite types we praise so much.  The basic shape of these booties are just tiny Twin Peaks at the very bottom of the booty, and are the real ass meat of the booty, while the rest is hip/leg/back fat that may or may not be hardened. I know you didn’t consider that prior to reading this, but do start checking for it. lol Or the ass can be a nice sized Ghetto Blaster that is a Tear Drop form, just HUGE… and if it has those sharp angled Twin Peaks, it’s really heard to get it all in the poon, from most positions, without being clever. I would like to add that the ones who don’t have SOLID/thick asses, but have these Twin Peaks can also NOT be a blockage. If that Twin Peaks aren’t evident, or don’t protrude, then there isn’t much of any droop or bulb to be in your way. These in the pics attached DO have that droop, bulb, or bulge, but just noting this for you.

Then you have the booties are that full in girth, juicy and are hard fat/muscle backed, but they have no ‘lift’ to them, or the bulb of the booty, is so huge that it actually creates huge distance between you and the poon, as it sinks down on your pelvis during doggy. That kind of ass might sit on top of the back of the leg, creating a huge bulb (which looks good than a motherfucker to the eye), but I promise you is the ultimate in blockage. It looks good when you’re banging a chick, as it’s wobbling, but in reality, are you seeing/feeling the poon like you should?  I mean you’re banging into her booty meat with your pelvis, but that’s not you cock penetrating the poon, my dude!  So you have to LIFT that booty up and out of your way, then come ‘up and under’ with your strokes. Not good, too much work if you’re taller than her.  The flab of booty falling down, causes poon obstruction, and even though the little pic right here has flattened back thighs, I can promise you that’s too much ass for someone with under 6inches to take to the romping shop! If I scared you, buddy, sorry, just being real. Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog to learn how to knock it down right. The droopy, sloped, or bulbous ass meat alone will be in the way and when you stroke a chick, and you’re not even really ever going to get in there like you should, you’re fighting serious meat if it’s thick ass. The bigger that bulb of ass, the further out you will be, the more poon blockage that spells for you. It’s simple logic.

Then you have the booties that are a combination of eroding ass definition and gaining weight on the thighs. As mentioned before, if the booty meat loses it’s definition, due to getting fatter, it’s going to droop downward eventually. The result will be the elongated booty look that has no real ass cheeks definition, nor separation, which means a mess to separate by hand, yourself. So what happens when this droopy booty combines with leg fat that is also getting too fat/full? Well you get total blockage, in most cases.  Even in this ass right here, you can see it was meant to be smaller and higher up, given that the top of the booty is plump and has some bump to it, but the bottom of it just ran away from the body. It’s meshed with the leg and although it has the ass crease, it’s fused with the leg fat as 1 big slab of fat.  Look how the fat just moves to the outer part of the legs/hips and you don’t see real ass cheek definition.  When this booty comes to rest, that meat all falls downward, and couple that with fat inner thigh fat, there is no space to operate properly. The fat of the ass and thights make it so you can’t even find the poon, so you can’t calculate the trajectory of the poon, and thus what angle you need to come in at. Remember, just because it’s loose and wobbly doesn’t mean it will do poon blockage, at all, but if it’s too much loose droopiness, it’s certainly going to be blockage. If you can’t see the poon, that’s too much loose hanging meat that combined leg/booty meat in a bad way.  As long as the ass is droopy and not well defined with great separation of booty and leg, the inner thigh and lowest part of the booty will bunch up and cause the poon blockage too.

Entry Angles for your length/ Arching of chicks (aka AssMatrix ARCHERY)

#4 cause (bad angles, not enough cockey length plus all prior causes): Another CRUCIAL part to boning any woman with any sort of blockage, is the right angling on your positions you’re trying to bone them in.  Skinny women or fat, who have deep Peach Pits also are affected, not just the ones with actual meat as the blockage, and you’re not getting in like you want if they can’t give you the proper angles needed. Guys who like skinny chicks say they love that they can bang the girl while she’s standing up, leaning a bit on a wall.  Well because of the blockage review we’ve given here today, you can see that’s NOT always an action that can be done.  The blockage and the poon’s trajectory can be completely off, and most likely will be, if you’re trying to bone a chick while she’s standing straight up.  So guys noted the huge disadvantages to boning a chick with a lot of ass in this style, but again, we don’t question that, but we damn sure know every skinny chick won’t be able to be be boned this way either.  Here is a Pig Tail (booty with a design that most of it’s booty meat is at the very lowest point of the booty, and you can still hit her standing up, or laying down on her stomach. Still and all, the the moves you do on skinnier chicks just won’t work on all chicks with bigger body parts in the lower halves of the body.  You’ll have to adjust your entry angles, to the poon, to get around the areas of the blockage.  You’ll also have to know what areas of fat to move out of your way (manually), on bigger chicks, so you may beat that up like you wish. You might notice that more than a few women with some meat to them, might have the legs or booty blocking, but that doesn’t always mean that the target is unattainable, you just have to be more resourceful and creative. We will point out that the more full the ass, in many positions, the harder it is to enter the poon because you have to get around the obviously huge ass, to find the poon’s trajectory. You must analyze the body and know which positions and angles work best for the length of your cockey!  As mentioned earlier, you figure you should have at least 4 inches inside of a woman, with 4 inches being the average length of the vagina.  If the average guy is 6 inches,  he has 2 inches to spare (for stroking), on the average woman.  There are just many positions not available to you, due to a variety of reasons, and if you’re cockey is not the right size, you need to change up your position or avoid certain sexual plans of attack.  Proceeding, ill-prepared, will cause you a world of hurt, and a world of shame, all due to her blockage, of course, which she’ll blame on you having a little cockey .  If she has any of the forms of blockage, that free 2 inches are compromised, now what?  You must create your extra space!  If she has huge thighs that are limiting your access, you need to work on your Pyramid Scheme.  You have to get her legs to spread as much as you can so the poon is lined up with your cockey, but also to a point where the leg fat can be pushed (during regular stroking of her) or peeled out of the way (with your hands). You DO know this is why guys get with chicks who have more meat and are blindly banging HARD each time they bone, right? You’re trying to flatten out that blockage your mind identifies, and you try to plow through that fat/muscle to get the most of your cockey in the poon. It’s a natural behavior you don’t think twice about.  Sometimes, that doesn’t work, thus you need to resort to the best method of attack to enhance your plan of attack, which is Archery.    Archery is the art of bending a woman, to achieve the perfect trajectory of poon,  so you may sling your thing in a way that allows you to get accurate thrusts into her bullseye! Ultimately, you want an angle where the poon is accessible through all the blockage, and the poon’s trajectory is heading right for your pelvic area.  If you do not master this, any woman just on all fours alone simply will not get the blockage out of the way.  In many cases, women being on all fours, points the poon entrance downward towards the floor, or at a level that is shorter than where your cockey lines up.  You’re surely not coming up from that angle and hitting it right, so you’ll need her to bend, or arch herself in the best way that will tilt her poon upward to best suit you, and train her to automatically know to find this poon trajectory, in any sexual position you take on.  You tell a chick, in the Latin world, PONTE EN CUATRO (get on all fours) and she automatically FINDS the angle, using Archery.  It’s a lost art in America (ladies getting lazy during sex today), and we need to get this going again, LADIES!!!!  If a woman has a serious Tear Drop with meat, Pig Tail or simply a deep Peach Pit, with a poon that is really high up on the front of her body, you need to have her arch in an angle that is probably going to be really uncomfortable to her, to get that poon to raise up to the back, as high as it can.  If you’ve never fucked big chicks before, you’d not know this if you based your knowledge on your watching of porn.  Porn fucks you up, don’t think big chicks doing extreme angles on uncomfortable surfaces feels good! So this is why Archery is yet another skill that you need to master because the women are all going to be different heights, weights, etc.  Not all arches work for all bodies with all booties, and depending on her position of the poon and Peach Pit, and the other blockages she has, she might not have to hit such extreme angles to get you the poon with minimal blockage.

Failure to get proper Archery and Pyramid Schemes going, will result in you not getting in the poon like you wish. Then you’ll have to do what most guys do, which is the ol’ ”UP N UNDA” approach to sexing chicks with big and/or droopy asses. These asses are in the way, so you either have to hold the booty meat itself up, and stroke a chick, or you simply try to go UP AND UNDER the blockage of that ass meat, to get a few strokes in.  In this style of boning, you’re stroking a chick in an upward fashion to avoid the poon blockage but that shit is wack, as a move, unfortunately! You’re trying to fit yourself under the booty meat to reach poon with your strokes,  but you’re not even hitting the sweet spot that most women who orgasm to penetration, get worked up for in the first place- the Gspot! That’s along the front wall of the poon, like 2 inches in, and between 11 and 2pm on a clock. You’re poking in the opposite direction with the Up n Unda!

Sometimes it’s mandatory to do the Up N Unda, when that ass is just way too bulbous (bigger assed chick) or if that woman has a sharp, flat/Pigtail booty that protrudes really far and is long (skinny chick).   I mean if you’re insanely huge in girth and/or she has an incredibly tight poon (the former is probably more true than the latter, nowadays lol), then this might not apply to you, but for the general population, your angle of attack needs to be refined using these methods mentioned.  If you stroke most booties, straight on, you’re crashing into huge bulbs, bone or Twin Peaks, and at that angle, that’s most likely the greatest point of poon blockage. This is why most guys stroke these chicks in the Up n Unda fashion. Good for you, but might not be doing shit for her.

We’ve outlined for you, MANY reasons one can’t get at that poon the way he wants to, due to Poon Blockage, which can happen at any size of body, any size of ass.  The reason we did this blog was for those goddamn sissies who constantly bitch about anything not flat is fat, or the ones who are afraid to take on chicks with bigger booties, due to urban legends or popular societies’ stereotypes, or whathaveyou.  Is it possible that booty creates poon blockage, and thus what the groups and haters of nice, swelled booty, is true? You can see that it’s only partially true, as we mentioned, and blockage depends on a GREAT VARIETY of factors, not just booty, as they claimed!  They would be certainly correct with really morbidly obese women, but we’re not promoting that here! So I don’t know why they are stuck on that kind of woman being the poster-child for nice ass.  But let’s face it, dudes, women are getting bigger and bigger by the burger the second, in America, and you can’t simply make up excuses anymore, for not being able to beat up that stink cat like you should.  That’s what many haters of anything but flat ass seem to doing.  White boys, you’re seeing that your formerly skinny white girls are gaining ass, so you have to change with the times too, and be ready, willing and able to get at these chicks properly, or forfeit your Pawg to Blacks and Latinos- same goes for you, Asian guys.   It’s not only not correct to say that because a chick is fat, you can’t get to the poon, but also it’s not being fair to bigger bootied chicks either.  You’ve incorrectly lumped together women with nice, juicy, sizable asses, and a completely different group of women, BBW chicks, and surely you’re screwed up if you think they’re the same.    I know the groups of guys who complain about the biggers sizes, have a lot to think about now, you’re probably going to go screw your girls and check for the Peach Pit now. lol I also know that the guys who like the insanely huge asses and thighs will also have a lot to think about now too. lol  Dude you know damn well you can’t handle all that ass/fat all over the place with those extreme BBW types. lol Still, I like your drive homie, do your thing.  Most importantly, just remember guys, you need to step up your games and stop avoiding women with big asses, because you’re intimidated.  Identify your Pyramid Schemes, work your way up, master Archery and you’re good! Must be poon versatile!  Don’t let your ignorance promote your own fear. Man up and get a big bootied chick today!
And remember, if the ass is set low, you can be thin with major blockage!

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